13 Best Lesbian Sex Positions for Beginners and Pros

13 Best Lesbian Sex Positions for Beginners and Pros

Foreplay, oral sex, intimacy, sex—all of these wonderful things are so beautifully diverse and explorative. And what a shame it would be to not take full advantage of that fact, right?

That’s why we’re in the business of providing individuals with all kinds of sex-related tips, tricks, and education, as well as sex toys—so that you can indulge, let go, and feel all sorts of intimate sensations.

Today’s cheeky sexual health lesson? the 13 best lesbian sex positions for beginners and pros!

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13 Top Lesbian Sex Positions for All Experience Levels

Before we get started on our list of lesbian sex positions, there’s a question we’d like to pose: Why is lesbian sex so good?

The answer? Lesbian women orgasm 86 per cent of the time as opposed to their heterosexual counterparts (65 per cent of the time). This is for a variety of reasons:

  • One: There’s usually a lot of oral sex
  • Two: Many women know that reaching orgasm is partly a mental thing, so there may be more accommodation for that. 
  • Three: Most women know that they need to be relaxed in order to enjoy being pleasured and orgasm, so foreplay is often integrated into playtime
  • Four: When heterosexual sex is being had, the main focus is usually on the male orgasm
  • Five: Lesbians have, on average, about 30 to 45 minutes of sexual activity, whereas other couples, on average, enjoy about 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • Six: It’s fair to say that women know female anatomy pretty well!

Apart from these reasons, what else makes lesbian sex different?

What Makes Lesbian Sex Positions Different?

Lesbian sex, whether it’s during a lesbian sex position or during intimacy, prioritises the clitoris and other erogenous zones, as well as the genitals.

“Those who engage in lesbian sex know that most people with vaginas need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm," says Wendasha Jenkins-Hall, PhD, a sex educator. 

But what makes lesbian sex positions different to heterosexual sex positions? According to sex therapist Rachel Klechevsky, there’s no particular sex position that’s the best for newbies to lesbian sex, but there is one thing that always works: communication.

When two women who are new to lesbian sex communicate with one another, they can openly discuss what they like, and find ways of giving and receiving pleasure in different ways they’ve never tried.

On a different note, and unfortunately, in a heteronormative world, many people still consider sex to be penis in vagina. A lot of individuals believe that two women simply cannot have sex because, well, there isn’t a p and a v. This simply isn’t true.

What’s also a big influence when it comes to lesbian sex positions, is porn. Many lesbian pornos are created for the male gaze and are not reflective of reality. For example, scissoring

Scissoring is something many lesbian partners enjoy, but rarely does it look like what is seen in porn

The truth is, sex is whatever you want it to be, and it can definitely be had and exceedingly enjoyed by lesbian women.

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13 Lesbian Sex Positions: How to Perform Them & Their Benefits

With our solid introduction to lesbian sex above and why it’s so different and wonderful, let’s talk about a few different lesbian sex positions that are great for newbies and pros.

We’ll also touch on how to enjoy them, as well as their benefits.


1. 69

A favourite for many, 69 is a sex position that works for everyone! It allows both partners to stimulate each other’s genitals at the same time. So, in the case of lesbian sex, the clitoris is easily accessible during playtime

To practice 69, one partner will get on top of the other—one on their back, one on top. They will then position themselves topsy-turvy so that both partner’s mouths are facing each other's genitals. 

This is a great lesbian sex position because it’s mostly comfortable, and both partners can enjoy giving and receiving pleasure in unison.

Additionally, you could try the Lying 69. This is similar to 69, with the difference being that partners are lying on their sides, topsy-turvy. 

You may like the Lying 69 if you don’t fancy the weight of someone’s body on you (and vice versa). It’s also perhaps more comfortable than a regular 69.

2. Queening 

Queening aka facesitting is basically the cowgirl sex position done on your partner’s face. You can practice it in whatever way feels comfortable for you. Some examples include one partner lying down and the other sitting on their face with their knees resting next to their partner’s face, the face sitter squatting down over their partner, or resting against a headboard with the giving partner kneeling before them.

For the partner on top, facesitting is an excellent way for them to experience pleasure just as they like it. They have the power to control the speed, motion, and rhythm of their stimulation.

“It's great because it provides direct clitoral stimulation and you can focus on the pleasure you are receiving from your partner,” says Jenkins-Hall. 

3. Doggy Style

Doggy style is not just a sex position for heterosexual people! With a strap-on sex toy, this could be an incredible lesbian sex position too. 

To practice it, first, you and your partner can choose the right strap-on sex toy to suit both of your needs. Then, the penetrating partner will wear the strap-on while the receiving partner gets on all fours. When in position, penetration can be enjoyed. 

As Jenkins-Hall says, “The receiving partner can stimulate their clitoris with their fingers or a vibrator while being stroked from behind”. As for the giving partner, they could stimulate their nipples with their hands a small finger vibrator or a bullet vibrator

Additionally, if the receiving partner loves deep penetration, this lesbian sex position will probably be a favourite. 

4. The Wrap Around

Easy to practice, limitless potential for sexual satisfaction. The Wrap Around is an oral sex position where one partner will sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed. The other partner will then kneel in front of them, after which the receiving partner will wrap their legs around their partner’s neck and shoulders. 

You may love this position because the receiver is able to adjust the angle simply by using their hips to steer their partner. 

A tip: For the partner kneeling, you could place a pillow under your knees for extra comfort.  

5. Missionary

Another position that some believe was made for straight sex! Missionary is actually just as (or more) satisfying when done as a lesbian sex position. And all it requires is your favourite strap-on.

You can practice missionary during lesbian sex by one partner lying on top of the other, face to face. Before this, the giving partner will put their strap-on and make sure that they’re comfortable. Then, when in position, the giver of penetration will simply insert the phallic-like dildo or vibrator inside of the receiving partner. 

Alternatively, you could also use your fingers!

6. Spooning 

An intimate position that’s great for cuddling whilst enjoying penetration. So for lesbians who want to try this sex position, it is fairly simple.

The spooning lesbian sex position involves the big spoon wearing a strap-on and cuddling up to the small spoon. From here, penetration is easy and especially enjoyable for those who fancy G-spot stimulation

What are the benefits of this sex position? Well, we just mentioned G-spot stimulation. This is made possible because when the strap-on enters inside the vagina, it will target the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot is located. Another benefit is that, if you don’t want to use a strap-on, you can just use your fingers.

7. Thigh to Thigh

Like a variation of scissoring, shall we say? And sure, you may feel like somewhat of a pretzel while experiencing it, but it is delightfully arousing! 

To practice it, both partners should get on their knees and kneel towards each other’s thighs so that they’re crisscrossed. In this way, both partner’s clits and vulvas will be pressed up against each other’s thighs, allowing for grinding and humping. 

Another perk to this lesbian sex position is that it makes breast play easily accessible. Add in a little vibrator if you like, and use it to caress each other. 

8. Scissoring

Yes, scissoring is a real thing. And no, it doesn’t happen like you see in porn. If you and your partner want to scissor, it’s all about coming together to get in the most comfortable position.

To practice it, have one partner lie on their side. After that, the other will straddle their partner’s leg. In this way, both clits should be aligned. When you’re there, go to town! Grind and play to give yourself the best possible stimulation. 

The benefit of this lesbian sex position is that it is a partnered activity yet it gives both lovers the chance to take charge of their own pleasure. It’s intimate (lots of body contact), but also very sexual and fun. You can also intensify the experience by adding a double-ended dildo!

9. The Raised Pelvis

Nice and easy to practice, the Raised Pelvis involves one partner on their back with a pillow placed under their lower back. A raised pelvis? Check! Then their partner will either go down on them or they can use a strap-on sex toy for penetration. They could even use an external sex toy for some clitoral stimulation

A bonus of this position is that it not only allows for deeper penetration because of the raised pelvis, but it also allows for G-spot stimulation. Additionally, it can be lots of fun for the giver because it’s versatile. They can go for penetration or stimulation, either with sex toys or without.

10. The V Slider

No thrills for frills, just sheer pleasure! The V Slider is when one partner sits on their lover’s lap. Then, the partner on the bottom will lube up their fingers and make a “V” shape with their first and middle finger. After this, they’ll slide those two fingers along either side of their partner’s clitoris and over the vulva. With slow and consistent strokes, this lesbian sex position can be a complete game changer.

Why is the V Slider so arousing for many? Because there are thousands of nerve endings surrounding the clitoris, allowing for intense pleasure. It’s also a great sex position to try if the receiving partner has a sensitive clitoris

11. Mutual Masturbation 

Mutual masturbation is fun, no matter your gender or sexual orientation. And there are two ways to practice it. One, both partners could masturbate themselves in front of their partner or two, they can masturbate each other.

If you’d like to masturbate with each other, you could lie down side-by-side, then use some lube to cup each other’s vulvas. Get creative with your hands or fingers, and see where it takes you! 

We love this lesbian sex position because it’s comfortable for both partners, and it also allows for eye contact if both turn their heads to face each other. Erotic yet intimate at the same time.

12. Two is Better than One

We’ve covered a few penetrative lesbian sex positions already, so why not make this one a two-for-one?!

This kind of play is totally possible in a number of ways. You could use two sex toys, such as a clit stimulator for clitoral pleasure and internal or G-spot vibrators for G-spot stimulation

Or, you could use one sex toy on your partner while they use another one on themselves. Or, you could use your hands/fingers alongside a sex toy for two times the fun.

Alternatively, double penetration might just be the golden ticket. If the receiving partner loves vaginal and anal stimulation, you could use anal sex toys and vaginal sex toys at the same time. Or, you could use a strap-on for anal penetration while your partner uses an internal vaginal sex toy. The possibilities are endless. 

The benefit of this sex position is simply the freedom that it allows. You can curate it in such a way that the best sources of pleasure are utilised and enjoyed.

13. Breast Intentions 

If you fancy the breast intentions for your playtime, why not lay on top of your partner and position yourself in such a way that your nipples are touching? From here, you can glide across their body, move back and forth, or even incorporate your fingers, tongue, lips, and/or a toy into the mix.

Why should you try it? Well, did you know that the nipples are a big erogenous zone? So big, in fact, that when they’re stimulated it sends the same message to the brain as when your genitals are stimulated. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that fact during your lesbian sex experience?

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7 Ideas on How to Spice up Your Lesbian Sex

Just for good measure, here are a few tips to implement if you’d really like to spice up your lesbian sex.

1. Know the Basics 

Beginners, try not to aspire to porn standards… this is simply not realistic or attainable. Instead, knowing the basics will be a great foundation to build upon. With practice and communication, you can learn all the ways that make you and your partner tick. 

2. Think Outside Box 

The inner thighs are a sexy erogenous zone that can stir up intense arousal when licked, bitten, or blown on. It’s a sensitive area that may just heighten your sexual pleasure.

3. Not Just the Tip

During oral sex, try to use your entire mouth as opposed to just the tip of the tongue. And when it comes to penetration, you could use your entire tongue to penetrate the vagina.

4. Edging 

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, simply by knowing the basics, you can practice edging. This is when you stimulate your partner to the point where they feel as though they’re going to orgasm. When that moment comes, you’ll stop all sources of pleasure for a minute or less. Then, you can continue pleasuring them. You can do this however many times you both prefer, and the delay will surely intensify the eventual orgasm

5. Blended Orgasms

While going down on your partner, you can finger them at the same time. Or, you could use a double penetration sex toy, such as a rabbit vibrator, so that both the clitoris and the G-spot are stimulated in unison. This could lead to your partner experiencing a blended orgasm

6. Come Hither

If you’re going to finger your partner, do it in such a way that’ll stimulate their G-spot. To do this, insert your finger or fingers in such a way that your fingertips are facing their belly button. Then, when inside, curl them and do the “come hither” motion

7. Sex Toys 

While we’ve mentioned sex toys throughout this article, they’re just so diverse and beautiful that the fun can be tailored, changed, and enjoyed to its maximum. 

By having a gander at some of our lesbian sex toy recommendations below, you may just find some new inspiration. 

Lesbian Sex Toys Recommended Just for You

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So, vulva owners, now you’re in the know about all kinds of exciting and spicy things to try with your lover! We hope that you enjoy the adventure and find all kinds of new ways to experience ultimate pleasure.

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