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      6 products

      6 products

      Njoy creates toys to fill an obvious need for quality adult toys that enhance your pleasure and encourage you to explore and play and njoy yourself.

      Keen observers of the wonders of human sexual mechanics, njoy designs their toys to work with the intricacies of your body to heighten your sensual response, and to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction.

      Aiming to please more than the obvious senses, njoy designs will always be lovely to look at and satisfying to behold. While njoy provides a lovely storage box with each toy, we hope you’ll display yours proudly, for all to appreciate the art of pleasure…


      Designed with fun in mind, the njoy sex toy brand has a very simple philosophy: surround yourself with pleasure that’s “ Pure/Fun ”. 

      Their range of stainless steel sex toys are perfect for solo or couples play, and enhances the sexual experience by allowing you to explore your most sensual side.

      Elevating your sexual prowess to the next level, njoy has proven to really understand how your body works, making them experts on heightening sexual pleasure.

      What njoy Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Each and every sex toy from njoy is made from medical grade hand-polished stainless steel . And whether you’re a newbie or an advanced player when it comes to stainless steel sex toys, there’s something special for you from the njoy range. 

      From various dildo sex toys to sensational butt plugs , whichever toy you choose, you’ll be elevated to new and even more tantalising sexual heights. 

      Tip? Don’t forget to maximise your comfort during playtime with your favorite lube!

      njoy Dildo Sex Toys

      The njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo is an absolute masterpiece designed for more experienced users who are not afraid to take the plunge. 

      What’s great about this stainless steel dildo is that the sultry ripples can either be used as a handgrip or for added stimulation during those gloriously intimate moments. 

      Needless to say, when you finally succumb to the pleasure this dildo brings, you’ll agree that it’s everything and more!

      Then, if you’re looking for a combination of sensational bliss, The njoy Fun Wand is a 2-in-1 multi-faceted magical unicorn that can be explored solo or with a partner. 

      This wondrous wand sex toy will have you melting in your sheets as you submit yourself to multiple and delicious G-spot orgasms. Or, switch it up and flip it over to make use of the anal beads for a different kind of experience.

      Next up, we take a look at the njoy Pure Wand . This sex toy has been said to create incredible fireworks and, as rumour has it, has the ability to induce female ejaculation

      The curve of this wand was designed specifically for enhanced stimulation, and works effortlessly to arouse those hard-to-reach sweet spots.

      The njoy Pure Wand is double-ended, with one ball larger than the other. The smaller end is perfect for those G-spot orgasms, while the larger end is great for more generalised/less targeted stimulation. 

      No matter how you choose to use it, you will surely reach the height of your orgasmic bliss with a few flicks of the wrist. 

      njoy Butt Plug Sex Toys

      The njoy Pfun Plug is a flawless sex toy, made from indestructible stainless steel. It’s smooth and simply ideal for stimulating the prostate and/or the g spot

      The curve on the njoy Pfun Plug is mainly used for prostate stimulation, and with a gentle tug, you can pull it in and out for enhanced sensation.  

      It’s also great for temperature play and can be used with any lubricant. Place the toy in warm or cool water and entice your partner with a multitude of sensations

      Then, if you’re looking for more of a variety in sex toys, try the njoy Pure Plug , a set of three butt plugs of varying sizes. 

      These plugs are doubled-ended for your pleasure, with one end larger than the other. Go for the small plug to get warmed up, and work your way to medium then large. The biggest plug is perfect for anal-enthusiasts who desire deeper stimulation and penetration. 

      Added bonus? The flared base and long stem design make these plugs comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, allowing for limitless playtime.

      Last but definitely not least, if you’re hoping to expand your repertoire of sexual exploration, take a peek at the njoy Pure Plug 2.0

      This pleasure product from njoy is simply dripping in sexiness, and is much bigger in size and weight than any other njoy toy.

      The Plug 2.0 is for perfect for experienced anal players , and will surely bring about boundless bursts of fun, and tons of glorious stimulation.