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75 products

75 products

Delve into a world of limitless pleasure and see for yourself why these LELO sex toys are the best of their kind.

Transform your world with LELO and enjoy what the bedroom has to offer. As a world leader when it comes to intimate and heavenly lifestyle products, you can bring a whole new lease of luxury into your world with the sensational products on offer.

LELO products are designed with high-end intimacy in mind; customers will adore the unique range of personal massagers, pleasure objects, sensual oils and incredible silk apparel on offer from this first-class Swedish brand. LELO personal massagers come with a 1-year Worldwide Manufacturing Warranty and 10-year Quality Guarantee. Feel the difference today when you choose intimate lifestyle products from LELO.


LELO sex toys were born in Sweden, and have since shaken up the sex toy industry worldwide.

In fact, LELO is arguably the most luxurious sex toy brand today with innovative, tech-savvy, sleek and beautiful-looking pleasure products.

And with 36 awards under their belt, you can safely bet that LELO knows how to please below yours.

From solo playtime treasures to couples fun, this sex toy company is all about making your pleasure their priority.

What LELO Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Do you dare to take your pleasure into your own hands? For solo lovers, LELO has a range of clitoral stimulation sex toys, G-spot toys, rabbit-style vibrators, prostate massagers, ben wa balls, cock rings, wands, bullet vibes, and oral sex simulators.

And for couples, you can’t go wrong with their range of pleasure products that’ll enhance any sexual encounter… even if that entails a cheeky bit of BDSM play! LELO has your back… and your front! 

LELO Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

“Clitorally mind blowing!” LELO has perfected the art of clitoral stimulation. Using their unique SenSonic technology, this sex toy brand has been able to transcend the clitoral orgasm tenfold. This is because it has the power to stimulate even more of the clitoris… the part that we can’t even see!

What is the best LELO clitoral stimulation sex toy, you ask? Hands down, the SONA 2 and the SONA CRUISE 2 . This toy is beautifully designed and targets the clitoris so sensually and elegantly, you’ll be swooped into a heavenly intense climax.

We also love the LELO SILA, a new addition to LELO’S clitoral stimulation sex toy line that has a larger mouth that stimulates and teases with blissful pleasure waves.

LELO G-Spot Sex Toys

Want to hit the right spot every single time? That is, the G-spot?

LELO G-spot sex toys are simply magical, created with intense precision so that you can enjoy your very best G-spot orgasm whenever the mood strikes.

Check out the GIGI 2 , ELLA , ELISE 2 , MONA 2 , LIV 2 , and the MONA WAVE for a delightful array of G-spot sex toys from LELO. Each crafted with the same passion yet different features making it a treat to find your favourite.

You may also love the LELO ISLA G-spot massager , which is similar in design to the LELO SORAYA rabbit vibrator .

And don’t forget about the charming LILY 2 , a scented sex toy that’ll intensify all of your five senses during playtime.

LELO Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

Get the best of both worlds with LELO’s rabbit-style sex toys.

Do you want to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, leading you to a gorgeous blended orgasm? LELO has some incredible products that are so delicious, it may be hard to pick your best!

Take a peek at the LELO INA WAVE , which moves in a ‘come hither’ motion and the INA 2 for some seriously sexy rabbit-style sex toys.

We also think you’ll fancy the LELO SORAYA WAVE , LELO’s latest addition, which uses WaveMotion technology to really get your motor running.

LELO Vibrating Cock Rings

Feel the power of LELO’s premium vibrating cock ring TOR 2 , which is an excellent addition to any solo masturbation session.

What’s even better is that it can be used for couples play too, giving both partners different sensations and vibrations to really get things heated. Pleasure for one or pleasure for all, LELO really knows how to get a party started.

LELO Smart Wand Sex Toys

Do you like to live life bold and in charge? LELO has gotten their magic formula simply perfect with their large Smart Wands. Grab their first edition Smart Wand , or their Smart Wand 2 , and you can take your relaxation to the next level.

Use it for sore muscles, aches and pains, or get to know your magic on a more intimate level, the LELO Smart Wand is so versatile and ever so elegant.

LELO Bullet Sex Toys

A gorgeous addition to any nightstand, LELO’s LYLA 2 is a bullet vibrator that uses SenseMotion technology and wireless capabilities to give you bigger and better orgasms than your average bullet vibe.

Wear it internally or use it externally, the choice is yours! It’s also able to be controlled simply by the movement of your body! Isn’t that impressive?

You could also take a gander at MIA 2, a lipstick-shaped vibrator from LELO that’s conspicuous and sleek, yet definitely packs a delightful punch.

LELO Male Masturbator Sex Toys

For the top-of-the-line technology, LELO’S F1s V2 for him is simply outstanding.

Not only does it allow for some seriously sexy stimulation, but it also uses SenSonic technology aka sonic waves, to increase the stimulation of the nerve endings and ultimately, reach a bigger climax.

The F1s Developer’s Kit also comes with a LELO app, and if you’re skilled in SKD, you can even program your own pleasure patterns.

And for those who aren’t too savvy in the developer world, the LELO F1s Prototype does all the fancy work sans all the jargon, so you can simply sit back and enjoy heightened stimulation and climax.

LELO Prostate Massager Sex Toys

Did you know that the prostate is arguably the most pleasurable spot for men?

This walnut-sized gland is found between the bladder and the penis, and when stimulated can create some seriously sensational orgasms! Which is why LELO prostate massagers are a great addition for those who want to heighten their bliss.

Take a look at LELO’s HUGO , BRUNO and LOKI WAVE , our top three LELO prostate massagers we have at JOUJOU!

LELO Couples Sex Toys

Fancy making it a party for two? Enjoy several different LELO couples sex toys and find out which one you like best!

The LELO TARA , for example, is worn by her during sex, and vibrates delightfully, creating pleasure for both partners. Or the LELO TIANA by Amber Rose is another excellent sex toy by LELO that’s remote-controlled, and black with hints of rose gold for that extra bit of luxury. Both are equally as delicious.

LELO Oral Sex Simulator Toys

Enjoy the sensation of oral sex anytime you fancy with a state-of-the-art LELO oral sex simulator toy.

The ORA 3 by LELO is a sex toy that uses IntelliSense technology, and has a tongue-like nub that rotates beautifully, circling and indulging in the clitoris. What an excellent way to experience complete paradise!


If you want to switch things up a notch, why not get acquainted with LELO’s BDSM gear? There’s something sensual yet saucy for any occasion!

The Sensua Suede Whip is ready for the taking, and the Etherea Silk Cuffs are so sleek and soft, waiting to be felt against the skin.

We also love the Intima Silk Blindfold for those sexy days that will remove one sense, yet heighten all of the others, and the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs . For pain or pleasure, LELO is luxury at its best.

LELO Pleasure Sets

Have your eye on more than one pleasure product from LELO? We thought so! And as they say, you can’t get too much of a good thing! Feast your eyes upon LELO’S pleasure sets that have been meticulously arranged for various occasions and stimulation.

The LELO Pleasure Together Couples Gift Set is for those cheeky couples, the Heaven Scent for the more sensual moments, and The Accomplice was made just for him.

LELO Sexual Health Essentials

No romp session in between the sheets is complete without a few added sexual health essentials! And LELO has a collection of high-quality items for even more fun.

Their HEX Condoms are super thin yet super effective, and for those on the larger side, the HEX Respect Condoms are here to save the day.

We also recommend the LELO Antibacterial Cleaning Spray to make sure your new (and old) sex toys are always squeaky clean, and perhaps a little Personal Moisturiser for those wet and wild nights?

And let’s not forget about the pelvic floor! The LELO Beads Plus Pleasure Set Ben Wa Balls are perfect for those who want to experience longer and stronger orgasms.

LELO Ultimate Luxury

Psst! Big spender! If you’re all about the luxury life, and want to have the best of the best, you simply must take a look at LELO’s most prized sex toys.

The LELO Inez Gold is a 24k gold vibrator that also allows you to experience temperature play, while the Inez Stainless Steel is made of metal that’s intensely erotic and tasteful.

LELO also has a luxurious Anniversary Suitcase with a slew of treasures in either black zinc or 18k rose gold, such as massagers, anal beads and plugs, BDSM gear, and Ben Wa Ball. A Jack of all trades, indeed!