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46 products

Turn date night, nights out, or at-home fun into a whirlwind of surprise pleasure with our panty vibrators. From app-controlled to remote-controlled, we’re sure your partner will love teasing you with these high-end pleasure products whenever, wherever.

Unsure of which Panty vibrators to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

There’s something so thrilling about having a little secret. Especially when said-secret is nestled sweetly on your most intimate spot. And let’s not forget about the taboo factor…

Imagine date night, or a little solo adventure, enjoying the scenery whilst taking a walk, going out for dinner, or even going to the cinema, with the people around you absolutely oblivious to the pleasure you’re experiencing! Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Which is why we think you’ll adore a panty vibrator, a stunning little pleasure product that can be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes, effortlessly and easily.

Let’s start with the basics...

What is a Panty Vibrator?

A panty vibrator is a sex toy that’s placed either inside an accompanying panty, or one that can be placed inside the user and kept in place with their panties.

This magical pleasure product is usually small in size, whisper-quiet, and either comes with a remote control or is app compatible. And this is why we think a panty vibrator an absolute winner… a hidden gem that creates a whirlwind of euphoria without blinking an eye.

Of course, some panty vibrators are worn as a means to delight two lovers. For example, a vibrator that’s inserted in one person yet controlled via another using an app or a remote control. In this way, a panty vibrator contributes to one partner’s sexual satisfaction as well as the other’s viewing or controlling pleasure. Imagine seeing a lover writhe in bliss as you change up the speed, intensity, and vibrational pattern for an exciting surprise? Yum!

How to Use a Panty Vibrator

How to use a panty vibrator depends on the kind of panty vibrator you’re after. Some can be slipped inside of the user and kept in place using their muscles, others can be placed inside the panty sleeve which then keeps it firmly in place to massage the external pleasure zones, and some stay-put with the use of a magnet. Then there are also panty vibrators that require no panties at all, but are simply worn by the user in a way that it gives them the most pleasure and/or allows the viewer to seductively watch and/or control the toy.

Panty Vibrators: The Ultimate Form of Foreplay

Now before we go into the debate of whether you should indulge in a panty vibrator or not, let us tell you why we’re in love with them! Using a panty vibrator is perhaps one of the best forms of foreplay! And we all know that people, especially women, need a little bit of stimulation and foreplay in order to gain arousal and be better prepared for sex!

Using a panty vibrator not only holds the element of surprise, but it is also an excellent way to get warmed up for the main event! Take your time to tease and please, whether you’re the wearer or the controller, and feel your libido skyrocket, leaving you both yearning for more.

Should You Buy a Panty Vibrator?

A panty vibrator is for you if you’re all about trying something naughty and new. If the idea of being in public with a secret between your legs excites you, then you definitely need to try a panty vibrator.

It’s also a useful and playful sex toy to own if you want your partner to take the reins, whether you’re inside the privacy of your own home or out and about.

A panty vibrator is also super sexy if you’re in the camming industry or have an adult platform. For example, using this sex toy and allowing the viewer to take control using the app, or having them watch you use it in your live sessions, videos and photos, can be extremely erotic. For this, you may have heard of the infamous app-controlled pink sex toy that’s rife in the online sex industry… aka the beautiful Lush 2 from Lovense.

Top 4 Panty Vibrators You’ll Love

1. Lovense Lush 2 App Controlled Love Egg Vibrator

And voila… arguably the hottest panty vibrator on the market right now... the Lush 2 App Controlled Love Egg from Lovense. If you’ve ever seen an adult video, photo, or live stream where the performer has something pink and seductive inside of them, this is it!

This panty vibrator is a bullet vibe that’s strong in power and connection. In other words, the app works from anywhere! It’s also got a number of sassy functions, vibrations, speeds, and intensities, and can also vibrate to the beat of your favourite music or even the sounds that surround you. 

The Lush 2 is too a fun and interactive piece of sex tech for long-distance partners because, using the app, you can control two pleasure products at the same time!

2. LELO Hula Beads Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Play time has officially begun with the LELO Hula Beads Vibrating Ben Wa Balls. This sensual pleasure product is inserted into her, and rotates and vibrates simultaneously. And it’s not just the G-spot that can be stimulated…the labia and clitoris can get in on the action too! 

This is because you can either insert them slightly, creating a pleasurable and erotic sensation on the external erogenous zones, or you can insert them fully for a fuller sensation on the G-spot.

Another perk? This sex toy comes with a wireless remote control, which allows the wearer or their lover take charge in a sexual way. It’s also powered using SenseMotion technology, which means that the toy can be controlled by simply shaking or tilting the remote. 

A sensual hands-free experience for those who live life to the beat of their own drum!

3. We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator

A gorgeous panty vibrator that gives its wearers sensational clitoral pleasure! We love the Moxie Wearable Vibrator from We-Vibe because it’s pretty, elegant, and comfortable. It’s also whisper-quiet for maximum discretion.

How does it work? This panty vibrator has a magnetic clip that keeps it in place, and can be controlled using the We-Vibe app. This makes it an excellent choice for adventurous lovers, playful singletons, and long-distance  couples. 

It’s soft and contoured to fit effortlessly under your clothes, and allows you to customise your vibes for new and exciting sensations. It’s also 100 percent waterproof for an added bit of passion during your self-care routine. In short, this panty vibrator is innovative sexiness, embodied! 

4. Satisfyer Sexy Secret Wearable Panty Vibrator

Can you keep a delicious secret? The Satisfyer Sexy Secret Wearable Panty Vibrator can! This gorgeous pleasure product is sleek, discreet, and full of passionate surprises. 

It sits comfortably in your panties, is kept in place using a magnet, and works easily via the Satisfyer app! What does that mean for you? Secretive playtime with a partner, anywhere, anytime! Or, if you fancy an easy-going hands-free solo session, it’s perfect for that too! Alternatively, there’s a one-touch button on the device for those days when you’ve run out of phone battery or don’t fancy using your mobile.

This panty vibrator provides a general kind of stimulation on the vulva, making it not too intense but rather a rumbling sensation that paves the way for all kinds of bliss. It’s been designed with a raised body in just the right place, so you can expect shivers up your spine and a delicious party in your panties when you crave it.