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      24 products

      24 products

      Fleshlight is the worlds number 1 and best selling male sex toy in the world. With its lifelike feel and realism its one of our many favourite male masturbators. 

      5 reasons to own your very own Fleshlight: 
      Simulate the feel of real sex.
      Be fully body-safe, and safe to use over and over again
      Provide variety - men are going to want to experiment!
      Be very easy to clean and durable
      Be discreet and portable.


      Fleshlight is the ultimate in male pleasure. Their sex toy collection focuses solely on men achieving their most powerful orgasms, and they’ve managed to transcend the masturbation game tenfold with their innovative and sleek designs.

      With every Fleshlight , you’ll have an adjustable end cap which works to create sublime suction. You’ll also have a pleasure product that actually mimics a flashlight, making it more discreet than your average male masturbator. 

      With Fleshlight , you’ll go beyond your maximum pleasure with their use of Superskin , lifelike material that feels just like real skin.

      What Fleshlight Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Are you looking for the real deal? A fun and safe male masturbator that’s easy to use, easy to clean, and super realistic? 

      The Fleshlight sex toy brand has a handful of delightful pleasure products that not only feel like the real thing but also, each toy has a unique design so that you can try one or all, and feel an abundance of different kinds of pleasures. 

      Are you looking for a replica of your favourite porn star? Do you love the feeling of vaginal sex, anal sex, or even both? There’s something for everyone at Fleshlight .

      Fleshlight Stamina Training Sex Toys

      Are you looking to increase your stamina for longer and more satisfying sex? Or perhaps you’re a beginner in the realm of male masturbators or sex in general? The Pink Lady Stamina Fleshlight was made just for you.

      This sex toy has a stylish gold exterior while the interior is decorated generously with pleasant ridges to increase stimulation. This gorgeous fleshlight has a perfect-looking vagina for you to marvel upon whilst you enjoy each and every thrust.

      Fleshlight Porn Star Girls Sex Toys

      Imagine the chemistry and arousal that would be brought about if you had the opportunity to be intimate with a porn star ? And while not everyone’s dreams can come true, Fleshlight sex toys have given men across the world the opportunity to get near-close to seeing stars.

      Fleshlight have a range of porn star fleshlights to fuel your fire anytime you feel your loins burning. 

      Which porn star is your wet dream?

      Fleshlight Stamina Training Anal Simulation Sex Toys

      Just like the vaginal fleshlight for stamina training, Fleshlight have a pleasure product that’ll help you last even longer during anal sex

      The Fleshlight Pink Butt Stamina Training Unit is also coated in a luxurious golden exterior, has a squishy butt with anal cavity, and an interior that’s surrounded with glorious ridges to give you the real-feel

      This tight sleeve can also be used by those who want to “up” their masturbation sleeve game with Fleshlight.

      Fleshlight Assorted Collection

      Change up your routine with sex toys containing various internal structures from Fleshlight. 

      Each Fleshlight product here has a different internal pattern , giving you a new and exciting kind of stimulation.

      Check out:

      Fleshlight Oral Sex Simulation Sex Toys

      The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice is a masturbation sleeve oral sex simulation toy for him. So close to the real thing, you’ll be floating from absolute bliss.

      It comes with three different points of insertion, each giving off different kinds of stimulation. Whether you want to tease the tip , or feel the sensation of deepthroat , the Fleshlight Turbo will take you there.

      Fleshlight Oral Sex & Masturbation Ehancement Props

      Go big or go home? Nah, sometimes all we need is just a little nudge to push us over the edge. And the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is exactly that.

      This pleasure product for him is around half the size of a regular Fleshlight product, and has two open orifices on both ends. 

      That means that it can be used merely as an enhancement during masturbation or even whilst receiving oral sex. Small, yet powerful!