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123 products

Are you looking for a sex toy massager that’ll add a bit of extra fun to your self-care routine? Do you already love your masturbation sessions and or partnered play, but feel you could benefit from a little something extra to really enhance your sexy trysts?

Then a sex toy massager may just be the perfect treat to add an oomph to your orgasms!

These magical pleasure products are all about adding quality to your trysts. They’re usually not too overpowering, and thus merely compliment your self-indulgent sessions. Like a sleek, sexy boost that really gets your motor revving. But what exactly is a sex toy massager?

Let’s start with the basics...

What is a Sex Toy Massager?

What sets a sex toy massager apart from other kinds of sex toys, like clitoral stimulators, G-spot vibes, or wearable pleasure products? Well, a sex toy massager is more so about gentle massages not only on your most intimate spots, but sometimes also other parts of the body.

Here, you’ll find some sensual vibes that are made for relaxation, arousal, and ultimate bliss. They range from magic wands, lay-on vibes, and discreet pleasure products that are usually simplistic in design, yet oh so tantalising.

How to Use a Sex Toy Massager

How to use a sex toy massager depends on the pleasure product you’re after! 

Body wands, or magic wands, are often used as an all-over body massager. It could be helpful for sore muscles, be used for sensual massages, or even as a means to add a bit of euphoric vibrations to your most intimate spots.

Lay-on vibrators are products that are super easy to use, as usually they are curved in such a way that they rest perfectly on the pelvis, often allowing for hands-free stimulation.

Discrete sex toy massagers are also sheer bliss, as they don’t look like your average sex toy, yet they add a touch of magic to your routine. These toys are shaped in a different kind of way—they aren’t phallic-shaped in appearance.

Should You Buy a Sex Toy Massager?

There are several reasons why you’ll love a sex toy massager! Firstly, they’re usually very simple and discrete, making them easy to hide, store and travel with.

They’re also usually quite easy to use, which means no fumbling or frantic searches on YouTube for sex toy tutorials! Lay-on vibes for example simply nestle sweetly on your sweet spot, and with a magic wand… well, with a click of a button, you’ve got yourself a teasing vibe for anywhere you fancy.

We also love sex toy massagers because they can compliment other sex toys. Imagine using your favourite clitoral vibrator or G-spot toy while gently massaging other erogenous zones at the same time with a massager? Your climax has limitless potential with a sex toy massager!

Top 5 Sex Toy Massagers

1. Lovense DOMI 2 Wand Vibrator

Go for longer with the Lovense DOMI 2 Wand Vibrator whose battery life lasts nearly three times longer than its predecessor! And when it comes to delivering that sweet sensual release, this goodie can go from a light tremble to firework-inducing sensations, depending on your preference. We love this massager because it has the ability to sync to your favourite music and can be controlled via Bluetooth for some saucy play. Another perk? It’s small yet mighty, which means you can take it with you on all your travel adventures.

2. Doxy 3 Die Cast Massager

For those who like it strong and intense, the Doxy Die Cast Massager is a true winner, brimming with sexual energy. It comes with a long power cord so you can kiss batteries goodbye and bid farewell to waiting for your favourite toy to finish charging before use! A pick-me-up, anytime! The Doxy 3 Die Cast has a smaller head, which means even more pinpointed rumbles of heaven, and a removable silicone head for cleaning or to change things up with an attachment.

3. Dame Pom Silicone External Stimulator

So sleek and elegant, the Dame Pom Silicone External Stimulator is more than enough when it comes to sweet vibrators on your intimate spot! It’s a flexible and petite massager that offers both general and targeted stimulation, depending on what you crave. It fits beautifully in the palm of your hand, and rests effortlessly against your vulva for flutters of ecstacy. It’s also waterproof, so you can enjoy a splash of sensuality whenever you fancy it.

4. Tenga IROHA TERMARI Sphere Massager

Enjoy a session of self care without the uncomfortableness of feeling strong latent vibrations on your hand. The Tenga IROHA TERMARI is a sex toy massager that vibrates with gorgeousness on your pleasure spots, but not in the hand you hold it. It’s also whisper-quiet, allowing you to really sink into your pleasure without a care in the world. It’s waterproof up to 50cm, and is made with soft silicone that’s been coated in an anti-dust agent for cleanliness. Your next orgasm, made easy!

5. Fun Factory Be One

A mighty wearable finger massager you’ll love to slip on! The Fun Factory Be One is a massager that fits comfortably between your fingers, allowing you to take full control of your pleasure with ease. It’s got two motors that compliment one another, giving you a feeling of absolute euphoria for solos and couples. We also love this sex toy massager because of its magic randomized setting which can change things up every five minutes! With this bad boy, you can expect the unexpected!