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80 products

80 products

Satisfyer is a multi-award winning sex toy brand that’s caused quite a rumble throughout the sex toy industry around the world. And with their range of toys that are made for everybody, there’s undoubtedly a pleasure product from the Satisfyer sex toy range that you’ll absolutely adore.

Browse the full Satisfyer collection, the ultimate in clitoral stimulation. 


What Satisfyer Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Do you want to enhance your playtime with a brand new luxury sex toy? The Satisfyer range has a number of sleek toys to take your pleasure to the next level. Or, if you fancy trying something new, there’s a Satisfyer sex toy with your name on it! 

From clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, penis rings, rabbit-style vibrators, magic wands, male massagers, textured sleeves, and anal sex toys, the Satisyer sex toy range is one you can count on for unlimited satisfaction.

Satisfyer Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

Satisfyer’s signature pleasure product is its Air Pulse Technology clitoral sex toys. And experiencing it for yourself is similar to that of floating on Cloud Nine. 

Using sonic waves and different levels of pressure and vibrations, you can tailor your orgasm just the way you like it. Toys such as the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Satisfyer Curvy, and the Satisfyer Pro Plus are but a few gems in their clitoral stimulation sex toy line that we definitely recommend.

We also adore the innocent-looking Satisfyer Sweet Treat Clitoral Stimulator which is conspicuously designed to look like a delicious ice cream. Meanwhile, its ribs rotate beautifully to give you a clitoral orgasm that’s sweet yet euphoric. 

Satisfyer G-Spot Sex Toys

Stimulate one of your most intimate body parts with a Satisfyer G-spot stimulation sex toy. The Satisfyer G-spot sex toy range is so beautifully diverse that you’ll surely find one that ticks all of your boxes. 

From XXL realistic G-spot vibrators and wider G-spot vibrators to curvier G-spot vibrators and ones with a more protruded tip for extra precision, each of these Satisfyer sex toys has a finger loop base, making it comfortable to hold, and even sexier to use.

Satisfyer Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

Welcome to the world of multiple orgasms with Satisfyer’s range of rabbit-style stimulation sex toys. Do you crave clitoral and G-spot stimulation, simultaneously? And do you want to get there with a product so luxurious, you feel even sexier doing so? 

Consider the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit which is 100 percent waterproof, the Satisfyer Mono Flex Rabbit Vibrator which is flexible enough to adapt to your body, the Satisfyer Mr Rabbit which comes with dual powerful motors, or the Satisfyer Magic Bunny which is compact enough to take with you on all sorts of adventures.

Satisfyer Penis Ring Sex Toys & Couples Sex Toys

Do you want a pleasure product that’ll take your masturbation session to brand new heights? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy some couples play with a nifty sex toy that’ll enhance pleasure for both partners? 

The Satisfyer sex toy brand has a handful of innovative, sleek penis rings that are perfect for solo or partnered play. The Satisfyer Rocket Cock is an excellent choice for couples with its stimulating nub for precise clitoral stimulation during sex, and the Satisfyer Mighty One was made with couples play in mind. 

We also love the Satisfyer Royal One Vibrating Silicone Penis Ring which is thicker than your average Satisfyer penis ring and has a strong motor for a whirlwind of excitement, and the Satisfyer Power Vibrating Silicone Penis Ring which gives off all kinds of tantalising vibes.

Satisfyer Wand Sex Toys

Bring a touch of magic into your after-dark adventures with a Satisfyer wand sex toy. For those who consider themselves a Wand-er Woman, this sex toy is an impressive XXL in size and can be used for an all-over-body sensual massage. 

And let’s not forget those with a penis! The Satisfyer Men Wand Massager is here to save the day with its ability to enclose the penis and simulate an up-and-down movement as you feel the internal grooves create a powerful rush of euphoria.

Satisfyer Bullet Sex Toys

Small, discrete yet oh so powerful! The bullet sex toy never goes out of style… especially the Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair Bullet Vibrator

This sex toy brand has gone above and beyond to create an impactful pleasure product that’ll get you there every single time. In short, this bullet sex toy really is your best-kept secret.

Satisfyer Male Massager Sex Toys

Keeping it stylish and classic, the Satisfyer Classic Male Masturbator is elegant whilst giving off a real-feel. Made to stimulate the entire penis, you can experience added pressure and soft material to take you to an even stronger orgasm. 

We also love the Satisfyer Vibrating Male Masturbator which is generously curvy on the inside, and with 14 rumbling vibrations for even more stimulation. What’s also great about the vibrating male massager is that you can wear it even when not erect while working your way up to a delicious climax.

And if temperature play is your thing, the Satisfyer Heat Plus is a pleasure product that has a warming function, increasing that real-feel that’s so beautifully desired.

Satisfyer Textured Sleeve Sex Toys

To satisfy your lustful wishes, enjoy a product that’s textured for a realistic feel and a journey through different waves of pleasure. 

The Satisfyer Men One was made for those who want to experience different kinds of pressure. This is because it has a regulator that adjusts according to your needs and wants. Fun fact? Porn star Rocco Siffredi used the Satisfyer Men in one of his infamous scenes!

Another winner is the Satisfyer Men Textured Sleeve. A pleasure product that’s flexible enough to use as you desire. It also has suction capabilities, so you can sit back and enjoy the real deal anytime your lust wants it.

Satisfyer Anal Sex Toys

Dip your toe into the world of anal stimulation with the Satisfyer Love Beads. This elegant-looking pleasure product has a firm handle, is soft and easy to clean. 

It’s also the perfect way in which to start anal training, as the beads go from smaller to larger, giving you the freedom to use it at your own pace and comfort level.