Best Price Guarantee

We are confident that our prices are competitive. Therefore, if you can find a better deal online, not only will we match it, we will beat it by 5% of the difference.

How do you get a price beat?

It's simple, just send us a question via the contact form below, enter in the details requested and hit submit. A JOUJOU staff member will then confirm that the offer is current and legitimate and issue you a unique coupon code valid for 24 hours to make your purchase. It's that easy! If you have multiple products that you require to be price matched, complete them individually and you will receive the respective coupons to be used on the checkout page.

How long does it take to get my discount code? 

If you submit the form during our business hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, our staff will have the code(s) sent to your nominated email within 20 minutes. Now that's fast!
Price matches requested outside of business hours will be handled first thing the next business day, however we are constantly making sure to be on the ball, so it's usually much sooner than that!

How long is the discount code valid for?

Our prices are changing with the market just about every week, so your code will only be good for 24 hours from the time it was approved.

How does it work?

As we are confident that our prices are already the best out there, we beat our competitors by "5% of the Difference". eg. if our price is $150 and our competitor has it for $100, that's a difference of $50. So 5% of that difference is $2.50 (so a $52.50 discount will be provided from the original price of $150). And so forth.

What are the conditions? 

The full terms and conditions of our Best Price Guarantee is outlined below:

  • Coupon code valid for only 24 hours to make your purchase.
  • Doesn't apply to items listed/sold on ebay, Amazon or other auction/group buy sites.
  • Competitor website RRP price must be current and products must be in stock and ready for dispatch. Price match is only for RRP & not flash sales.
  • Only applies to Australian websites.
  • Competitor product must be official and genuine. The product can not be a copy or imitation.
  • In cases where required, competitor product must be an official Australian product.
  • Products with chargers/power adapters must come with Australian certified chargers and must not require the need for additional adapters as is the case with international suppliers.
  • Parcels must be delivered within Australia.
  • Prices must be in Australian dollars.
  • Competitor price must also take into account all shipping and handling charges.
  • Can not be used in conjunction with any offer including competitor coupon codes and special discount vouchers.
  • Price match may be offered at our discretion
  • Multiple coupons can be used/requested for any order that you place, however, only one coupon can be utilised per product. This means that in the unlikely event that you do find a product cheaper on two or more sites, please only submit the greater discount (i.e. the lowest competitor price) as only one discount code can be used per product.
  • Price matches are subject to the value of identical products listed on sites of reputable retailers. 
  • Price match may not be available for all product lines and we may refuse the right to price match.
  • Best Price Guarantee is only valid before a customer makes a purchase. If a purchase is made from our site, and a product is found cheaper on another site, we are unable to offer a refund of difference.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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