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      11 products


      We know that condoms are not everyone’s favourite sexual wellness product. And many will agree that condoms reduce sensitivity, which makes sex a little less enjoyable. But we’ve come so far in sex tech, that there are a number of condom brands that are still effective, yet allow you to maintain that skin-to-skin contact during penetration. Want to experience even better sex, while being safe? We want you to too!

      How to Use a Condom

      Condoms are one of the most common forms of birth control, and we encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to carry condoms with them at all times. Using a condom is just good practice, as it not only helps keep you safe and healthy, but it also drastically reduces the chances of pregnancy. For that reason, learning how to use a condom is a great bit of knowledge for everyone. 

      First, you’re going to open the wrapper and take the condom out. Put it on the tip of the erect penis, pinch the air out of the tip of the condom, then roll it all the way down the shaft. After sex, the wearer can hold the condom in place at the base of the penis before pulling out, then pull the condom from the tip and gently ease the ring at the base off.

      How to Dispose of a Condom

      After play time, you can dispose of your condom by either tying it off like it were a balloon making sure not to spill any contents, or putting it in a tissue or paper towel then throwing it in the garbage (be sure to take out the trash soon after). This is the easiest and most effective way to dispose of a condom. 

      How not to dispose of a condom? Don’t flush it down the toilet! This could cause it to clog, making life way more difficult than it needs to be. You should also avoid simply throwing it on the floor or outside, or putting it down the sink. 

      Are Condoms Effective?

      We can’t argue with facts… and the fact is: condoms are 98 percent effective if used correctly. Those are some very good odds, making condoms an excellent choice for lovers. With that, you can enjoy stress-free sexy encounters with the one you fancy, simply by learning how to use a condom the right way.

      Condom Sizes: How to Choose the Right Size

      If you’re new to buying condoms, there’s a condom out there for you that’s the perfect size! All you need to do is figure out what size will fit you best. 

      You can do this by measuring the girth of your penis, which is the most influential factor in buying condoms. This is because condoms are more easily adjustable in length as opposed to girth. 

      If you have a girth of around 5.1 to 5.2 cm, a standard condom should be a great choice. If the girth of your penis is less than 5.1 cm, a smaller size condom is your best bet, and if you’ve got a girth bigger than 5.2cm, go for a larger size. Ultimately however, you could try a few different kinds of condoms to see which one fits you better and feels the most comfortable.

      Our Top Condom Brands


      LELO is not just a front runner in sex toys, but also—sexual wellness. Their HEX condoms are thin yet strong, with a tear-resistant lining and an internal HEX structure for a stronger grip. What’s even better is that they come in two different sizes! You can grab either the LELO HEX Condoms for average-sized shafts, or the LELO HEX RESPECT Condoms for larger members. 


      Skyn condoms are non-latex, made from polyisoprene, and have both the strength of a premium latex condom and the sensitivity of an ultra-thin condom. The best of both worlds. Choose between Skyn Elite , Skyn Intense Feel , Skyn Original , Skyn Extra Lube , or Skyn Large condoms. 

      Lifestyles Zero

      Go for that real skin-to-skin feeling with Lifestyles Zero Condoms. The Zero with Dots is uber thin—the thinnest textured condom in Australia—and ribbed with sensual dots for extra pleasure. The Zero Uber Condoms too are super thin, smooth, and made from natural latex.