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      10 products

      Get your blood pumping with a pussy pump for her. These nifty devices create a suction (and sometimes vibrations) that increases blood flow to the genitals, which ultimately expands arousal and sexual energy.

      Unsure of which pump to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

      While pumps for her aren’t like your average sex toy, like a vibrator or dlido, they are used as an aid for sexual health and erotic sensations. And actually, using one—whether it’s for the vulva or the clitoris—can create seductive sensitivity that’ll enhance all kinds of sexy play, solo or partnered!

      Sure, pumps may look a little intimidating, and yes, they aren’t as popular as the mainstream sex toys for women, but don’t be too quick to judge. After all, surely you’d love to experience the most pleasure possible during play time, right? 

      Now, you may be wondering what on earth a pump actually is! So, let’s start with the basics...

      What is a Pump for Her?

      There are two main kinds of pumps for her—clit massagers and suckers, and pussy pumps (for the vulva). Both of these kinds of pumps aren’t anything like penis pumps however (although they were derived from them), and they don’t involve pumping air inside of your nether regions either.

      Why do women use clit and pussy pumps? Well, it helps to increase blood flow to their sweet spots, making it more sensitive and thus bringing about more arousal and more sexual sensations... aka big, delicious orgasms!

      How to Use a Pump?

      Most pumps come with three different parts: a plastic chamber, a pipe-like channel, and a handheld pump. To make things easier, imagine it to be somewhat similar to what nurses use to check your blood pressure.

      To use a pump depends on if you’ve got yourself a clitoral or a pussy pump. But basically, you would use a pump by placing the chamber over the clit or vulva which then seals in, squeeze the handheld pump to release air which will, in turn, create a vacuum suction effect. The stronger the suction, the more blood will flow to the area, creating a sensitive, slightly engorged intimate area, ready to be stimulated!

      What’s also handy to know is that these kinds of pumps aren’t often worn during sex. They’re mostly a tool to use before you masturbate or have some fun with a partner. And actually, some even use these pumps as a form of foreplay!

      Should You Buy a Pump?

      A clit or pussy pump is the perfect pleasure product for anyone who wants to increase sensitivity ‘down there’. And actually, it can help many vulva owners reach new heights of sexual pleasure. 

      Clit or pussy pumps are also great for those who are experiencing certain mental health concerns which affects their sexual functioning, like anxiety, trauma, and stress. It can also help those with physical ailments, such as lacking the ability to produce natural lubrication, or living with the condition anorgasmia (the inability to reach orgasm).

      Basically, all vulva owners can use these simple, underrated pleasure products, so there’s really no loss in giving it a go.

      8 Top Clit Massagers and Pussy Pumps for Her

      Clit Massagers and Suckers

      1. Nu Sensuelle Trinitii Flickering & Suction Clit Massager 

      Create a stir of rising sexual tension with this sexy clit massager by Nu Sensuelle. Using this pretty little lady will not only increase your sexual desire and arousal, but also increase the blood flow to the clitoris, paving the way for blissful climaxing! 

      How does it work? The Trinitii Flickering & Suction Clit Massager works just like most clit massagers, yet it has one extra saucy trick up its sleeve… it has a flickering tongue-like function! In other words, you can enjoy sweet suckling and gentle licks on your sweet spot at the same time. 

      Better than oral sex? Quite possibly! 

      2. Fetish Fantasy Wireless Vibrating Clit Sucker  

      For a sexy boost during play time, the Fetish Fantasy Wireless Vibrating Clit Sucker actually holds in place with its vacuum-effect so that you can enjoy other erotic activities whilst using it. 

      Simply place the chamber onto your most sacred spot, squeeze the pump, and experience sensational vibrations on your clit, hands-free. 

      Use it during foreplay, sexual trysts, or with other toys to have even more of a blissful experience! Or why not give it a whirl right before play time?

      3. Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Clit Suck Her

      Similar to the Wireless Vibrating Clit Sucker from Fetish Fantasy, this fancy number has an additional function making it even easier to use… a longer pipe! This makes it a great choice for those with limited mobility.

      And when it comes to pleasure, the Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Clit Suck Her has a handy quick release button. So once you’ve found your perfect combination of throbbing bliss and erotic arousal, you can quickly and effectively release the suction and continue playing with your other toys or partner. 

      Another pro? This sweet treat is waterproof, so why not go ahead and make a splash in the bathtub!

      Pussy Pumps

      4. Doc Johnson Bloom Automatic Vibrating Pump  

      Target your entire vulva with the Doc Johnson Bloom Automatic Vibrating Pump! This bad boy  essentially uses the same technique as the clit pumps, yet comes with four different interchangeable heads for all kinds of pleasure.

      The main event is a suction cup that covers the entire vulva, creating even higher levels of blood flow and delicious sensitivity to your whole area. It also comes with a pump for your clitoris and nipples!

      The Doc Johnson Bloom is a vibrating piece of art that allows you to gain even more throbbing fun on various erogenous zones, making it a true winner when it comes to different kinds of pumps for her.

      5. Doc Johnson Pussy Pump 

      Doc Johnson has proven itself once again as a connoisseur in the sex toy industry with its simple yet effective Pussy Pump. Using it is as easy as 1,2,3 and it’s been created with several functions that make your life easier and more pleasurable.

      To use this pussy pump, simply place the cup over your labia and clit, and squeeze the valve to feel the stimulating vacuum effect. Then, when you’re sufficiently aroused, merely touch the quick release valve for instant release.

      Who knew that ultimate sexual satisfaction could be so simple?

      6. Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump  

      Do you want to experience gorgeous orgasms, increased sensitivity, and sky high levels of arousal? Well, the Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump literally pumps the passion into your self-care routine!

      It has been beautifully-designed, complemented with a medical-style pump ball, strong suction, and a quick release valve—perfect for those who seek increased sensitivity on their labia and vulva.

      This sexual wellness product fits snug on your nether regions, creating full lips and all kinds of sexy arousal! Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

      7. Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure Gold Luxury Edition Vibrating Pump

      Like a sensual dance composed of several sexy techniques, the Fantasy for Her Unlimited Pleasure Vibrating Pump is so gorgeously diverse. It’ll tease you with different sensations, creating a build up of absolute lust. 

      This pump cups your labia and clitoris, uses its glorious suction to make your sweet spot throb, vibrates, and has a tongue-like function to really transcend you into new kinds of sensual pleasure! 

      A true winner when it comes to pussy pumps for her.