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234 products

Bound babes, or those who wish to get started in this sexy realm of BDSM , we have a few spicy items to encourage even steamier scenes. Enhance your journey with our delicious range of bondage items , made for those who seek new heights of erotic bliss and a seductive power exchange that’ll transform your lustful play sessions and beyond.

Benefits of Practicing Bondage 

While incorporating bondage into your partnered scenes is a thrill unlike no other, there are also a bunch of other benefits you can enjoy when you bring bondage gear into the bedroom. From physical to mental and emotional benefits , you and your partner will witness positive changes between you that’ll ultimately make you stronger and more kinky .

For one, when you use bondage gear and engage in bondage practices with a partner, it’ll improve your communication . This is because those who practice BDSM tend to be more aware and communicative about their desires. For many, communication is just as important as a scene itself. For example, discussing a safe word, limits, hard limits, rewards and punishments. This kind of communication has the ability to follow you into other spheres of your life and your relationship. This, in turn, leads to an increase in intimacy , as you both are open and honest about your kinks and turn ons. 

Another benefit of practicing bondage with a partner is that it’s said to aid in better mental health . A 2013 study found that those who enjoyed acts of BDSM scored higher on certain mental health indicators than those who didn’t. BDSM enthusiasts were shown to be more open , more self-aware , less sensitive to rejection , and had a better overall feeling of well being . The intimate touching that occurs during bondage also increases the release of feel-good , anti-stress hormones , creating a better level of physiological and physical happiness .

When to Use Bondage Gear

Using bondage gear whenever the mood strikes isn’t as easy as reaching for your desired pleasure product and going for it. And while there is such a thing as self-bondage , this is definitely only advised for very skilled bondage enthusiasts. For that reason, engaging in bondage with a partner requires practicing it at an appropriate time and place , a lot of planning , communication , and respect .

In the world of BDSM, partners (whether they identify as a dominant, a submissive, or a switch) should have important conversations before any scene. If 50 Shades of Grey is your BDSM point of reference, it would be somewhat similar to that of the contract given to Anastasia. Of course, a verbal contract is just as effective, depending on partners. Either way, a discussion should be had before any bondage takes place to ensure safety, comfort, and unwavering bliss. 

Partners can talk about what kind of bondage they want to engage in, how long a session could last, choosing a safe word , and talking about the things that they both want to experiment with or engage in. Finally, an agreement is made and the fun can begin. Be sure to choose a safe and private place for your bondage session, and always have protective measures nearby, such as scissors to cut rope. With all of this in place, you’ll be ready for a magical session of ultimate closeness and arousal with your partner.

Top 5 Best Selling Bondage Gear

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cumfy Cuffs

Take your bondage pleasure to a place of erotica in a comfortable and sensual way with these cumfy cuffs lined with velvety-soft faux fur. They’re heavy-duty , and induce sexy restraint while looking entirely provocative. The Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cumfy Cuffs are made with sturdy metal and buckle closures , so you can be sure that your bound partner will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Tease and please your lover as you feel the luxuriously soft material, and enjoy some of your deepest fantasies.

NS Novelties Sinful Black Collar

Rock this budget-friendly piece of bondage gear that’s kinky, fully-adjustable , and comfortable with your lover for a sensual evening of playful kink. The Sinful Black Collar from NS Novelties is nickel-free , embossed with vinyl , and lined with soft yet durable neoprene . And with its alluring and erotic design, you and your partner will create a sensual aesthetic for all kinds of uninhibited scenes.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teazers

Bathe in hands-free stimulation on one of your most erogenous zones with the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teazers. They’re entirely elegant , made of soft and luscious silicone , and provide the wearer with all kinds of sultry vibrations with its two ultra-quiet motors . Tease and please, and enjoy the thrill of nipple stimulation either alone or with your lover, while basking in other kinds of sexual bliss or not. All will be an arousing adventure into ecstasy.

Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Silk Rope

For a simple yet effective piece of bondage gear that’s kind on your wallet yet sturdy on your partner’s skin, the Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Silk Rope is a versatile bondage prop for all kinds of lovers. Use it to bind your partner’s hands or feet, create elaborate body harnesses , or learn the intricate and beautiful art of Shibari , a Japanese style of bondage that’s aesthetically gorgeous. You’ll never run out of creative ways to use this effortless piece of bondage equipment, that’s for sure.

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Spreader Bar

So you want uninterrupted access to your partner’s sweetest spots? The Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Spreader Bar prompts the wearer to open wide while giving their lover full access to certain body parts. A spreader bar is a sexy piece of bondage gear that can take both you and the one you’re with to a new kind of sexual bliss… one that gives the wearer a sense of freedom despite being restrained . As for the dominant… they can tease , please , lick , kiss , stimulate or penetrate with sheer desire, with consent of course.