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      Do you fancy adding a bit of kink to your play time, but aren’t really sold on going the whole nine yards? There are, in fact, a slew of gadgets and BDSM treats that really aren’t as intimidating as they appear. And actually, engaging in a touch of play with tools like blindfolds, masks, and gags is the perfect entry level journey into the world of saucy BDSM.

      Perhaps you’ve not heard of the term ‘ sensory deprivation ’. Or maybe you have! Either way, it kind of scares you to a degree? There’s absolutely no need to fret over this somewhat intense term. Because actually, when experienced with a trusted partner, it can be the perfect touch of tease and sensuality that you’ll find absolutely irresistible. 

      But first…

      What is Sensory Deprivation?

      Sensory deprivation is widely used in the BDSM community, and is when one or more of the five senses are removed in order to intensify the others . And when it comes to sensory deprivation, blindfolds and masks are the most popular choice… a very sexy choice at that!

      All About Bondage Blindfolds & Masks

      Imagine being intimate with your partner, and then having them cover your gorgeous eyes, creating a different kind of energy. You’re suddenly even more aware of the sounds, smells, tastes, and touch , and it makes you feel exhilarated, like you’re unsure of what’s about to happen next. That is the appeal of using a blindfold or a mask during play time.

      Adversely, having your partner wear a blindfold or a mask can be equally as tantalising, as it puts you in the driver’s seat. Allow them to experience your touch, subtly or more intensely, and shower them with different tastes, smells, and sounds to really heighten their arousal. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?

      Some other benefits of wearing a blindfold or a mask during your trysts is the fact that it allows the wearer to simply let go, to remove inhibitions, and to lean into the art of fantasy . It’s almost a carnal experience, one that releases the wearer of their every day personality, creating a new kind of sexual excitement. 

      Women Wearing Blindfolds or a Mask… A Win-Win

      If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, when a woman is the one wearing a blindfold or a mask, it actually aids in even more sexual ecstasy for both him and her. This is because, according to sexologists, women are more aroused by touch , such as massages, silky lingerie, and cuddling. With that, when a woman wears a blindfold or a mask, it removes the sense of sight and heightens her level of touch. 

      Also according to sexologists, the majority of men find that their biggest turn-on is sight . They respond more to sexy images, videos, and women in lingerie, for example (which is why so many pornos are created for the male gaze). And so, having her blindfolded or masked not only aids in sheer euphoria for her, but also for him, as he taps into the visual aspect of it all. 

      And if blindfolds and masks have caught your attention, let’s dive into the world of hoods… they’re similar to blindfolds, but just a tad bit more kinky.

      All About Bondage Hoods

      A bondage hood is a piece of material that covers one’s head. So while a blindfold merely covers the eyes, a hood will cover the entire face . The main reason as to why people wear hoods is because it conceals one’s identity during dom/sub scenes , and thus gives the wearer even more freedom to really let go and enjoy play time.

      Another reason why a bondage hood is appealing, especially for those in the BDSM community, is because it may be easier for dominants to objectify the wearer, as their face is completely hidden. It’s almost as though the wearer becomes a sex toy rather than a sexual partner. Wearing a bondage hood is common at BDSM play parties, as it conceals the wearer’s identity. 

      And then, of course, there’s a visual appeal to bondage hoods ! Seeing only the shape of the wearer’s head, while it is entirely covered with a smooth, shiny, and form-fitting fabric can be erotic for some.

      Bondage hoods are usually made out of leather, spandex, cotton, or latex, with each material offering either more or less sensory deprivation . Spandex is often more see-through, so a blindfold may be added to remove the element of sight. The most important thing however is comfort for the wearer, and to make sure that the bondage hood fits well. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose

      And last but not least, a BDSM prop that often compliments blindfolds, masks, and bondage hoods, is a ball gag.

      All About Ball Gags

      A ball gag is a round ball that fits into the mouth , held in place with a strap that passes through the centre of the ball, and then goes around the wearer’s head. The ball, known as the gag, will then fit behind the teeth, which then makes it impossible for the wearer to speak intelligibly. Speech aside, wearing a ball gag can also cause the wearer to drool and make awkward facial expressions, which could be used as a form of ridicule .

      There are various types of ball gags, such as wiffle gags which have holes in them to help with airflow , and O-ring ball gags which are made of metal and restrict the ability for the wearer to move their mouth while allowing them to breathe and give blowjobs.

      What’s the appeal of a ball gag, you ask? For some, it’s merely another BDSM prop that allows them to experience physical restraint. It’s also a tool used to distinguish dominants and submissives, as the dominant will be able to speak whereas the submissive is unable to do so. This gives the dominant a greater sense of power, and renders the submissive dependent on their dom. 

      Another reason why ball gags are so appealing is because they tend to depersonalise the wearer. They can be seen as an object rather than a person, which takes the wearer out of their own head and allows them to be more in the moment. It also plays into the kink that is humiliation , which can be a turn on for both dominants and submissives.

      Essentially however, one need not be aroused by the kinks and fetishes above to give blindfolds, masks, hoods, and gags a go. It can simply be a fun, new experience to try in the bedroom with the one you’re lusting after. After all, they do say that trying something new increases one’s level of dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ hormone!