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34 products

Did you know that it’s possible to orgasm by nipple stimulation alone? The nipples are a great source of sexual pleasure, and a super erotic erogenous zone, making them a perfect part of the body to lick, tease, play with, and stimulate. Ready for an intense bout of arousal?

Nipples… we all have them! And while women tend to respond more favourably, from a sexual standpoint, men too can derive pleasure from them. And there are so many different ways that one can stimulate the nipples, be it solo or with a partner. 

So if you’re the type of person who finds themselves getting entirely aroused during nipple play, we’ve got a selection of nipple stimulators that’ll really float your boat.

But first…

What is Nipple Stimulation?

Nipple stimulation is when one’s nipples and the surrounding area are either bitten, sucked, touched, rubbed, or pinched

This could be done using hands , a sex toy such as a bullet vibrator , or nipple clamps, suckers, or lassos. Basically, the possibilities of having your nipples stimulated are seemingly endless, making them a huge source of pleasure.

Why is Nipple Stimulation so Erotic? 

Nipple play is considered a popular kind of foreplay, and for good reason: the tissue itself is actually erectile tissue, just like the clitoris and the penis. That means that, when one is aroused, blood floods to the nipples, making them hard and oftentimes sensitive. 

At this point, touching them can have a super sensual effect, one that builds up sexual tension and possibly even results in a nipple orgasm .

And if that hasn’t convinced you, you may be surprised to learn that, in women, the same region of the brain is activated when one’s nipples are stimulated as when one’s genitals are!

Different Ways to Stimulate the Nipples

While you could go for the old-fashioned style of using your finger to gently trace across the areola and nipples, there are various pleasure products that are perfect for that extra oomph. 

Nipple stimulators have been created for those who crave that sexual and euphoric sensation experienced when their nipples are touched and played with, but on a level that’s nearly impossible to mimic by hand.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are arguably the most common kind of nipple stimulators , and you could either grab a simple nipple clamp or a vibrating nipple clamp . Either way, they both work similar to that of a clothespin. How to use them : simply allow your nipples to become erect, open up the clamp, slowly slide it to the base of the areola, then tighten it gently, adjusting it as and when needed.

Nipple clamps are sexy props to use during solo or play time, as they offer hands-free stimulation , allowing the wearer to experience pinching, flapping, vibrating, squeezing, tugging, and teasing sensations. They’re a great pleasure product to add to your list if you’re all about nipple stimulation, yet want to keep your hands free for other kinds of naughty fun.

What’s also highly erotic about nipple clamps is that, if you remove them at the height of climax, you’ll be able to intensify your orgasms! Not to mention that they’re visually appealing and oh so sexy. Especially those with added thrills and frills, like the California Exotics Nipple Play Playful Tassels Nipple Clamps and the Nipplettes Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps .

Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers may just be a little less intimidating than nipple clamps, and they work by sucking on the nipples in such a way that blood flows to the area. This will then create a heightened level of sensitivity , making them a treat for all kinds of nipple play. 

Nipple suckers are also known as nipple pumps or nipple vacuums, and they simply latch onto the nipple effortlessly, then get to work with their suction action. Nipple suckers are great for those who don’t necessarily want to feel any kind of pain or strong sensation, as it gives off the effect of a gentle pull .

To use nipple suckers , you’re going to want to line the suction cups to your nipples, and place them against your skin. You may want to use a dash of lube to help the suction do its job, and to avoid the sensation of pinching. Then, you’re going to pinch the suction cup to remove the air, which will then create the vacuum-like effect. Press down gently, then release. 

We love the Fantasy for Her Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers and the Cal Exotics Advanced Nipple Suckers .

Nipple Lassos

A lasso is a rope-like piece of material with a running noose at one end which can be tightened or loosened. With that, a nipple lasso is a sensual gadget that’s easy to use, giving you the freedom to find your very best kind of nipple stimulation by adjusting it accordingly. 

To use this sexy pleasure product , make sure that your nipples are hard, then slip it over the nipple and close the lasso around the nipple. This will then keep your nipples nice and erect, while allowing the blood to flow to the area, leaving you with a pair of sensitive and gorgeous nipples ready to play with.

For an even sexier experience, we suggest the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos , which works just like any other nipple lasso, except it offers euphoric vibrations that are activated with one single switch.

Nipple & Clit Stimulation Sets

For the bold and daring, why not add a third stimulation tool to your play time? Nipple and clit stimulation sets are tres erotic, giving you the chance to s timulate both the nipples and the clitoris at the same time . These pleasure products are attached using a kind of material such as a chain, which then allows you to experience three times the amount of sexual bliss. 

Why a clit clamp? Well, they’re used to enhance sexual pleasure by squeezing this sexy spot, which restricts blood flow then releases it, creating a feeling of sensitivity and arousal . Using all three however, means an influx of pleasure and something gorgeous to look at at the same time.

To use a clit clamp , you’re going to want to put it on either your labia, the base of your clitoris, or your clitoral hood. Whichever you choose, grab your favourite lube to make things a little wetter and better. The aim of this sensual pleasure product is to release the clamp before climax, which will aid in stronger and more power orgasms. 

Consider: the Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple and Clitoral Chain , which is a gorgeous gold accessory, or the Sextreme Woman Chain Harness Nipple and Clit Stimulator , which has a more hardcore appearance.