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29 products

For bigger, stronger, and more powerful anal orgasms, anal sets are the perfect little anecdote to get you there. 

Naturally, one cannot simply dive right in and enjoy all of the gorgeous and pleasurable benefits that anal stimulation has to offer. Which is why grabbing an anal set will help you explore your body’s most delicious areas, giving you the opportunity to enhance your play time.

And if you’re new to the game, let’s take a peek our anal sets and give you the 411 on these sensual and erotic anal sex toys.

What is an Anal Set?

An anal set is like the stepping stones to achieving amazing anal orgasms. It’s an educative set of different anal toys and gadgets that you can use at your own pace in order to become more comfortable and aroused by the stimulation.

In an anal set, you’ll receive anal toys of different sizes and shapes. For beginners, starting with the smallest toy, you can find your most pleasurable experience. Then, once you’re comfortable, you can go bigger and better, which inevitably leads to even more firework-inducing anal orgasms. 

In an anal set, you’ll also receive all the basics needed to ensure a pleasurable and fun experience. Things such as lube, a lubricant applicator, an anal enema, and perhaps a written guide to using your new gadgets could be included in your anal set.

Anal Set Etiquette 101

Any anal sex toy should be used with care. The anus isn’t as supple as the vagina, and with that, you’re going to want to ease yourself into your lust. And that’s why anal sets are the best way to practice! 

And don’t forget to read the instructions for your particular anal set, as it’ll educate you on how to use all of the toys, and thrills and frills. For example, if your anal set contains an enema or douche, it’ll guide you on how to use it before play time. 

From your first incredible experience with anal sets, you can take as much time as you need to gain confidence and pleasure. It could take days, weeks, or months to move onto larger toys. Don’t become despondent. Rather, think of it as the most tantalising kind of training you’ll ever possibly experience. There’s bliss to be had at all stages of using anal sets, so enjoy the ride.

How to Use Anal Sets Safely

To use anal sets safely, you’re going to want to begin with the smallest toy. But even before grabbing it, start off with a bit of foreplay. Allow yourself to feel calm, aroused, and ready for anal action. You could do this by stimulating your other erogenous zones such as the breasts, balls, shaft, clitoris or other lesser-common hot spots. 

Then, you could work your way to the back. Slowly massage or use shallow stimulation on your sweet spot. Don’t forget to use a generous amount of lube, as this will aid in any dryness and discomfort or pain. The wetter the better! 

When you’re sufficiently relaxed and ready for even more intense play, you can slowly insert the smallest toy. It’s completely normal in the beginning for you to either not insert any part of the toy or just simply the tip. This is essentially the purpose of owning an anal set, to find your groove, best pleasure, and to work your way up to larger toys and stimulation over time. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Anal Sets

Anal sets are perfect for those who want to get more out of their anal sex experience. Anal stimulation is completely different from vaginal stimulation, and it takes time and care to get to a place where you’re thriving in uninhibited glory. 

With that, the benefit of using anal sets is that, by doing so, you’ll be able to achieve heightened states of arousal, massive climaxing, and all kinds of exploration of your body. In fact, those who don’t give anal stimulation a go are missing out on huge amounts of pleasure. And why would anyone want to deny themselves of this?

Another benefit is that the anal sets themselves provide you with pleasure, before any parterned or anal sex occurs. It’s like going on a sexy journey that feels absolutely fantastic, while preparing yourself for some incredible partnered play. 

Anal Sets: Material

Anal sets are usually made of either medical-grade and/or body-safe silicone, glass, or stainless steel. These are all great materials, as they’re not porous. In other words, bacteria won’t get trapped inside of the toys, thus keeping them more hygienic and safe.

We recommend that you grab yourself an anal set in one of these three kinds of materials, and avoid porous anal sets. 

Anal Sets: Shape & Style

Then when it comes to anal sets and their shape and style, this can differ depending on one’s needs and favourite kinds of stimulation. Usually, anal sets are bulb-shaped, which makes it easier to insert, then feel a sense of fullness in the middle, and finally ending in a flared base which keeps the toy in place without any worries. Make sure to always get a flared base anal set to avoid any accidents. 

Then there are other shapes, such as curved anal sets, which are a treat for those who have a prostate, as it will directly stimulate this sweet spot. 

Some anal sets may include other bits and pieces to add to your experience, such as a magic wand for an all-over-body massage, or extra attachments to add a different sensation to your toys.

How to Clean Your Anal Sets

Regardless of the sex toy you’re using, you should always clean it before and after use. Anal sets included. 

Depending on the type of material used in your anal set will dictate how to clean them, but for materials such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel, you could use warm water and a mild antibacterial soap, then allow it to air dry. 

Glass and stainless steel toys can usually be popped into the dishwasher or boiled in hot water for a full clean. Be sure to check the instructions and follow the best cleaning routine to ensure you’re always safe and ready for euphoric play.

Our Favourite Anal Sets

B-Vibe Anal Training 7-Piece Education Set

Get your motor revving with the B-Vibe Anal Training 7-Piece Education Set. B-Vibe is notoriously known in the sex toy world as a winner when it comes to anal pleasure. So, with this education set, you’re definitely in good hands. It comes with a small, medium, and large vibrating butt plug, a lubricant applicator, an anal enema, a complete guide to anal play, as well as a zipper travel bag.

Le Wand Anal Massager and Education 10-Piece Set

B-Vibe and Le Wand have paired up to create this phenomenal 10-Piece Set which is luxury, encapsulated. It includes a number of sexy products to pleasure your back… and your front! In other words, you can enjoy the sensations of a butt plug, and or the caress of a magic wand, while learning and preparing yourself for new waves of ecstasy.