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      SVAKOM is a premium international brand of sexual stimulators designed in the US, with creative shapes using 100% green, rechargeable technology. SVAKOM’s high quality line of vibrators for women has the fastest recharging time in the industry and our innovative designs including the first stimulator equipped with camera technology allows you to capture and share the intimate moments up close and personal.

      The distinctive styles and designs of sex toys provide intense pleasure that caters to your personal preferences. Unbelievably quiet, yet powerful motors offer varying speed and intensity to maximize pleasure.


      Svakom landed in the world of high end sex toys in 2012 by a group of creative entrepreneurs. Their aim was to improve upon the ever-growing sex toy trend by creating luxury pleasure products that are both functionally spectacular and stylish. 

      Svakom now has branches in several big hubs around the world, and boasts the inception of the Svakom intelligent mode, which they launched in their product, Siime, a world first.

      What Svakom Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Svakom has a number of sensational sex toys ranging from rabbit-style vibrators, clitoral and G-spot massagers, kegel exercise toys, anal sex toys, and bullet vibes. 

      Svakom also has a large range of pleasure products for men, such as cock rings, male masturbators, and prostate massagers.

      Svakom Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

      Are you looking to experience the blissful sensation of a blended orgasm ? Take your pleasure to brand new heights with Svakom’s range of rabbit-style sex toys. 

      Barbara , Lorna and Alice are two rabbit-style vibrators from Svakom that have dual motors , allowing you to control your two types of stimulation. 

      The Adonis and Angel are two pleasure products that actually warm up to 38 degrees , giving you a taste of temperature play. Warm things up even further with Lester , which can heat up to 40 degrees and too has dual motors.

      And if you’re looking for a range of extraordinary sensations, the Trysta has 35 different frequencies to choose from, giving you the ultimate feeling of sexual freedom.

      Svakom 2-in-1 Clitoral and G-Spot Sex Toys

      Why buy two sex toys when one will do the trick? If you’re a lover of clitoral and G-spot stimulation independent of each other, Svakom has two super special 2-in-1 sex toys that you can use as you prefer.

      Nymph is a sex toy that is double-ended . At one end, you have a round head for internal use, and at the other, pleasure fingers that circle and vibrate for external use.

      Emma is yet another 2-in-1 sex toy with a replaceable head . Choose between the rabbit ears for some sexy clitoral action, and the round head for a bit of penetrative fun.

      Additionally, take a look at the ever-so-elegant pleasure products: Keri , Iris , and Lisa for internal and external stimulation .

      Svakom G-Spot Sex Toys

      If your G-spot is thee spot, then you’ll love the range of G-spot sex toys from Svakom. 

      Cici is a sex toy with a flexible head for exact precision, and is rather slim making it a great sex toy for beginners and those who prefer less girth.

      Amy is another sex toy from Svakom that you’ll adore due to its medium size, and beautiful curves. This G-spot vibrator is 100 percent waterproof, and comes with six vibration modes.

      Svakom Bullet Sex Toys

      Ready to bite the bullet and enjoy the many sensual benefits of a bullet sex toy? Svakom has perfected the art of the bullet vibe, luxurious in design, and super effective when it comes to pleasure.

      Ella is an app-controlled bullet vibrator, and comes with a ribbed exterior and powerful internal motor . It’s the perfect little addition to your purse or suitcase for those bouts of travel, or to simply slip in your bedside table.

      And if you’d like to step your bullet vibe game up a notch...

      Svakom Bullet Sex Toys with Webcam Capabilities

      For those in long distance relationships, Ella Neo allows for long distance control via the app , 2D interactive videos , and an interactive webcam feature. While this bullet vibe by Svakom is perfect for couples who play together, it’s equally as delicious to use solo. 

      Then there’s also the Svakom Phoenix Neo which is a wearable bullet vibrator which is controlled via the Svakom app. It also has 2D video capabilities and an interactive webcam feature for some cheeky play time near or far.

      Svakom Kegel Exercise Sex Toys

      Three different exercise balls of different weights is what makes up the Nova Kegel Balls Set , the perfect product for beginners

      Work your way to the heaviest while tightening the vagina muscles , and you will benefit from better orgasms and improved vaginal health after childbirth.

      Svakom Male Masturbator Sex Toys

      Intensify your orgasms with the Alex Masturbator from Svakom . It’s a thrusting pleasure product that’s been created with a realistic feel and internal structures that massage and amplify your sexual experience. 

      It has seven thrusting modes and is made of super soft TPE.

      Svakom Male Masturbator Sex Toys with Webcam Capabilities

      Marvel upon the Alex Neo Male Masturbator , which is a step up from the original, Alex. 

      This sex toy for him is app-controlled and offers 2D interactive video capabilities as well as a webcam feature. 

      This is the perfect male masturbator for those who want to share their pleasure with someone, anywhere in the world.

      Svakom Anal Sex Toys

      If anal stimulation is your forte, the Svakom Primo Vibrating Anal Plug is not only sleek and luxurious-looking, but also has warming capabilities , is suitable to double up as a clitoral or G-spot stimulation toy , and has 25 different combination modes of vibrations. 

      Truly a Jack of all trades.

      Svakom Prostate Massager Sex Toys with Webcam Capabilities

      Give your prostate some love with the Vick Neo Prostate Massager

      Svakom has graciously integrated 2D video and webcam capabilities into this pleasure product, all controlled via the app , which makes it a winner for long distance or adventurous couples , or cam performers .

      It has 11 types of vibrations, is whisper-quiet, and 100 perfect waterproof. It also has a fully adjustable 180 degree head to ensure absolute exactness.

      Svakom Cock Ring Sex Toys

      Tyler is a vibrating couples sex toy by Svakom, a cock ring to be presise, that improves ones stamina by encouraging stronger and longer-lasting erections

      It’s also a treat for the vulva too during sex, as it stimulates the clitoris simulatenously when worn by him. 

      You can use this nifty sexual health product anywhere, anytime, even in water as it is 100 percent waterproof . A small yet powerful sex toy for him by Svakom with firework-inducing and sensational potential.