Handcuffs & Restraints

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85 products

Want to get tied up in something new and ultra sexy? How about wrapping yourself or your partner up in lust that’ll tease and please you into ultimate bliss and complete satisfaction? Go on… our seductive list of restraints were made for sharing.

What are Restraints?

Restraints are anything that restricts or hinders movement . So while you may believe that handcuffs are the be all and end all of restraints, there are so many other types of restraints that are equally, if not more, thrilling. And the list is seemingly endless too…

Armbinders, hooks, gags, bondage furniture, monogloves, belts, hoods, tape, chastity belts, cock rings, collars, corsets, harnesses, pantyhose, spreader bars, slings, cages, plastic wrap, rope, shackles, sleep sacks, straight jackets, ties, scarves. Indeed these all fall under the category of restraints.

Along with the diverse range of restraints, there are also various kinds of materials that different restraints are made of. The most popular material used for restraints include metal, canvas, plastic, velcro, silk, rubber, rope, and padding .

Why Do People Love Restraints?

For one, using restraints is a way to gain power over another . It’s also a way in which to experience role reversal . That is, when one person feels quite powerless in their day-to-day lives, they may get a thrill from restraining another. Or, if one is high-powered in their usual lives, they may like to let go after-hours by giving up control.

There’s also the aspect of freeing oneself from societal expectation , like a taboo factor, which can be a huge turn on. And the fact that some feel safe when they’re restrained, almost like receiving a big hug. Also, there’s a visual appeal to using and wearing restraints that’s highly erotic, like a piece of art. 

Other reasons why restraints are so popular is because certain materials simply feel good against the skin , like silk for example. Being restrained, aka immobile, is also a kind of relaxation or meditation for some.

Benefits of Using Restraints

There’s evidence that shows that couples who engage in BDSM practices, and are in a trusting relationship, actually have enhanced levels of wellbeing . Think about the unwavering trust partners would have to have in order to bind or be bound? This merely paints a picture of how using restraints can better a relationship and overall well-being.

Not just that, but using restraints has a sexy way of bringing about a rush of adrenaline , as the thrill itself is almost incomparable to anything else. 

In fact, a 2014 study found that, during a bondage scene, there’s a different flow of blood to the brain which induces an altered consciousness , like that of ‘runner’s high’. This isn’t surprising, as the hormones serotonin and dopamine too are released during a scene!

Different Types of Restraints

While we’ve mentioned a long list of restraints above, let’s zone in on our favourite kinds of restraints…


Handcuffs are quick to use, easy to apply, durable, and oftentimes, comfortable and inexpensive. This alone makes them a great choice for beginners , even though they’re equally as tantalising for advanced players

Handcuffs can be made up of different kinds of materials, such as leather, nylon, neoprene, faux fur, and metal.

For beginners, it’s advised to steer clear of rope, ties, pantyhose, or scarves when it comes to handcuffs. This is because it takes a lot of knowledge on how to properly tie knots and to know the human body for safety reasons. The best restraints for beginners would be props such as the Fetish Fantasy Gold Metal Cuffs or the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Metal Cuffs . Both of these are fashion-forward , and made with beginners in mind .


While rope may seem like an easy and cost effective tool to use for your bondage adventures, it’s actually more advised for advanced players . This is because there are several different tying techniques that require some skill, especially those who want to give Shibari , a Japanese art, a go. Not just that, but knowing the ins and outs of rope, such as its braiding, the tooth, cutting, and maintenance does require some knowledge .

But once you feel comfortable with using rope, it can be a glorious experience. You can transform your rope into handcuffs , keeping wrists and ankles bound together, or restraints where you can tie your partner to a stable object. Then, of course, you could turn your rope into gorgeous works of art by creating body hardnesses .

From nylon, synthetic, hemp, jute, cotton , and silk , you have an array of sassy kinds of rope to have fun with. The trick is in the detail! We love the: Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Bondage Rope and the Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Silk Rope .


Bondage tape is an extremely popular material for beginners . It’s simple to use, cheap, and multi-purpose . It allows you to quickly restrain your partner in a number of different ways. And because bondage tape sticks to itself, it doesn’t stick to the skin, removing the element of pain when you remove it. 

You could also use bondage tape to makeshift your own fetish clothing , if that’s something you’re into! 

Our top picks include: the Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Tape , which comes in black, white, purple, and pink, and the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Bondage Tape , which is reusable and a visual masterpiece.

Collar and Leash

There are various reasons why using a collar and a leash is entirely erotic. They’re gorgeous to look at, and they’re a tool used to establish dominance and submissiveness . In fact, they’re sometimes awarded to a submissive in a kind of ‘ collaring ceremony ’. This sometimes has the same significance as a wedding ring.

As a fashion statement , one could wear a collar as a choker or a necklace. And in a dom/sub relationship, metal rings are available to add in a type of restraint or an element of erotic humiliation . Either way, a collar and a leash can be used by beginners and advanced players alike, and they can be used in private or in public.

You may fancy an aesthetically-pleasing collar and leash, like the NS Novelties Sinful Pink Collar , or the more erotic Sincerely Midnight Lace Collar and Leash , which has a 30” metal chain that hooks onto the collar’s loop.

Bed and Door Restraints

Turn your bedroom into the ultimate pleasure zone with bed and door restraints. These kinds of restraints are great for beginners and more experienced bondage enthusiasts, and can be that extra touch of thrill to add to the bedroom. What’s also great? They’re easy to use !

A bed restraint is a prop that can be tied under and around your bed or mattress, and a door restraint is one that can be hung safely on your door . They typically have attached clips or O rings, which allows one to bind a partner to the bed or door. Just be sure to check your chosen bed or door restraints to see if you need any additional ties to attach to the clips or rings. 

Our favourite bed restraint is the Fetish Fantasy Bindings Restraint Kit that’s made of durable nylon tethers which connect to four satin-lined cuffs for your wrists and ankles. Our favourite door restraint is the Scandal Over the Door Cuffs used for the wrists. They’re super soft, adjustable, and come with clasps and O-rings.

Spreader Bars

For unobstructive and arousing access to your partner’s sweet spots, a spreader bar is an effortlessly easy and seductively erotic item to add to your bedroom trysts. A spreader bar is usually made from metal or wood, and comes with attachment points that hold the wrists, ankles, and/or the knees apart

Using a spreader bar can be fun for either beginners or the more experienced , depending on the type of spreader bar. A simple bar that allows one to add easy-to-use cuffs is a good idea for newbies, whereas a more complex spreader bar—like one that requires rope work, for example—is better for those who have experience in rope work.

For beginners , the Scandal Bondage Bar Soft Spreader is the perfect prop to get you going! It’s soft and comfortable, no matter how you use them. And for experienced spreader bar players , we love the Sportsheets Spreader Bar and Cuffs Set , which comes with a swivel clasp so you can use the restraints on their own as well.