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165 products


You see, while masturbation is a necessity, we can become desensitized to pleasure when we’re doing the same thing on repeat. Making use of sex toys however, can essentially reawaken the adolescent in all of us and set our orgasms on fire. 

And if you’re reluctant to pull the pleasure trigger on a male masturbator, allow us to guide you towards your next deviously tantalizing sexual adventure. Embrace an exciting and liberating sex life, and explore the insatiable world of male sex toys. 

What is a Masturbator?

A masturbator is a sex toy specifically designed to complement the tools you already have on-hand. Helping you to reach new heights of pleasure, using a masturbator is an effortless and saucy product to enjoy.

Additionally, they have the added benefit of keeping both you and your partner sexually satisfied, as well as getting you more excited for saucy solo play.

How to Use a Masturbator

Depending on your motives and needs there are many options to choose from and a multitude of ways in which to use them. A few toys to add to your collection include: sleeves and extensions , prostate massages , and couples sex toys

But whatever you choose, whether you’re going solo or playing with a partner, remember to pair your bedroom adventures with a good quality lube. And if you have a Tenga masturbator, get the most satisfaction from your self-care session with the Tenga Flip Hole Lotion Lubricant .

What Are The Benefits of Using a Masturbator?

Because the purchasing of sex toys is becoming more mainstream, we’re now gaining more awareness of the health benefits and positive effects they can have on our lives as a whole.  Using a masturbator to enhance sexual pleasure and improve orgasms can aid in better sleep, boost immunity, reduce stress, and combat mental fatigue.  Sex toys can help both individuals and couples explore their sexuality and improve their lives in and out of the bedroom. They essentially help people enjoy sexual intimacy through other means other than pentatrive sex. 

How to Clean Your Masturbator

Keeping your toys clean is an important step to maintaining a healthy sex life. Failing to wash your sex toy after each use, especially those made of porous materials, can lead to infection.  A thorough wash with soap and warm water will do the trick, leaving it to air dry for best results. Your toy was made to last, look after it and you will continue to enjoy many more pleasurable moments.

Our Favorite Male Masturbator Brand: Tenga

The Tenga brand is all about a better masturbation experience, globally recognized in its innovation. 

Breaking barriers around sexuality and revolutionizing sexual pleasure, Tenga is a male masturbator brand that exceeds expectations every time. 

Some of our favourite Tenga products include the:

Tenga Variety Pack of 6 Eggs

Variety is the spice of life, and these popular and discreetly-packaged eggs are an excellent choice for a varied masturbation experience. They’re as portable as a hand in your pocket, and made from a super stretchy material suitable for men of all sizes. 

For a targeted sensation, you can stimulate the tip or pull it over the shaft. And once you pop open the shell and slip it over your shaft, you’ll experience a delightfully-textured silicone sleeve. Each egg features a different texture for a varied and unique sensation. 

They’re perfect for solo play, or upgrade your foreplay experience by enjoying a sensually different experience with your partner. A plethora of immense sexual satisfaction awaits!

Tenga Reusable Vacuum Cup

Less mess, more pleasure. This nifty suction cup features airflow technology and can be tightened around your shaft, mimicking the life-like sensation of the real deal. 

Additionally, it comes in three different strengths, each with a varied internal structure. The removable sleeve makes this toy hygienic and easy to clean. 

Forgo the imminent cramps that proceed from using your hand, and plunge into the Tenga Reusable Vacuum Cup

Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) White

A new and unique development in Tenga’s Flip series brings you a discreet and sophisticated range in male pleasure technology.

The possibilities are made limitless, developed from the finest materials and latest technology. Featuring intricate internal details for even more pleasurable sensations. 


Encased in modern elegance, Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) White boasts a seamless insertion point, limiting lubricant leakage. It also encompasses a one-way valve for a strong vacuum effect and even stronger orgasms. 

Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Black

A futuristic and tasteful replica of the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) White , the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Black offers all of the same features as the White, but is equipped with a new internal design for more powerful stimulation. 

It's stronger and more intense, and offers an even firmer grip. A sex toy which embodies sensual sophistication and a perfect addition to your collection of masturbation toys. 

Fleshlight : Another Favourite Male Masturbator Brand

The Fleshlight brand is a crucial masturbation accessory for every man. An erotic artificial replica of a perfectly formed erogenous zone. Whether you choose vagina, anal or oral stimulation, you will experience true-to-life sensations right in the palm of your hand. 

And a true Fleshlight winner is the pocketed companion moulded from your favorite pornstars, such as Riley Reid.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia

A perfect, realistic imitation of the gorgeous and talented Riley Reid, ripe for the picking. 

This beautifully-engineered, encapsulated orifice is the perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation. The ultimate masturbation aid, ensuring every thrust results in maximum pleasure.

Fleshlight Pink Lady  

The most popular of the Fleshlight brand for first-time users is the Fleshlight Pink Lady

It’s a classic masturbation sleeve crafted from superskin material, providing a sensually surreal experience. Dare to indulge?