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119 products

JOUJOU stocks the best selling and deluxe vibrators from all the top leading brands, such as LELO, We-Vibe, Fun Factory, Jejoue, Womanizer, Svakom and many more.

For those who are all about luxury, high-end products, our deluxe vibrators are the top-of-the-line best-selling pleasure products from leading brands such as LELO, WeVibe, Fun Factory , Womanizer, and more.

Unsure of which deluxe vibrator to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

Yes, deluxe vibrators are all about elegance, sophistication, and poise, but they’re also about excellent craftsmanship, impeccable functioning, and high class orgasms on the regular. 

And this is why there are several sex toy brands, such as LELO, Womanizer, Fun Factory, and more that have been well-known and adored within this industry for several years.

And what do all of these sex toy brands have in common? They’re simply a class higher than your average sex toy company. They go the extra mile to make sure that the pleasure product you hold in your hand not only feels like a million bucks, but also produces orgasms like you’ve won the lottery. It’s a double win for all involved.

But if you’re looking for more information on our range of deluxe vibrators, let’s start with the basics...

What Are Deluxe Vibrators?

Deluxe vibrators are pleasure products that have been carefully-designed by leading sex toy brands across the world. These companies have the resources, expertise, and an excellent team of passionate individuals who are always looking to ‘up’ the sex toy game by providing you with an even better pleasure product than the last.

A deluxe vibrator is almost always made of the best kinds of materials, lasts longer than the average vibe, works better than the average vibe, and looks better than the average vibe. In fact, these well-known deluxe vibrator companies usually consult various scientific experiments to make sure that their toys will anatomically rock your world!

How to Use a Deluxe Vibrator Sex Toy

A deluxe vibrator is not a specific kind of sex toy, thus there is no one way to use one. A deluxe vibrator could come in the form of a rabbit vibe, a clit stimulator, clitoral suction vibe, G-spot toy, anal toy, ben wa balls, and more. 

And just for good measure, allow us to introduce you to the various kinds of vibrators mentioned above. If any of them float your boat, there’s a deluxe version with your name on it, we’re sure!

A rabbit vibrator is a wondrous pleasure product that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, giving the wearer a blended orgasm, whereas a clit stimulator and clitoral suction vibrator was made to give some love to your clitoris. A deluxe clit stimulator or clitoral suction vibrator will come with all the trimmings, and will mimic sheer royalty whilst massaging, suckling, and/or stimulating your sweet spot. 

G-spot vibrators are magical for those who love G-spot stimulation, and are generously curved to reach this gorgeous spot. It’s used internally, and will give you a different kind of orgasm to a clitoral one… which some find absolutely irresistible. 

And then, of course there are a slew of anal toys, such as butt plugs and anal beads, which are inserted into the anus for stimulation or to prepare for anal sex. Sometimes, pulling out an anal sex toy at the height of climax can give the wearer an even more intense orgasm. Prostate massagers are also anal sex toys, but they are for penis owners. It’s curved in such a way that the prostate is stimulated, thus giving him an exciting journey to an intense climax.

And last but not least, Ben Wa Balls are great for those who want to practice their kegel exercises in order to have a stronger pelvic floor. They’re beneficial for a number of reasons, such as tightening the vagina for stronger orgasms, and helping prevent incontinence. 

Whichever deluxe vibrator you choose to spoil yourself with will undoubtedly come with some super informative instructions (and oftentimes some fabulous packaging), as well as various video tutorials that’ll guide you to absolute bliss! 

Should You Buy a Deluxe Vibrator Sex Toy?

We recommend that everyone own a deluxe vibrator because you just can’t go wrong by having one in your life! These pleasure products will last longer, make you come harder, and prompt you to feel like a true queen or king in the process. 

And while deluxe vibrators are more expensive than your average sex toy, it’s well worth it in the short and long term. Why? Well, in the short term, you’ll be showered with climax ecstasy from day one! And in the long run, your pleasure product will be a trusted friend for years, as opposed to a cheaper option that may just give out after a few months to a year. 

Top 6 Deluxe Vibrator Sex Toys for Women

1. ZALO Queen Set G-Spot PulseWave Vibrator with Suction Sleeve

Listen up queens of the world! The ZALO Queen Set G-Spot PulseWave Vibrator is the new black (even though it comes in either majestic green, purple, or red). 

We love the versatility of this deluxe vibrator because it offers clitoral and G-spot stimulation. How so? With its attachment sleeve that turns your favourite G-spot vibe into a clitoral suction massager.

We also adore the ZALO Queen Set’s design, which was inspired by the beauty of Egypt and Cleopatra, and the fact that it works with only three buttons. And, for that extra touch of elegance and in keeping with the style of true royalty, this sweet treat is embellished with a Swarovski crystal!

2. LELO SONA Cruise 2 Clitoral Sonic Massager

The deluxe vibrator that’s caused an absolute stir worldwide… we simply love introducing our lovely customers to the LELO SONA Cruise 2! This pleasure product is the proud owner of multiple awards for its ability to make your knees weak and your loins catch fire (in a good way!). In other words, every vulva owner deserves to own a LELO SONA Cruise 2.

This gorgeous pleasure product works with SenSonic technology which basically stimulates the entire clitoris (even the parts that we cannot see). It does this by using air waves and pulses that are so dreamy, you’ll be well on your well to Climax City in no time!

This deluxe vibrator also has Cruise Control, which means that it doesn’t lose power when you need it most. So, when you’re deep in a moment of lust and want to press this beauty harder against your sweet spot, you’ll receive the same strong power that you’re used to!

3. Womanizer DUO Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator

Indulge in a new kind of pleasure... that is, duo pleasure! The Womanizer DUO is an absolute favourite for vulva owners, as it offers both clit and G-spot stimulation at the same time. And sure, its functionality is out-of-this-world, but have you seen its design? Mama mia!

This luscious vibe really mimics the quintessentials of luxury! Its smooth, soft silicone feels gorgeous against your skin (and inside of you), and was made for all kinds of fun… even in water! Yes, indeed, the Womanizer DUO is IPX7 waterproof.

We also love this deluxe vibrator because it uses Pleasure Air technology, which changes the air pressure to suckle gently on your sweet spot. And when it comes to your G-spot, well, its powerful motor is ready to take you straight into a blissful haven of euphoria. It’s also whisper-quiet, using something called Smart Silence technology, so you can have a blast just about anywhere you fancy in absolute peace!

4. LELO SORAYA Wave Rabbit Vibrator

Wave goodbye to mediocre orgasms, and say hello to the gorgeous LELO SORAYA Wave! This pleasure product was made for those who adore dual stimulation, but also want to feel the power similar to (or arguably better than) a lover’s fingers inside of them, massaging their G-spot. How so? Well, it uses WaveMotion technology to rise and fall during play time, giving you a real-feel that’s so tantalisingly arousing!

And during all of this gorgeous G-spot action, the LELO SORAYA Wave continues to stimulate your clitoris in a teasingly erotic way that you’ll be able to enjoy blended orgasm after blended orgasm.

Enjoy this deluxe vibrator in water, if that’s your thing, as it’s 100 percent waterproof, feel its silky silicone against you as you bask in uninhibited passion, and take advantage of its eight different vibration settings. What an absolute treat!

5. Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsating G-Spot Vibrator

The name says it all! Using this deluxe vibrator is a mixture of seductive fun and pulsating pleasure! And once you get this beauty in your hands, you’ll never want to let it go! 

The Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsating G-spot Vibrator is one of the most sought-after toys today with its perfectly-curved tip that stimulates your sweet spot with absolute ease. 

No more twisting and turning, angling your pleasure product in strange positions to reach that special area! This is because the Stronic G has been created with that very issue in mind! This masterpiece thrusts back and forth hands-free! All the heavy lifting sorted, and only bliss to follow.

6. Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable Massager

You can’t go wrong with a magic wand deluxe vibrator. It’s one of those handy pleasure products that you know will go the distance when you need it. Like a trusted go-to for a quick pick-me-up. But things are about to change when you meet the Doxy Die 3R Massager…

This deluxe vibrator massager is something you’ll love to feel in your hands and on your body, day in and day out. It’s taken the original concept of the magic wand and turned it into something so deliciously erotic, you’ll be able to enjoy tons of sexy orgasms… without the dreaded cord (it’s rechargeable, yay!). 

This winner is lighter and smaller, making it easier to use, and has a smaller head. But don’t worry, this time—bigger isn’t better! In fact, the smaller stature makes it less intimidating to use with a partner, and allows you to have a more pinpointed kind of pleasure! An added bonus? The Doxy Die Cast 3R comes with a removable silicone head so you can change things up with a Number 3 attachment. Sheer bliss!