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      Vibrating Masturbators

      Gentlemen, you deserve to have the best sexual experiences whenever you crave it. And just like women’s sex toys have become more and more mainstream over the years, and continue to be indulgently innovative and satisfying, the amount of pleasure products available to men too has increased tenfold. And that’s great news! It means that we’re slowly but surely overcoming the stigma attached to one’s sexual freedom! Yay!

      So if you’re looking for a new kind of thrill, one that will send shivers down your spine and give you absolutely incredible climaxes, vibrating masturbators are basically the new black. It’s kind of like taking your very best solo play time session, and timesing it by 10. Plus, with their sexy vibrations, you’ll experience a sensation that’s impossible to recreate yourself or with your partner.

      What is a Masturbator?

      A masturbator is a sex toy that’s used to make your masturbation solo sessions even more pleasurable than they currently are. Usually, when you hear the word ‘masturbator’ it’s often associated with males, and thus they’re often called ‘male masturbators’. 

      In this way, a masturbator is considered a sex toy for men, and have been said to be transcendent when it comes to its climaxing capabilities. 

      What is a Vibrating Masturbator

      You may have heard of a male masturbator, more commonly known as a fleshlight or a pocket pussy of some sorts. Well, a vibrating masturbator is just like that… except it has one extra little feature that makes it even more delicious. It vibrates! 

      Vibrating masturbators usually come in all kinds of different designs, some more petite and discreet than others, and some have a few added bonuses, such as grooves and bumps on the inside of the toy. This will give you an even bigger sensation, similar (or possibly better!) than the real deal.

      How to Use a Vibrating Masturbator

      To use a vibrating masturbator will depend on the type of pleasure product you’ve bought. Generally, these kinds of toys are in the shape of a tube, having one or two entrances, with the inside being hollow or decorated with various bumps and grooves for extra stimulation.

      If you’re going for this kind of vibrating masturbator, simply use a generous amount of lube and insert yourself (the Hole Lotion is the most recommended lube for your vibrating masturbator). You could use your vibrating masturbator without the vibrations at first, like a kind of pre warm up foreplay. Or, you could turn on the vibrations as soon as you’re inside and be transported straight to Pleasure Town. 

      Again, depending on the vibrating masturbator you have, you’ll either be able to stroke yourself using your hand, or you may be able to experience a hands-free bout of ecstasy.

      How to Clean Your Vibrating Masturbator

      How to clean your vibrating masturbator will depend on the type of material it is made of. Not only that, but be sure to check whether your vibrating masturbator is made of porous or non-porous materials. Porous materials are fine, but they are more difficult to clean as they’re prone to retaining bacteria. This means that an even more thorough clean would be necessary.

      For non-porous materials, like silicone, cleaning your vibrating masturbator will be a lot easier, and simply entails washing it with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water. You could pat it dry with a microfibre cloth, or allow it to air dry on a clean towel. 

      Regardless of what material your vibrating masturbator is made of, be sure to clean it before and after every use. This is to ensure ultimate hygiene and to maintain the quality of your chosen toy. 

      Our Top Vibrating Masturbator Brands


      An Amsterdam-based sex toy brand, Kiiroo has worked hard to reach their elite status. Today, they’re creating new ways for people to connect, interact, and explore their sexuality using technology, and we are so impressed with their line of vibrating masturbators. 

      The Kiiroo Keon Combo Set , for example, is the smartest automatic masturbator on the market today. It’s compact, allows you to control the speed and length of your stroke, and gives you a tight and erotic feel for your most gorgeous solo or partnered adventures. 

      This pleasure product is compatible with the FeelTechnology App which gives you interactive video access, pairable with VR Goggles so you can connect with some of the world’s leading adult sites, and also works with other Kiiroo products.


      Tenga is a Japanese-based company that launched the Tenga Cups in 2005. These pleasure products sold like hot cakes, putting Tenga on the map, and encouraging them to produce even more erotic adult toys for better masturbation. 

      Today, their Flip 0 (Zero) vibrating masturbator is one of the most treasured pleasure products for penis-owners all over the world! 

      Want to own one? You could go for the more tame Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) EV Electronic Vibration , a masterpiece in sext tech that has two vibrating cores inside the elastomer, or the more intense Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) EV Electronic Vibration Black , which is just as delicious yet even stronger with a tighter squeeze. 


      The creators of the world’s first “smart” vibrator, Lovense was born in 2010 and have been rocking the sex toy industry ever since. Their Lovense Max 2 Vibrating Male Masturbator is a true work of art, and interacts with their app for a more controlled yet wild kind of sensation. 

      This vibrating masturbator teases your shaft with 360-degree contractions, an adjustable air vent which allows you to control the suction, and accommodates almost all sizes. 

      Another perk? It can sync with two of their other toys; Lovense Nora Rotating Rabbit Vibrator or with another Max 2, which will cause the toys to react to each other’s movements. Wow!

      Fun Factory

      Fun Factory is a reliable brand from Germany that’s been carefully curating pleasure products for over 20 years. We love them for their inclusivity, playful and passionately sexual attitude, as well as their gorgeous products that are made for making waves.

      The Fun Factory Manta Male Vibrating Stroker , for example, is perfect for solo or partnered play, and is a toy with a loop and ridges and used as a stroker or for targeted stimulation during masturbation. 

      What’s also sexy about this male masturbator is that it fits perfectly between two bodies, allowing the vibrations to tantalise both partners during play time. Or, you could hold it at the base of the penis while receive oral, giving you that erotic sensation of being deepthroated. 


      Svakom is a global high-end sex toy brand that’s been going strong since 2012. It’s a company that not only focuses on sheer sexual euphoria, but also works hard to design pleasure products that are elegant, fashion-forward, and intelligent. With that, cue the Svakom Alex Neo Male Masturbator

      This vibrating male toy is simply luxurious! Its three main functions are that it can work long distance, connect to 2D interactive videos, and has a webcam interactive feature. These functions are all accessible on their FeelConnect3.0 app.

      It has a sleek and soft interior sleeve, an auto-grabbing feature that’s erotically realistic, and a thrusting motor. Another perk? It’s a pleasure product that’s a one-size-fits-all, making it an excellent choice for all penis-owners, regardless of size!