Get it on Without Putting it in: Non-Penetrative Sex Acts You’ll Love

Non-Penetrative Sex Acts You’ll Love

The beauty of sexuality is the fact that it can be enjoyed in any which way. And because each person is unique, it makes for an exceedingly interesting occasion when sexy sparks begin to fly. 

Not only that, but experimenting and finding different things to try and enjoy in the bedroom is always a pretty fun way in which to live life, and to get off at the same time.

Which is why we’ve decided to dedicate this article to those who are looking for some super saucy alternatives to penetrative foreplay and sex. Basically, we’ll teach you how to get it on without putting it in! 

Why? It’s been shown that many women find it difficult or sometimes even impossible to climax via penetration. And even knowing this fact, you’ll be happy to know that there are tips in here for both guys and gals!

So if it involves ‘p in a v’ penetrative sex or even the use of fingers or toys used internally, you won’t find any useful info here… sorry!

1. Perineum Pleasure

First off, what’s the perineum? It’s the space between the penis and the butt hole. And if you thought that delightful bouts of sexual pleasure couldn’t be attained without touching an actual genital, you were wrong. 

This space is loaded with nerve endings and becomes even more sensitive when a man is aroused. It’s a textured body part that offers a plump area to rub, tug, and massage, and if stimulated via the tongue or knuckles, could send him over the edge! You can give the BIJOUX INDISCRETS SLOW SEX: ORAL SEX BALM a go. It has gentle cooling effect that helps your lips or fingers seductively glide.

2. Bliss with Blindfolds

This is blindfolding… with a twist. Instead of using something to inhibit your sense of sight as a means to experiment with BDSM, why not use it to simply heighten all of your other senses?

This fun activity for the bedroom involves one partner wearing a blindfold while the other grabs a few items from around the house. Each item will produce a different sensation, for example, a sponge, a blush brush, a wooden spoon, or even a whip, crop or pleasure wheel. This gives the receiver the ability to find their very best sensation. 

You don’t necessarily need to keep this play PG, you could do things like cover their butt cheeks with cream or gently gliding something soft down their spine, slowly going closer to their intimate parts.

This is also a fun guessing game and could create a cheeky, suspenseful, and entertaining atmosphere in the bedroom.

3. Dry Hump

If penetration isn’t your thing, you can mimic and alter the act in a way that feels good for you. And one such way to do this is to enjoy dry humping. This eradicates actual penetration but also adds in an element of fabric rubbing against each other, which can be very erotic.

And in the same realm of dry humping, even touching, rubbing, and kissing each other over underwear can be a great tease and the perfect way to get your blood and juices flowing. 

Lastly, a vibrator can also feel great over underwear and can add that extra boost for those who love the sensation without penetration.

4. Male Masturbators

We love the idea of male masturbators taking the spotlight! And the Tenga Egg range is a fabulous way to give him a handjob that could quite possibly rock his world. 


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How do they work? Each Tenga Egg is an oval toy for him with a hole in the bottom. Simply pour the Egg lube into the hole and place at the end of the penis, then jerk off. Each Tenga Egg has a different sensation, giving you the opportunity to choose the most delicious toy.

Some of our other favourite strokers include: 







 See? The possibilities to enjoy sensual and sexy time with your partner sans penetration is totally possible, and super enjoyable! 

The fun definitely doesn’t stop at these four non-penetrative sex acts though, and we encourage you to use your imagination and go to town however you like to get down!



Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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