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136 products

Rabbit Vibrators are an essential part of every woman's sex toys collection. The Rabbit Vibrator was made famous by Sex and the City, the Rabbit Vibrator features a shaft for internal stimulation and a clitoral stimulator, which is sometimes shaped like rabbit ears.

Unsure of which rabbit vibrator to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

Are you craving a little more passion and pizzazz during your self-care masturbation routine? Do you want to feel a new kind of sensation that’s both titillating and extremely satisfying? Then you simply must have a rabbit vibrator in your nightstand. 

This glorious sex toy is one of the most pleasurable adult lifestyle products, made for women who like to take charge and experience colours of fireworks in between the sheets. A flirty and sensational sex toy ready to take you on new adventures with every blissful thrust.

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that’s usually phallic-shaped. They’re the perfect little treasure, capable of sending shivers down your spine, sinfully delicious orgasms, and big smiles all round.  

A rabbit vibrator is the ultimate pleasure product, as it not only delights with internal G-spot stimulation, but also teases and stimulates the clitoris too. 

It has its claim to fame from the infamous TV show, Sex and the City, episode The Turtle and the Hare. In it, you’ll spot a magnificent rabbit vibrator that was, at the time, a best seller at a sex shop in New York. 

Today, the rabbit vibrator is still a top choice, made for pure luxurious trysts and lots of toe-curling climaxes. A blended orgasm is always on the agenda when you indulge in this sexy little treat.

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, we’re here to remove any uncertainties you have about using this life-changing sex toy. Learn how to use a rabbit vibrator, and you’ll be on the next plane to Orgasm Land in no time.

6 Steps and Rabbit Vibrator Techniques

Step one: find your favourite rabbit vibrator by browsing all of the various treasures. Choose a toy that suits your style, sexual needs, and catches your eye.

Step two: once received, and charged/inserted with batteries, you can start to tease yourself using the different vibration speeds and patterns. Try indulging in a bit of nipple stimulation, or tantalise any other erogenous zone that’ll get your blood pumping. Then, when you’re ready you could use your rabbit vibrator in a number of different ways, because… why not?

Our sexual desires change from day to day, minute to minute. Some days, you may crave internal stimulation, another you may pine after external stimulation. Or, you could be craving dual stimulation, resulting in beautiful blended orgasms. Try out these different techniques with your rabbit vibrator...

Step Three, Use the toy for external stimulation only: you can use the external nub to create all kinds of euphoria on various parts of the body, including the clitoris and vulva. 

Step Four, Bask in dual stimulation: by inserting the phallic-like arm, and having the nub rest perfectly against your sweet spot, you can experience two different kinds of stimulation, simultaneously. A true win when it comes to your best pleasure. 

Step Five, Thrust: some rabbit vibrators are able to thrust for you, others will give you the freedom to move it according to your own rhythm and speed. 

Step Six, Grind: move the shaft back and forth and grind on the clitoral nub to result in an incredible G-spot and clit massage.

Should You Buy a Rabbit Vibrator?

If you’re the type of person who is unapologetically seeking the utmost sexual pleasure, then you definitely should buy a rabbit vibrator. 

This sexy pleasure product is an absolute classic, and with today’s technology, you’re looking at a slew of tantalising sex toys that serve only one purpose: your pleasure!

Top 7 Rabbit Vibrators

We’ve made finding the perfect rabbit vibrator from some of the world’s most luxurious sex toy brands easier than before. 

No need to waste time wandering through pages and pages of vibrators or seeking out reviews from several sites, because we’ve done all the hard work for you! 

Herewith, the top 7 rabbit vibrators on the market today. Each has their own unique pleasure-inducing settings, so you can indulge in one or more and be taken on a journey to see the stars!

1. We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

Why hello there, gorgeous! The We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator is an elegant and cheeky sex toy that’s absolutely wild and full of adventure. Its flexible external nub makes sure to stimulate your clitoris at all times, while the shaft adjusts effortlessly with its sweet curves, finding the most comfortable position according to the shape of your body. Another perk? It can be used for a session of sexy play between couples, using the We-Vibe Connect app! Ooh la la!

2. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Interested in giving our thrusting suggestion a go? Don’t fancy doing all the heavy lifting? Cue the Fifty Shades Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator. This bad girl has a shaft that thrusts gorgeously, targeting all of your sweet spots, and its firm bunny ears bring about climatic bliss on your clit. Like a beautiful orchestra working together in unison, this rabbit vibrator is a toy you’ll simply fall in lust with.

3. Womanizer Duo Clitoral and G-Spot Stimulator

Experience the thrill of dual stimulation with a pleasure product that doesn’t quite look like a rabbit vibrator, but works just as magnificently (or even better!) than what you’d expect. In fact, the Womanizer Duo is even more luxurious-looking than your average rabbit vibe, and comes in four different gentle and passionate colours. We love this rabbit vibrator because its external pleasure nub isn’t actually a nub… it’s a suction marvel that uses Pleasure Air technology to massage and suckle the clitoris. Its longer shaft fits inside of you beautifully, and caresses your G-spot until you feel that lingering pleasure take off, leaving you with sheer magic.

4. Svakom Adonis Heating Rabbit Vibrator

Want to mimic the real-deal? Or fancy getting warmed up during those cold winter nights? The Svakom Heating Rabbit Vibrator does both! It has the power to heat up to around 38 degrees, and can give you around two days of uninterrupted play time before needing to recharge! This, along with its waterproof capabilities, is what we like to call a sexy winter staycation!

5. Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsating Rabbit Vibrator

Fun Factory is a forerunner in the rabbit vibrator game. Their products are reliable, sultry, and work beautifully to give you your best kind of pleasure yet. What’s amazing about this particular rabbit vibe, is that it can thrust, pulse, vibrate, and flutter! Whatever tickles your fancy, it’s ready to give it to you! Enjoy hours of hands-free fun, 64 stimulation settings, and its waterproof capabilities for endless erotic adventures.

6. LELO Soraya Wave Rabbit Vibrator

LELO’S latest rabbit vibrator is the pleasure product you never knew you needed. This gorgeous vibe is powerful, sleek, and super seductive. It stimulates the G-spot using WaveMotion technology, which mimics that of a lover’s fingers rising and falling! And its soft exterior is ready to tease your sweet spot until the heavens open up and you’re crashing into waves on uninterrupted bliss.

7. Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Clitoral Suction

Be thoroughly satisfied with the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibe! Using their infamous Air Pulse Technology, you’ll not only feel whirls of sexual excitement on your G-spot, but also a gentle and intense suction-like massage on your clitoris. This beauty has two motors that can be controlled independently, so you really can have it however you like it. Grab it for some shower or bath time fun, and feel the suctions grow even stronger!