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52 products

Male Pumps

Enjoy rock hard erections, anytime the mood strikes, with a range of top-of-the-line male pumps. These innovative and easy-to-use pumps are the perfect treat for those who want to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger hardons and even stronger sessions.

What is a Male Pump?

A male pump aka a penis pump is a device that men can use either if they’re wanting assistance with getting hard, or perhaps they’re looking for an easy way to get an erection when the mood strikes.

A male pump consists of a tube that fits over the penis, a seal or ring that sits at the base of the penis, and a vacuum pack that removes air in the tube. This vacuum pack is the magic ingredient that promotes blood flow to the penis, thus resulting in a beautiful erection.

How to Use a Male Pump

There’s a learning curve at first, but getting used to your male pump will reward you with endless satisfaction, so it’s definitely worth the training. Remember to use a dab of lube to make things nice and smooth.

To use a male pump, you’ll place the tube over the penis and then begin removing the air. If you have a battery-operated or rechargeable male pump, you’ll simply switch it on. If you have a hand pump, you can begin pumping. You’ll soon start to notice an erection, which is due to the blood flow. Once hard, remove the pump and enjoy!

What Size Male Pump Should You Buy?

While many male pumps do fit most, we recommend considering the size of your manhood before buying a male pump. This is especially important if you’re much smaller or larger than the average size.

It’s important to know however that a male pump doesn’t permanently increase the size of your penis, thus it isn’t a solution to get bigger. The function of a male pump is to induce an erection and isn’t a long term solution to increase one’s size. For that reason, a male pump is a great idea for those who have mild erectile dysfunction.

Our Top Male Pumps

Male Pump for Beginners: Pump Worx Euro Pump  

Just getting started in the world of male pumps? The Pump Worx Euro Pump will be the easiest product to get you going! By squeezing this elegant pump, you’ll be enhancing your size and erection, allowing for some super fun and euphoric play.

High End Male Pump: Bathmate Hydromax7 X30

If it’s luxury you’re after, BathMate is the ultimate and best brand when it comes to male pumps. It uses hydro technology to get your shaft looking and feeling like true royalty, and now it has 35 percent more power than its predecessor. A true piece of art when it comes to your manhood.

Automatic Real-Feel Male Pump: PDX Elite Blowjob Power Pump

This male pump not only enhances your hardon, but also gives you the sensation of receiving a blowjob. A double whammy that will be your new favourite pleasure product. It uses advanced IST technology, which’s a suction that feels like the real deal, and it comes with a free cock ring! Go wild with the PDX Elite Blowjob Power Pump.