Like it Deep? 7 Sexy Positions for Deep Penetration

Like it Deep? 7 Sexy Positions for Deep Penetration


“Deeper!!” It’s a word we’re no stranger to! We hear it in movies, TV shows, in real life… why? Well, because sometimes, deeper is better. 

Now, of course, this all depends on the person in question, but if we may… why do you think doggy style sex is such a favourite? Just saying.

With that, we’ve decided to dedicate this article to the best ways to enhance your sex life when it comes to deep penetration. And so, if there’s a sex position that’ll maximize your pleasure, you’ll find it here. Ready?

  1. Child’s Pose

Sure, it’s got kind of a creepy name, but that’s just because it’s a mash-up of yoga and sex. A smash-up, shall we say? Anyway, the Child’s Pose is when the person in question sits on their knees and then leans forward, extending their arms forward too. The back is straight. In this way, the person entering has a kind of doggy style position that is even more penetrable when the butt cheeks are spread. 

  1. Happy Baby Pose

Again, not such a fun name… But, the position… now that’s pure gold. In it, you’ll have one person lying on their back with their legs in the air, past their shoulders. Then, they should grab the soles of their feet. In this way, not only can they receive super deep penetration but also, if they’re female, enjoy a bit of clitoral stimulation too. 

  1. The Pearly Gates

This position is not as mainstream, but you’ve probably seen it in porn! Take note, it does require a bit of flexibility. This is when the giver will be flat on their back, while the receiver has their back on the giver’s chest. The person on the bottom will then have to do the ‘heavy lifting’ shall we say, and use their strength to penetrate the person on top. This position has additional perks if a female is on top, as it gives her partner access to her g-spot and allows for clitoral action too.

  1. Flying V

This position (also known as ‘Happy Scissors’) is fairly straight-forward and can be a comfortable position for many. It requires one partner to be on their back with their hips elevated (using a pillow is a great way to elevate the hips). The giver will then hold both of the receiver’s ankles, allowing them to engage in some deep penetration. 

  1. The Butterfly

If you’re looking for deep penetration and face-to-face contact, The Butterfly is an excellent position, as it allows for both. In it, one partner will have their body at the edge of the bed (their bum, to exact). Their legs will then rest on their partner’s shoulders, who will be standing in front of them. In this way, it’s comfortable, deep, and intimate. 

  1. Flat Doggy Style

As mentioned, doggy style is a treasured favourite worldwide! And the Flat Doggy Style position is the lazy person’s equivalent. In order to enjoy this position, one partner will lie flat on their stomach with a pillow or a wedge under their hips. The other partner will then get on their knees, which will allow for some excellent penetration. Tip: If the giver is able to hold the receiver’s hands, it’ll allow for even more penetration.

  1. Scoop Me Up

For spoon-enthusiasts, this position is not only super comfortable but also allows for wonderfully deep penetration. To do it, both partners will lie in the spooning position. The receiver will have slightly bent legs, and the giver will enter from behind. The receiver too can prop one leg up, which will give even more lead way when it comes to deep penetration. This position is also a favourite for those who want to get a little clit action going.

And there you have it! Seven fun sex positions for deep penetration! Now all that’s left to do is scoop up your partner and enjoy a bout of playful and super erotic fun! You’re welcome!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU



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