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      63 products

      63 products

      Tenga designs & manufactures functional, hygienic sexual wellness items. Spreading correct knowledge of sexual health, disease prevention and sexuality.

      Tenga is the world leader in male masturbation products, We stock their entire current range which includes the best selling Tenga Eggs, Tenga Cup series, Tenga Air-Tech Series, Tenga 3D Series and the Tenga Flip Series. 

      JOUJOU is a Tenga authorised retailer so rest assured, you will always receive the Genuine Tenga Product.  


      TENGA is a brand that puts the gentlemen first! It’s a Japanese company zoning in on male masturbators and sexual wellness products that enhances male masturbation, and brings about an overall feeling of satisfaction. 

      We love TENGA products for their out-of-the-box thinking and innovative products. We also love TENGA because it aims to eradicate the stigma attached to male sex toys. Now is the time to shine, gentlemen… and all credit goes to TENGA .

      Ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you though! There’s a little something for you too, so keep scrolling down!

      What TENGA Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Men, you may believe that there’s only one way to masturbate. But TENGA is here to prove otherwise. Imagine your best climax, then triple it, quadruple it etc. etc.… that is what you can expect from the male sex toy range, TENGA

      From cups, spinners, electronic vibrators, eggs, and toy warmers, to lube, strokers, and more, TENGA is here to ‘up’ your masturbation game.

      TENGA Cups

      TENGA cups are a variety of male masturbators, all with different features. 

      You could opt for a Vacuum Cup which uses suction and air-tech to create blissful sensations, the TENGA Deep Throat Cup (or the Super Size version ), the Double Hole Cup which comes with two different openings for two different sensations , or the TENGA Air Cushion Cup that has 23 cushion chambers which create a missionary-style sex simulation .

      There’s also the TENGA Rolling Head Cup which rolls and massages the tip of the penis , or the TENGA Soft Tube Cup , which allows you to control what kind of pressure you desire, depending on your grip. It’s easy to find your pleasure with TENGA!

      TENGA Spinners

      The TENGA Spinner is a masturbation sleeve line that comes in three different sensations. It works by using a spiraling motion to heighten arousal and climax for men. Try one or all three, because these sleeves are simply irresistible. 

      • The TETRA Spinner is a masturbation sleeve with geometric tiles and mild edges
      • The HEXA Spinner is a masturbation sleeve with hexagon tiles and pointed edges
      • The SHELL Spinner is a masturbation sleeve with fanned tiles and firm edges

      TENGA Flip 0 (Zero)

      The original TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) is soft to the touch, and an absolute pleasure when it comes to pleasure products.

      Use it in the style of a male masturbator and enjoy the way that it creates a vacuum-like effect on the penis. 

      What’s also great is that its one-way valve enhances the vacuum-effect, and removes the chance of leaking your chosen lube.

      You can also find the TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) in black , if you fancy! But the fun doesn’t stop there…

      The TENGA Flip series continues with the TENGA Flip Hole , which is actually an upgrade from the TENGA Flip 0 (Zero). 

      It has new internal structural patterns , and an expandable mid-section , making it comfortable for men of all sizes.

      The TENGA Flip Hole also comes in black , silver , and red . We recommend using the TENGA Flip Hole Lubrication with your favourite TENGA Flip Hole.

      And last but not least, the TENGA Flip Orb is a delicious male masturbator that’s made of a soft elastomer that ripples as you enter . What’s even better is that there are two different kinds to try.

      The TENGA Flip Orb Blue Rush is a ribbed male masturbator that uses alternating kinds of stimulation to spice up your routine, while the TENGA Flip Orb Orange Crash uses nubs that are felt amazingly as you thrust in and out.

      TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) Electronic Vibrators

      Want to crack it up a notch? The TENGA FLIP 0 (Zero) Electronic Vibration is a male masturbator that comes with two vibrating cores , making it double the fun, and five vibrations modes.

      Choose the TENGA Flip 0 Vibrator in black or white ... either way, you’ll be transcended into solo play time heaven.

      TENGA Eggs

      Small yet powerful, the range of TENGA Eggs are a disposable and discrete male sex toy that you can enjoy whenever the mood strikes. 

      What’s fun about the TENGA Eggs is that there are a ton of different kinds, all with a different interior. What TENGA Egg are you looking for?

      You could also choose a six pack of TENGA Eggs, like the Easy Beat Lovers Pack , or the TENGA Variety Pack

      And don’t forget about the TENGA Egg Lotion for some seriously smooth solo time. 

      TENGA Strokers

      Taking the male masturbator to a whole new level, the TENGA strokers are not only great to look at, but are also frontrunners when it comes to male pleasure. 

      The TENGA Crysta Stroker has floating parts inside a casing of a soft elastomer, and allows you to curate your own style of firmness using your own grip. With each grip, a new kind of sensation is released, making this naughty pleasure product a seriously pleasant surprise. This male stroker comes in three different sensations: LEAF, BALL, and BLOCK.

      We also love the TENGA Geo Stroker , which comes in three different styles: 

      • Aqua : rigid internal structures
      • Coral : peaked internal structures
      • Glacier : prism internal structures

      TENGA 3D Male Masturbators

      Get up close and personal with 3D male masturbators from TENGA. There are five different kinds, all of different shapes, sizes, and sensations, making it impossible not to find your best groove.

      Enhance Your TENGA Male Sex Toys

      The TENGA Hole Warmer is the perfect addition to a TENGA Cup, Egg, or Fliphole, as it has the ability to warm up your pleasure product before use! Enjoy a warm and sensual session for up to 20 minutes thereafter!

      TENGA Air Tech Twist

      There are two kinds of TENGA Air Tech Twist sex toys for men. One, the Ripple Blue, which has wavy ribs inside , and the Tickle Red, which has large nubs inside . Both give you the chance to control the level of tightness, creating your best sensation.

      TENGA Iroha Sex Toys for Women

      The TENGA Iroha sex toy line was made for women . They’re palm-sized pleasure products, all of which offer different kinds of stimulation and fun...

      Have you found what you’re after? Get up close and personal with the TENGA range, and create blissful moments of pleasure for you and only you!