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42 products

Realistic Vibrators 

Ah! The vibrator! Such a wonderful, pleasurable, and delightful creation! These beautiful adult toys are simply amazing in their abilities, not only because it brings about sexual satisfaction, but also because of their other mental and physical health benefits. 

For instance, did you know that having an orgasm can reduce pain, induce better sleep, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and give you a happier, more calm disposition? Yes, indeed! Which is why we’re in the business of making you smile!

Today, we’re going to be giving you the 411 on realistic vibrators! What are they, how to use them, and various types of realistic vibrators that may just tickle your fancy (and your nether regions). 

Let’s start with the basics…

What is a Vibrator?

A vibrator is a pleasure product that buzzes with sheer delight. You could use a vibrator on your genitals, your other erogenous zones, or on your aching or sore muscles, and you can use them solo or with a partner. 

Some vibrators are made with vulva owners in mind, some are made with penis owners in mind. Then there are some gender-neutral vibrators, such as anal sex toys. 

Basically, there are so many different types of vibrators available, which means that it’ll take up quite a chunk of your time to introduce them all to you. Luckily, we’re focusing solely on realistic vibrators today, so this sassy pleasure product will be in the spotlight!

Ready to learn all about the ins and outs of realistic vibrators, so that you can rock one (literally and figuratively) like a pro?

What is a Realistic Vibrator?

A realistic vibrators is one that’s phallic-shaped. In this way, it mimics the male sex organ. Sometimes, these realistic vibrators even feel similar to the real deal! 

Realistic vibrators vary in size, colour, shape, function, and appearance. For example, you may find one that comes with a shaft and balls, while others are simply the shaft.

Then there’s also the idea of dildos vs. realistic vibrators. A dildo is essentially the same thing aka phallic-shaped, while a realistic vibrator has a motor in it that gives you even more sexual pleasure (perhaps more so than the real thing!).

Types of Realistic Vibrators

Want to go for a realistic vibrator but not sure which one to choose? While we do indulge you in our top picks further down, it might be good for you to learn about the different types of realistic vibrators.

There’s the standard realistic vibrator with a suction cup, which allows you to place it on a smooth surface. These realistic vibrators are great as they allow you to move at your own speed, and let you try different positions in various locations.

Then there’s the realistic vibrator with a controller, which is fantastic to use, as you can change the speed, pattern, or intensity using a remote control as opposed to fumbling.

And don’t forget about strap-on/strapless strap-on realistic vibrators, which are perfect for partnered play. 

You could experiment with pegging using one of these realistic vibrators, or two vulva owners could bask in penetrative fun together. And if you’re going solo, simply remove the harness, and go to town!

How to Use a Realistic Vibrator

How to use a realistic vibrator will depend on the type of vibrator you’re after. In general, however, the majority of them are super easy to use and simply require you to choose your desired vibration level and pattern, and insert the toy for maximum pleasure.

Some realistic vibrators come with a remote, making it even easier to use and perfect for a bit of solo fun and partnered play, others require you to use the buttons on the device. 

Then, your realistic vibrator might vibrate in a uniform fashion, or it might thrust, move back and forth, have a suction cup for hands-free fun, or even provide you with the option to enjoy double penetration. 

Basically, the way in which you use your realistic vibrator depends on the kind of toy it is. Be sure to read the instructions and perhaps a few reviews to really get a good grasp of the pleasure you’re about to embark on.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Realistic Vibrator?

There’s no right or wrong way to use a realistic vibrator! What may be super arousing for one person may not be so erotic for another! As long as you’re experiencing sexual bliss, and having a darn good time, we say: you’re already enjoying the best way to use a realistic vibrator.

Should You Buy a Realistic Vibrator?

For some, a phallic-shaped sex toy could be an eyesore, but for others—it’s highly erotic! These kinds of pleasure products are perfect for those who simply adore penetrative sex, love the male anatomy, and/or those who want to mimic the experience of sex anytime they’re feeling a little raunchy. 

The best part of having a realistic vibrator is that you can simulate your own sex scene without a partner, and enjoy all of the perks of riding someone without having to worry about commitment, compromise, baggage, arguments…. you know, the regular cons of being in a relationship. 

Not just that, but a realistic vibrator can do a bunch of things that a regular penis can’t! Seems like a win-win to us!

Cleaning Your Realistic Vibrator

How to clean your realistic vibrator will depend on the type of material it’s made from. And because we already know it’s motorised, it may come with specific cleaning instructions.

Generally, realistic vibrators require a really good clean. This is especially true if there are many grooves, veins, and other thrills and frills. If you don’t clean your realistic vibrator thoroughly, there is potential for bacteria to grow. Also, don’t leave your realistic vibrator in direct sunlight, but rather, in a dark and cool spot. Storing it in a protective bag is not a bad idea!

For many realistic vibrators, simply washing them with warm running water and an antibacterial mild soap will do the trick. You will have to pat them dry when you’re done though, this step is important. 

Having said that, it’s advised to research your chosen realistic vibrator to find out specific cleaning instructions.

Top 3 Realistic Vibrators

While there are so many fabulous realistic vibrators out there today, we’ve rounded up the top three so that you can get straight to the good stuff!

1. Fun Factory Big Boss G5 XL Vibrator

Quite frankly, we believe that everyone should own a toy or two from Fun Factory! That’s because they’ve made a huge name for themselves by creating pleasure products that are luxurious in design, and orgasmic in function. And the Fun Factory Big Boss G5 XL Vibrator is no different.

This bad boy has the typical Fun Factory appearance with it’s O-ring handle and ergonomic shape. The only difference to most of their products? Well, it’s pretty massive! So if you’re the type who believes in the motto “Go big or go home,” then this is the ultimate luxury realistic vibrator for you!

It’s got a diameter of four cm, and is able to flex according to your body without losing that sense of fullness. Its motor has been meticulously placed to deliver earth-shattering vibrations throughout the entire shaft too, making it an absolute treat.

It’s waterproof, flexible, decorated in a life-like fashion with suggested glans and veins, and you can also keylock this sexy number, making it a pleasure to travel with!

2. King Cock 7 In. Vibrating Realistic Dildo

Seven inches of pure lust is what you can expect from the King Cock 7 In. Vibrating Realistic Dildo! A truly magnificent piece of art that’s simple in design yet powerful in function. 

This life-like pleasure product is created using American-made rubber, and due to its popularity, over 10,000 of them are being manufactured every day! Now that’s got to tell you something!

The shaft itself is decorated with realistic veins and a slight curve, giving you the most authentic experience, and it’s able to bend with your curves so you can find the perfect fit for ultimate satisfaction.

Another pro? The King Cock Vibrating Realistic Dildo comes with a suction cup for easier use, is 100 percent waterproof, and is harness-compatible for some cheeky partnered play! 

3. Femme Fun Turbo Baller 2.0

The Femme Fun Turbo Baller 2.0 leaves many wondering, “Does it actually get more realistic than this?” That’s because this winner really does mimic a penis with its balls, veins, and shape. In fact, it’s even been sculpted in a way that replicates the male intimate bits! 

But could it actually be better than the real thing? Well, it vibrates in a 360 degree motion, has been created to accurately hit your G-spot, is harness-compatible, and comes with a remote control… you do the math!

The Femme Fun is 100 percent waterproof, made of liquid silicone, has an overall length of 8.4” and an insertable length of 5.4”, and has a suction cup so you can ride your way into explosive orgasms with absolute ease. Basically, with the Femme Fun Turbo Baller 2.0… a star is born!