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      Good things come in small packages! Which is why we encourage all to have a lustrous bullet vibrator in your collection of sex toys. They’re affordable, compact, yet powerful and desirable. From conspicuous designs (such as LELO and We-Vibe lipstick-style bullet) to a more classic-looking bullet, this pleasure product is a treat for the entire body.

      Unsure of which bullet vibrator to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

      Ah, the trusted bullet vibrator! These small yet mighty pleasure products are something we encourage everyone to own because of its size and power! They’re like the building blocks of bliss, a basic yet euphoric sex toy that’s perfect for various parts of the body! 

      We’re also in love with bullet vibrators because they’re discreet for bouts of travel, easy to hide, and provide you with all kinds of tantalising sexual ecstasy when you crave it. And actually, for the amount of pleasure they provide, the price tag is oftentimes very generous, making it a win-win.

      So, for anyone who fancies learning more about bullet vibrators, let’s start with the basics...

      What is a Bullet Vibrator?

      A bullet vibrator is a sex toy that’s, wait for it... shaped like a bullet, hence the name. These kinds of pleasure products are almost always very small in stature, sometimes slim, sometimes slighter thicker, however, they’ve all got that signature bullet-style design that many have come to love.

      They’re also inconspicuous and a fantastic sex toy to use either solo or with a partner.

      How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

      A bullet vibrator is fairly simple in function, but definitely packs a punch. It’s a sex toy that’s usually used for external use, so enjoy the buzzing sensations on various eregeonous zones, like the nipples, clitoris, penis shaft, or perineum. 

      Most bullet vibrators are super easy to use, offering only a few settings or buttons. That’s why using one for the first time, or purchasing a new one, shouldn’t be much of a hassle to navigate at all. In fact, the majority of them simply require the touch of a button or a turning of a dial in order to get rumbling.  

      Should You Buy a Bullet Vibrator?

      A bullet vibrator is the perfect sex toy for beginners because of all of the reasons mentioned above: they’re small, they’re discreet, they’re easy to use, they’re simplistic in function, affordable, yet offer incredible sensations. For that reason, we recommend a bullet vibrator for newbies in the sex toy world.

      We also recommend sex toy lovers and regular toy users to have at least one handy bullet vibrator in their nightstand. Really, why not? You can reach for it with ease, use it when you feel like having a quick and satisfying session, and even substitute your bigger or more complex toys for the bullet when the dreaded happens: the battery needs charging!

      Top 6 Bullet Vibrators

      1. We-Vibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator

      You simply cannot go wrong with a purchase from We-Vibe! And the We-Vibe Tango X Bullet Vibrator is no different. This simple yet luscious bullet is an upgrade from their discontinued Tango 2, which rocked the sex toy world for 10 years, and boy are we impressed! 

      This new bullet vibrator offers even more power, even more rumbling sensations, a pinpointed tip for accurate and delicious stimulation, and a better grip that’s made of silicone for easier use. It also has a travel lock and is whisper-quiet, so you can go on all of your adventures without a care in the world! Take advantage of its waterproof capabilities, and it’s 15 vibration intensities and patterns.

      In short, the We-Vibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator is basically sex in a petite and beautiful form… an orgasm waiting to happen.

      2. NU Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet Vibrator

      One glance at the NU Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet Vibrator and you’ll instantly know you’re in the presence of luxury. 

      This gorgeous pleasure product is a delicious upgrade of their original bullet vibe, offering 30 percent more power than before! A sleek, slim, and delicious masterpiece that is the equivalent of a super bullet!

      If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these bad boys, you’ll be gifted with two attachment sleeves that cover the head of the vibe. This means that you can experience different kinds of sensations, depending on your chosen attachment. That, plus it’s rumbling and sexy vibrations, equals one heck of a good time!

      3. Le Wand Chrome Collection Bullet Vibrator

      An adorably cute bullet vibrator that’s great for sex toy beginners and regular users! It’s easy to use, looks like sheer elegance, and comes with a removable textured sleeve for those who fancy a change up every once in a while.

      We love the Le Wand Chrome Collection Bullet Vibrator, in part, because of how luxurious it looks and feels. It’s so simplistic, yet so fashionable and modest. It’s something that fits effortlessly in your nightstand, purse, or travel bag and comes with a travel lock for those bouts of adventures.

      We too love this bullet vibrator because it gets to work with a simple one-touch control found at the bottom of its round frame. It’s also water submersible, has a total of 15 vibration patterns and intensities, and has a sophisticated and polished metal body.

      4. Frederick’s of Hollywood Multi-Function Chrome Bullet 

      Who knew that holding something as graceful, grandeur, and powerful would hold such a modest price tag? Indeed, the Frederick’s of Hollywood Multi-Function Chrome Bullet Vibrator is actually a steal for the amount of pleasure it has the capacity to induce. 

      This bullet vibe will spoil you with powerful, strong rumbles of vibrations, and you’ll feel like absolute luxury experiencing it too. That’s because this sweet treat comes in a sleek gold finish, the colour of magnificence! 

      Another perk to this bullet vibrator is that it’s super travel-friendly due to its size, which means that you can treat yourself to intense climaxes wherever the wind takes you!

      5. Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

      For a sexy twist, the Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator is a toy you can use internally and externally. It’s perfectly curved in all its glory to reach your sweet spots, whether you fancy a bit of G-spot action, or a blissful clitoral orgasm.

      This bullet vibe uses Je Joue’s signature rumbling vibrations to really get your motor going, as well as gentle purrs that sweep you away to ultimate bliss. It’s easy to use with only three buttons, 100 percent waterproof, and spoils you with five vibration levels of intensity, and seven different vibrational patterns. 

      Made from delicate and smooth silicone, you’ll adore holding this bullet vibe in your hand and treating yourself to all kinds of orgasms whenever those lustful desires arise. 

      6. Rianne-S Classique Vibrator

      Simplistic yet oh so luxurious, the Rianne-S Classique Bullet Vibrator is an absolute favourite. It’s a slim and powerful marvel, at 12 cm long and two cm wide, making it a perfect travel companion or trusted vibe for those solo or partnered moments of passion.

      This bullet vibe comes with seven different vibrational speeds, is waterproof, and even spoils you with a PU leather cosmetic bag in which to store all of your essentials (including this magnificent vibe!). 

      Enjoy one of three colours, Stud Black, Deep Purple, or Coral Rose, and grab your opulent travel cosmetic case for all your self-care needs, anytime!