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      Slip, slide, flow, and glide your way to sexual freedom and absolute ecstasy with a range of lubricants that’ll get both you and your partner wet! Experiment with different kinds of lube , new flavours , new aromas, and new sensations to add a touch of new eroticism to your play sessions.

      Benefits of Using Lube

      Aside from the obvious, vaginal dryness , lube comes with a slew of tantalising benefits. Sure, it’s an excellent aid for those who have a difficult time producing natural lubrication, but it’s also so much more than that. By adding lubricant into your sensual fun, you’ll be able to add a new element of erotica into the equation. Different smells , tastes , and sensations all add to levels of arousal , and tapping into the five senses is a sure way to get things hot and heavy in the bedroom.

      Another benefit of using lubricant is the fact that it aids in better foreplay . The mere act of applying lube can be extremely sexual, like a sign that all kinds of uninhibited play is about to begin. Not only that, but if a flavoured lube is used, your oral sex experience could be transcended into something completely different or even better for a partner who’s self-conscious about their taste, and a partner who adores devouring their chosen flavour.

      You could even use a warming or cooling lube on your sweet spots that’ll give you a new sensation. This is an easy yet perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom with minimal effort yet grandiose rewards. And then, of course, there’s the aspect of using lube to reduce friction , and giving solo or partnered players a smooth and elegant glide that feels absolutely fantastic. The benefits of using lube are seemingly endless! 

      When to Use Lube

      Lube is a treat that’s cost-effective , yet available for all kinds of play ! For solo players, you can use lube when indulging in your favourite pleasure product or masturbating the old-school way. For women, adding a bit of lube for penetrative toys or actions will make the journey exceedingly more pleasurable. Or, you could use a tingling lube on your sweet spot when enthralling yourself in clitoral stimulation . And for men, using lube whilst masturbating with a hand or a male masturbation sex toy means way less friction and a real-feel experience that’s ultimately a sexual release that’s blissfully erotic.

      For partners, using lube is often a great solution for vaginal dryness, ensuring even better and more comfortable penetrative sex that’s pleasurable for both partners, yes. But you could take it a step further and try different kinds of lube for different kinds of play. A flavoured lube for licking and kissing, a tingling lube for touching and fondling , a smooth water-based lube paired with a gorgeous couples sex toy , or a warming/cooling lube on those special spots, stimulating the body’s neuroreceptors which, in turn, increases levels of arousal .

      Tip: if you’re using sex toys or condoms, be sure to choose a lubricant that’s compatible. This is extremely important and will ensure ultimate safety, leaving you with only good vibes. 

      Additional tips: For flavoured lubes , we suggest any of Intimate Earth’s flavoured lubricants, such as the Caramel Water-Based Lubricant , or the Are You Keen Chocolate Flavoured Lube from LuvLoob.

      For a warming lube , give the Sensuva Ultra-Stimulating Insane Warming Personal Moisturiser a whirl, and for a cooling lube , we recommend the Viamax Water Glide Water-Based Lubricant .

      And last but not least, for stimulation-inducing lubricants , the Intimate Earth Intense Clitoral Stimulation Arousal Gel is simply fantastic, while the Sensuva on Power Glide for Men Arousal Gel is sheer magic.

      Top 5 Best Selling Lubricants

      Intimate Earth Hydra Natural Water-Based Lubricant

      If you’re looking for something that’s erotically slippery yet also good for your skin, then Intimate Earth is here to save the day. Their Hydra Natural Water-Based Lubricant is organic , paraben and glycerin-free , and made with natural plant cellulose . It’s tasteless and odourless , smooth and silky without giving you any stickiness. This lubricant is also perfect to use with almost all sex toys , as water-based lubes are generally more toy-friendly than other kinds of lubricants.

      Wicked Aqua Sensitive Hypoallergenic Lube

      Hypoallergenic , smooth, satiny, and delicate, the Wicked Aqua Sensitive Lube is not only great for those with sensitive skin , but also aids in higher levels of arousal and satisfaction. This lubricant contains aloe and olive extracts and vitamin E , creating a moisturising effect on the skin. It’s also glycerin and paraben-free , pH-balanced , and dermatologist tested for ultimate safety.

      Uberlube Silicone Lubricant

      Elegance in a bottle, Uberlube is a multi-use silicone-based lubricant that brims with sophistication. This slippery, high-end sexual wellness product is silky, long-lasting , and manages to self-dissipate when not manipulated. The result? Smooth, soft skin that’s moisturised without any stickiness or residue . What’s also fabulous about Uberlube, is that you can use it for non-sexual purposes too, such as hair serum , makeup primer , massage oil , and an anti-chaff aid between the thighs. It’s glycerine and paraben-free , and is made up of only four ingredients , making it simple yet erotically effective.

      LELO Personal Moisturiser

      Meet this sassy number, a body-safe , luxury personal moisturiser lube from LELO that’s dual-purpose ! You can use it as a sensual lube during those solo or partnered moments, or you can apply it to the skin as a moisturiser ! Whatever you choose, you’ll be left with super smooth skin , long after playtime has ended. This magical lubricant is water-based , non-greasy , non-staining , pH balanced , paraben and glycerin-free , and contains no fragrance .

      Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant

      The Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant is one of the most popular lubes on the market today. Why? Because it’s efficient , long-lasting , and super concentrated for gorgeous bouts of solo or partnered pleasure. What’s also amazing is that it is dual-purpose . You can use it for intimate moments or as a sensual massage gel , as the silicone molecules remain on the surface of the skin without being absorbed. With that, you’re left with a slippery and delicious wet glide that’s compatible with latex condoms , tasteless , and odourless .