Classic Vibrators

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      11 products

      An oldie but a goodie, classic vibrators never go out of style. Discover new ways to enjoy your sexuality with a classic vibrator from brands like Rocks Off and CalExotics.

      You simply cannot go wrong with a classic vibrator! A sex toy that’s simplistic, easy to use, and a trusted source of unlimited pleasure. 

      Classic vibrators are the perfect little adult wellness product for those who seek an impromptu pick-me-up, because they’re reliable oldies but goodies. They’re also usually very cost effective and versatile, so you can use them for different kinds of fun.

      Basically, with a classic vibrator, you know you’re always in good hands! 

      But if you’re a little confused about what a classic vibrator is, and what sets it apart from other toys, let’s start with the basics...

      What is a Classic Vibrator?

      A classic vibrator is basically what you’d expect…a toy that’s been “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. ” 

      And while a classic vibrator is the basis upon all kinds of new sex tech, modern changes, and different functions, you can always rely on a classic to get the job done.

      An example of a classic vibrator would be things like a simple G-spot vibrator, bullet vibrator, prostate massager, rabbit vibrator, magic wand, or clitoral stimulation vibrator. They’re usually cylindrical shaped, have a rounded or precise tip, and offer standard vibrational settings. 

      How to Use a Classic Vibrator

      How you use a classic vibrator depends on the toy and what kind of stimulation you’re after. If you’re opting for a bullet vibrator, for example, you could use it in many different ways. Tease and pleasure your clitoris, perineum or other erogenous zones, and/or insert it for penetration either vaginally or anally.

      A G-spot vibrator on the other hand is technically for G-spot stimulation, but could also be used as a prostate massager, depending on the toy. The same goes for some rabbit vibrators, made for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, but when turned around, can be an excellent pleasure product for some anal fun.

      The takeaway? Classic vibrators do have specific functions yes, but because all of them have vibration settings, the majority of them can be used on various different parts of the body. And who couldn’t possible fall in love with a sex toy that is multi-functional and totally swoon-worthy? Exactly!

      Should You Buy a Classic Vibrator?

      There are two types of people that we recommend buy a classic vibrator:

      One, newbies! A classic vibrator is the best vibrator to get started with! As we mentioned, they’re easy to use, lack all the confusing thrills and frills, get the job done effortlessly and effectively, and are pretty basic in appearance, making them less intimidating. 

      Two, we recommend sex toy lovers and regular players to own one or more classic vibrators because they’re a trusted friend and helping hand when the mood strikes. They’re also great as a back up when your more tech-savvy toy runs out of battery mid-session! Crisis averted!

      It’s like having a spare wheel in case of a flat tyre… it’s just good practice, and great for emergencies!

      Top 5 Classic Vibrators

      1. Chaiamo by Rocks Off

      Rocks-Off is a well-established brand, well-known for their bullet vibes that are simple, elegant, and sleek. And with just one glance, you can simply feel the luxury in the Chaiamo Bullet. 

      It comes in three different colours, and lined with either silver or gold, depending on your preference, is soft to the touch allowing for a handheld sweet treat, and it’s petite for beginners, travellers, and those who like subtle penetration.

      What’s also erotic about this bullet is that it has a tapered end from more precise (clitoral) stimulation if you fancy using it externally, and it comes with 10 vibration and pulsation modes. Want to use it in the bath, shower, hottub? It’s 100 percent waterproof! Simply perfection. 

      2. Fifty Shades Freed Deep Inside Rechargeable Classic Wave Vibrator

      A wider classic vibrator that’s ribbed throughout the shaft for extra sassy stimulation! We love this vibe because it’s covered in sleek, velvety silicone, and because it can be used for internal or external use.

      This beauty radiates elegance, is 100 percent waterproof, has seven vibration and pulsation modes, and three different levels of intensity. 

      It’s the ideal classic vibrator for those who enjoy a feeling of fullness during penetration, and for those who want to touch themselves sensually all-over with erotic vibes.

      3. Nu Sensuelle Bentlii Vibrator 

      Bask in sexual eroticism with the Bentlii classic vibe that has not one but two motors for extra oomph. This pleasure product is lined with soft silicone, and spoils you with 15 different vibrational patterns and intensities. 

      It’s also fully waterproof, so you can play in the bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else you fancy (within reason, of course!). You’ll love this sex toy because of its flexible exterior, allowing you to curate a comfortable and pleasurable session, and it’s super easy to use!

      It’s also a fabulous choice for those who prefer a slimmer toy that has an impressive length.

      4. Black Magic Pleasure Kit by Doc Johnson

      Want to own or try a classic vibrator but not sure where to start? Meet Doc Johnson, a popular sex toy brand that loves showering you with gorgeous pleasure products. And the Black Magic Pleasure Kit is no different.

      This kit comes with a pocket rocket, a multi-speed bullet vibe, a multi-speed vibrator, and a bottle of Black Magic Slick Lubricant. Basically, everything you need to have an intense session of pure passion and sexual arousal. All of these classical vibrators are upscale and sumptuous, while giving you different types of stimulation. 

      The pocket rocket is your go-to for clitoral stimulation, the bullet vibe is fit for a king or queen who wants to explore sexy sensations all over their body, and the vibrator is a seven-inch piece of heaven, waiting to unleash its sexual power. Fancy taking it for a spin? Grab the lube and get all those juices flowing!

      5. Classix Ultimate Pleasure Couples Kit by California Exotics

      Couples who play together, stay together! Indulge in this couples kit from CalExotics that’ll definitely get both your engines purring.

      It comes with a stretchy c-ring, a slimline vibrator, a mini bullet vibe, and a textured sleeve for even more sexual enhancement. What’s great about the textured sleeve is that, when paired with the slimline vibe and bullet vibe, you’ve got yourself a nifty rabbit-like vibrator! Ready to bask in blended orgasms on the regular? Good!

      Pair two or more of these four delicious sex toys together for an evening of couples fun you’ll be dying to recreate time and time again.