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16 products

Do you want to try something daringly euphoric? Something that’ll transcend your sexual experience to a height you’ve never gone before? 

Anal stimulation is a gorgeous way in which to feel new sensations, and to experiment with, and get to know, your body. Regardless of gender or sexuality, we think you’ll adore our range of anal balls and anal beads! 

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a kind of sex toy that can be used during solo fun or partnered play. It’s the perfect way to enhance your sexual experience, and to feel even stronger orgasms! 

These sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they have bulb-shaped balls attached to a cord of some sorts, along with a grip and flared base for easy insertion and removal. 

Anal Beads Etiquette 101

Using anal sex toys should be done with lots of TLC! Slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to anal beads, so take your time and enjoy the process. If rushed, you’ll miss out on all of the gorgeous benefits and ecstasy that they’re capable of!

For beginners, there are tons of different anal beads to choose from, but we suggest going for the smallest ones. In this way, you can gradually increase the size as you become more comfortable with your first set. 

How to Use Anal Beads Safely

To use anal beads safely you’re going to want to insert one bulb at a time into the rectum. You may only get one bulb in on your first few uses, and that’s completely normal. Take your time, and feel the different kinds of sensations that this gorgeous pleasure product can bring. Then, as you become more comfortable, you can continue to add more beads.

Remember that using lube is absolutely essential… and lots of it! A smooth, silky, and sexy glide is exactly what you’re after, so don’t be shy when it comes to lathering your toys and yourself in your favourite lube. Also, be sure to use a lube that’s compatible with your anal beads. 

Then, when playtime is over, there should be a flared base that’s easy to grab for easy removal. Be sure to always buy anal beads that have a flared base or a wide and comfortable grip.

What Are the Benefits of Using Anal Beads

Using anal beads comes with a handful of sexy benefits! They’re considered a gateway to pleasure, because the anus is rife with sensitive nerve endings. In this way, your sexual pleasure is increased, and you can enjoy powerful orgasms whether you’re playing with yourself or in the company of a lover.

Another benefit to using anal beads is the aesthetic. Some of these pleasure products come with a jewelled or decorative end, which truly creates a vision of erotic art for the viewer!

What Are the Benefits of Men Using Anal Beads

When it comes male pleasure, anal toys have the potential to induce explosively delicious orgasms. This is because the prostate, a walnut-sized gland, can be found inside the anus. When stimulated, a prostate orgasm can be experienced. 

What’s the difference between a penile and prostate orgasm? Well, a penile orgasm, on average, causes around four to eight pelvic contractions, while a prostate orgasm, on average, causes around 12. 

Anal Beads: Material

As we know, anal beads are essentially a string of bulbs that are perfectly round, oftentimes of varying sizes, that can be inserted for some saucy anal stimulation. Some anal beads can have textured bulbs for an extra bit of stimulation. The material they’re made of and style can vary... 

Anal beads are usually made of either silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass, or metal. We suggest going for medical-grade or body-safe silicone or glass or metal, as they’re the easiest to use and clean. 

Glass and metal are a top choice however because it allows you to experiment with temperature play. We suggest avoiding anal beads that are porous as they’re essentially a playground for bacteria, and they’re almost impossible to fully disinfect. 

Anal Beads: Material, Shape & Style

As for the different shapes, anal beads are often string-like, but sometimes you can find curved anal beads which are perfect to really hit the prostate gland in men. 

Some anal beads are more rigid, while others are flexible. The good news about rigid anal beads is that it gives off a similar feel to that of a butt plug, and it has the power to thrust erotically inside of you. The even better news is, it’s your task to explore these gorgeous toys to find your favourite kind of stimulation.

How to Clean Your Anal Beads

Some may shy away from anal beads simply because anal play is often a big taboo. But really, if you’re careful, follow the correct instructions, and make sure to clean your anal beads well before and after use, you really won’t have much to worry about.

Having said that, our bodies have certain bacteria back there, so cleaning your anal beads thoroughly is important. 

How to clean your anal beads depends on the type of material they’re made of. Silicone anal beads can be washing with mild antibacterial soap and warm water, for example. Glass anal beads, on the other hand, can simply be put into the dishwasher or boiled in hot water. Alternatively, you could grab a sex toy cleaner for your anal beads.

How to Intensify Your Anal Beads Experience

For those enjoying p-in-v penetration, allow us to share with you a little secret… Did you know that if you insert anal beads during vaginal penetration, and then remove it right before climax, you’ll experience an extra boost of euphoric sensation? This is because the balls will rub against your inner walls and rim as it leaves the body. This act alone is so powerful, in fact, that it can cause many to experience a second orgasm.

Our Top 3 Anal Beads

Glams Ripple Rainbow Gem

A silicone treat with a very erotic aesthetic, you’ll love the Glams Ripple Rainbow Gem. It feels like a million bucks in your hand and against your skin, has bulbs of varying sizes so you can play with different sensations, and it pairs beautifully with all lubes!

Icicles No. 67 Clear Curved Glass Anal Beads & Dildo

Allow Icicles No. 67 to bring all your sexual fantasies to life. This hand-crafted, luxurious, and elegant pleasure product can be used not only for some sensual anal play, but also, temperature play. Simply place it in the freezer or in the microwave for a short time, and you’ve got yourself a treat for all kinds of cheeky fun. It’s also non-porous, making it easy to clean.

Fun Factory B Balls Duo Vibro Ball Anal Beads Plug

The Fun Factory B Balls Duo is like a smart toy as it reacts to your motions. It’s made up of two balls of different sizes, and as you move your body, each ball reacts either gently or powerfully to give you an extra sensual boost. They’re whisper-quiet, and really give off a sense of fullness that many experienced anal lovers crave.