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51 products

Small, discreet , and sleek, our pocket vibrators are for those who seek a bit of subtlety and/or those who want to take their favourite sex toy with them on-the-go. From big brands such as WeVibe and LELO to more affordable brands, find your match, discreetly.

Unsure of which pocket vibrator to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

If you’re looking for sensual bliss in the most discreet way possible, then you’ll be in sex toy heaven with a pocket vibrator. These petite pleasure products are simply fantastic, inclusive, and largely unnoticeable. What does that mean for you? Orgasms, whenever, wherever, without any inconveniences! 

But perhaps you’re stumped with what the term ‘pocket vibrator’ actually means? No worries! Let’s start with the basics...

What is a Pocket Vibrator?

A pocket vibrator is any pleasure product that’s petite or mini. Usually, these vibrators have a small yet powerful motor so that you can use and travel with your favourite vibe while resting assured that you’ll get the best possible experience. 

Pocket vibrators tend to be super popular worldwide, making them a trusted and super handy toy for a quick pick-me-up when you need it!

And hey! Sometimes, size doesn’t actually matter! 

How to Use a Pocket Vibrator

How to use a pocket vibrator depends on which pocket vibrator you’re eyeing! Each will work differently because it isn’t a uniform kind of vibrator, like a rabbit vibe or a clitoral suction vibe, for example. 

On the other hand, pocket vibrators are almost always very simple to use. In fact, they’re often the easiest of all the sex toys available. And so, there’s no need to worry about fancy buttons or any thrills and frills to make you feel overwhelmed. 

In all honesty, simply reviewing or purchasing a pocket vibrator will come with easy instructions, which is perfect for beginners or the average user.

Should You Buy a Pocket Vibrator?

A pocket vibrator is the perfect sex toy for two kinds of people: beginners and those who fancy a trusted toy that they can either store in their nightstand or travel with. 

For beginners, a pocket vibrator is often the best way to introduce yourself to the magical world of sex toys because they’re easy to use and are small in size. 

For regular users, pocket vibrators are similar to an old friend… you know you can always rely on them! Not to mention the fact that they’re so easy to travel with due to their mini stature and compact effectiveness. 

In other words, there’s a whole lot of sexiness to be enjoyed in the simplest way possible with a pocket vibrator, and we totally recommend having at least one for good measure! 

With that, here are our top five pocket vibrators that we’re in lust with...

Top 5 Pocket Vibrators

1. We-Vibe Touch X Lay-On Vibrator & Massager

A sweet treat that’s beautifully-designed, petite and orgasm-inducing! The We-Vibe Touch X is a lay-on vibrator, which means that it can be placed on the body for all kinds of rumbling sensations. 

For vulva owners, it’s the perfect toy for clitoral stimulation, but could also be used anywhere else by anyone else for a sensual massage… perhaps another erogenous zone, for example? 

Another perk of the We-Vibe Touch X? It can be used during solo fun or partnered play! For the latter, simply place the device in between you and your lover, and experience your firework-inducing session with a little extra sexual stimulation that both of you can enjoy.

This goody also has a travel lock and is waterproof, so you can rely on some fun in the sun, in the sheets, in the tub, or anywhere else you fancy!

2. Le Wand Chrome Collection Baton Vibrator 

We’re essentially passing the baton to you so that you too can experience the absolute euphoria that the Le Wand Chrome Collection Baton Vibrator has to offer. Not only does this sexy device look like luxury, but it works like a dream, is slim, easy to use, and feels silky soft in your hands. It doesn’t get better than that!

You’ll also love this pocket vibrator because it’s USB-rechargeable, has a travel lock to prevent any embarrassing slip-ups whilst out and about (plus a storage pouch), and it’s waterproof submersible. 

Another reason to grab the Le Wand Chrome Collections Baton Vibrator? It comes with a textured sleeve so you can spice things up with different sensations! A petite pocket vibrator that’ll create memorable sultry fun for either vaginal or clitoral play.

3. Rianne-S Mini Boa Vibrator

The G-spot is a magical place two to three inches inside of the vagina that, when stimulated, will take you on a whirlwind of orgasmic bliss. But for some women, finding and stimulating the G-spot can be quite a challenge…

Cue the Rianne-S Mini Boa Vibrator! This beautiful creation is perfect for beginners who want to explore their G-spot and feel the glorious effects of a G-spot orgasm. It’s a mini vibe that offers limitless potential yet is so simple and easy to use. 

Not only that, but when you purchase this pocket vibrator, you’ll be gifted with a stunning floral cosmetic bag. A sassy item for all your essentials… including your new pleasure product!

4. CalExotics Hidden Pleasures Bullet Vibrator

When it comes to sex toys, it doesn’t get more discreet than the CalExotics Hidden Pleasures Bullet Vibrator! It’s been meticulously designed to look like a luxurious metallic pen, making it unrecognisable as a pleasure product to almost anyone. 

And despite the fact that it’s slim, it really does put in all the effort for your very best pleasure. It’s so simple to use with its single one-touch control button and offers you 10 vibrational functions!

Another pro? It’s whisper quiet, allowing you to slip this ‘pen’ into your travel bag, purse, briefcase or even clutch, and use it whenever the mood strikes. 

5. Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

Compact yet so versatile, you’ll fall in love with the Je Joue G-spot Bullet, as it’s actually a 2-in-1 pocket vibrator, giving you the power of choice! So while it’s curved beautifully in all the right places to target your G-spot, those same gorgeous curves can stimulate the clitoris with the same amount of passion and desire.

This pocket vibrator will be adored by those who get aroused by deep rumbling vibrations, as its motor is set to a lower frequency. It also has five vibrational speeds and seven sexy patterns to play with. And did we mention it’s a fan of water? Indeed, the Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator is waterproof!

So, the ultimate question is: which kind of stimulation are you after today?