Driven Wild: 5 Tips for Him to Experience Stronger and More Powerful Orgasms

Driven Wild: 5 Tips for Him to Experience Stronger and More Powerful Orgasms

We know that so often, magazines and Internet articles are geared towards female sex toys and sex tips. But that doesn’t exactly seem fair, now does it? So, today we’re focusing solely on his pleasure!

There are a ton of interesting techniques and tips that, when implemented, can drive him wild. 

So, lads, are you ready to change things up a bit and experience stronger and more powerful orgasms? 

1. Enjoy Edging

You may have heard of edging before, but if not: it’s when you’re aroused to the point of near orgasm, and then all stimulation ends. This is done as a means to delay orgasm so that when it finally arrives, it’s even more spectacular. 

There is no specified masturbation technique that you need to do in order to practice edging. The only prerequisite is to bring stimulation to a halt when arousal is near its highest.

2. Go For Multiple Orgasms

Yes, really. Multiple orgasms aren’t just for women! Men, if you practice the ‘squeezing’ technique, you can train yourself to orgasm without ejaculating! 

To do this, you’ll place your thumb and index finger on the shaft of your penis and squeeze lightly right before you’re ready to ejaculate. 

In this way, you can hinder ejaculation while experiencing a blissful orgasm… and then keep going for more pleasure!

And if you’d like to further enhance the squeezing technique, you could practice your kegels (again, not just practiced by women!). 

You can do this by stopping your flow of urine mid-stream on a daily basis, which will strengthen your pelvic floor, and may allow you to practice the squeezing technique hands-free.

3. Toys for Him

Again, another belief that many have, is that sex toys are made and used predominantly by women. This is definitely not the case… especially today! 

Men can add a number of different sex toys into their masturbation or lovemaking session in order to create stronger orgasms.

Here are four male sex toys that can be used, each targeting different pleasure spots:

This innovative toy is made specifically for the head of the penis. Its velvet-like interior gives off a soft feel, while its two motors create different vibrations and rumbles throughout the most sensitive part of the penis. It’s also a hands-free toy, making it even more pleasurable and easy to use.
This is a penis sleeve that vibrates, creating heightened pleasure for him. The inside has a number of different bumps and lines to further enhance the experience, and there are five different vibration patterns to experiment with.
This penis ring is worn around the penis and the testicles, and can be used during masturbation or during sex. It massages his perineum, and if worn during sex, gives her a little bit of a rumbling stimulation too. 
For those who love, or want to experiment with, stimulating the p-spot, HUGO has been designed with two motors, one in the base and one in the tip to massage the prostate and the perineum.

4. Jack Up on Testosterone

A study in Greece found that men are more likely to orgasm when they have more testosterone in their bloodstream! How can you increase this hormone before playtime? You could:

  • Go for a run or lift weights
  • Get quality sleep
  • Include a healthy balance of fats, carbs, and proteins in your diet
  • Try to lower your stress levels, as stress releases cortisol which is a mood-killer
  • Get 15 minutes of sun a day
  • Take magnesium supplements
  • Reduce alcohol and drug intake, which can reduce levels of testosterone 

5. Breathe!

Take a leaf out of the book of tantric sex and focus on your breathing. Whether you’re being intimate with a partner or yourself, you can actually maximize your pleasure if you take slow deep breaths.

By doing so, you could remain in a high state of arousal for a longer period of time, which can directly affect the power of your orgasms. 


So, for all the fellas out there who are still on the fence about trying one or more of these techniques and tips, you literally have nothing to lose and possibly a world of pleasure to gain. So we say: just go for it!


Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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