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23 products

Double the dildo, double the fun. The double-ended dildo is a two-sided pleasure treasure for both solo and partner play. And because it’s true that healthy relationships require a little give and take, this uniquely satisfying sex toy offers unhindering bliss without compromise.

With this two-headed serpent, both you and your partner can work harmoniously towards a paired, doubly juicy, and explosive climax. The result? maximum erotic euphoria. 

Additionally, if you’re flying solo, you too can enjoy the pleasure benefits of the double-ended dildo by making use of both ends for a little double penetration fun.

What is a Double-Ended Dildo?

A double-ended dildo is an elongated phallic-shaped sex toy with two sides that share a shaft, allowing for simultaneous penetration. 

It also boasts extra length which allows couples to close the divide for synchronized pleasure. Its flexible, c-shaped design makes for easy insertion into both the anus and vagina for double penetration during solo play. 

At first, the double-ended dildo was most commonly used by lesbian women in order to experience sexual freedom in unison with their partner. This is not only because it offers dual pleasure, but also because the two heads and a longer shaft allows female partners to feel closer to one another. 

Today however, its progressive, versatile nature has allowed both queer and cis-gender couples to experience the double satisfaction this toy is sure to bring.

Amplify your erotic play and experience the double-ended dildo in all its glory. Use it for vaginal sex, double penetration, pegging or add a buzz to your big ‘O’ and select one with a vibrating setting. 

Different Types of Double-Ended Dildos

There are various double-ended dildos for all kinds of players. And your foreplay adventure begins as you find your perfect toy that’s flexible to your heart's desire, and fits your body comfortably. With the dildo reaching lengths of up to 22-inches, there’s no limit to your erotic adventures.

Some designs have a narrower head on one side, allowing for a more comfortable fit during anal penetration. This smaller head will allow for a smoother insertion and more erotic bliss, whether you’re going for double penetrative fun or simply a bout of anal stimulation. 

Alternatively, you could opt for the strapless double-ended dildo, designed for women who wish to take on a more dominating role in the bedroom. It can be used for both female penetration or anal play. 

A strapless dildo is inserted into the vagina, and held in place by the vagina muscles, ensuring satisfaction with every lustful thrust. 

How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo

There is some skill needed when using a double-ended dildo, but it all depends on how you’d like to enjoy it.

A strapless double-ended dildo used between two women requires a strong pelvic floor, as it will make holding onto the dildo an easier task. 

In addition, two women could use a double-ended dildo with both inserting the toy into their sweet spot, then meeting in the middle. 

The double-ended dildo can also be used for double-penetration as well as anal sex and pegging. 

However you choose to use the double-ended dildo, it is essentially an erotic connection of your two bodies. It’s also a super tantalising pleasure product to help both you and your partner find a shared rhythm, bringing glorious ecstasy.

How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo for Couples Play

When it comes to the double-ended dildo there is something for everyone and choosing the right one depends solely on you or your partner’s desires.

If you’re playing together it’s advisable to choose a double-ended dildo that’s a bit firmer, for easier control. This sex toy can be used to connect face to face or on all fours, slowly moving back towards each other, allowing each partner to control the pace of insertion. 

Another saucy use for this dong is double anal, if you both enjoy the sensations of anal play and want to experience it together let the double-ended dildo be your guide. Slip it in and ride the wave to ‘O’ town. 

Also, cis-gender couples can now explore pegging and switch it up with a little role-play. 

In other words, the double-ended dildo is the perfect toy that allows for G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo for Solo Play

Spice up your solo game with the double-ended dildo and experience multiple sensations simultaneously. 

The c-shape design is a popular choice, as its main use is for double penetration. Opt for something with more flexibility to allow for easier manipulation. 

At first, it may seem difficult to come to grips with, but the more you twist and bend it into place, the more it will become firmer, allowing you to reach that desirable sweet spot. Use the other end as a grip to help guide the toy.

If you are new to anal, choose a double-ended dildo with a narrower head for easier penetration and accompany your playtime with a good-quality anal lube for a more pleasurable experience. 

What are the Benefits of a Double-Ended Dildo?

Two heads are better than one when it comes to the double-ended dildo. With multiple designs, both hands-free and strap-on, the benefits and uses are as endless as the dildo itself.

The double-ended dildo is double the pleasure and is designed to allow couples to experience penetration simultaneously. 

Additionally, the double-ended dildo allows an individual to experience solo double penetration with the use of one toy instead of two—-adding a delectably rhythmic experience to your masturbation routine. 

Cleaning and Storing Your Double-Ended Dildo

Due to the versatile nature and the unending uses of the double-ended dildo, it will need more care and extra disinfecting between uses. 

Use a mild soap and warm water to wash your dildo thoroughly. Ensure to look for any ridges and cracks in the material with every wash, and be extra cleansing in any creases or veins around the head of the dildo. 

Preferably, select a non-porous double-ended dildo for easier disinfecting. Be extra careful with the jelly-rubber dildos as these are porous. These are less durable than silicone, are more likely to split over time, and are prone to mould and bacteria.

Additionally, store your sex toy in a cool, dry environment where they can comfortably lie flat on a clean surface. 

Should You Buy a Double-Ended Dildo?

We highly recommend adding the double-ended dildo to your sensual collection for varied bedroom play.

 Sure, it may seem intimidating upon first glance, but there are multiple variations to choose from, and it is designed to suit everyone’s sexual needs and desires. 

The double-ended dildo is an otherworldly kind of sexual satisfaction. A two-way experience between partners, bringing them closer physically and emotionally. 

Basically, with a double-ended dildo, your imagination is your only limitation.