Demystifying the clitoris

Demystifying the Clitoris

Takeaway - The clitoris is more than a little nub under some skin - it´s the pleasure center of sex for women and is much more anatomically complex than we realise! Take a moment to learn more about what should be your favourite part of your or your partner´s body!

The clitoris is the most fascinating part of the human body, but it remains a mystery to many of us. It´s a woman´s source of greatest pleasure yet men (and women too) often seem confused about what to do with it.

The clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere in the female body, but it also has twice the amount of the most sensitive part on a man, the penis. In some ways it also functions like the penis, with a glans, foreskin (the hood), and a shaft that swells during arousal. It´s only function in the body is for pleasure - and it´s the only organ that exists solely for this reason!

Most of us think of the clitoris as a little ¨button¨ (that´s just the glans), but it´s actually wishbone-shaped with one end extending three inches into the vagina, actually wrapping around as if to hug it. It is connected to every sexual organ, so when you achieve a clitoral orgasm, your entire nether region may explode with pleasure.

The biggest downside we can see to the clitoris? In this case, size DOES matter! One out of three women report difficulties achieving orgasm on a regular basis, and the vast majority of these women have clitorises located further from the vagina than average. In other words, lack of friction upon the clitoris reduces likelihood of orgasm. This also explains, in part, why some women love certain positions and others don´t. Some women can´t achieve an orgasm on top because their clitoris is too far away from the vagina, and the same women might also not find doggy-style variations as pleasurable.

The only other complication with the clitoris is that it does have a maximum level of pleasure it can provide - this is why sometimes it just feels too sensitive after an orgasm. You may sometimes notice that you´re approaching orgasm and all of a sudden you´ve lost it and it´s painful or uncomfortable - this is why! In this case, ease up pressure on the clit and focus on stimulating surrounding areas.

JOUJOU's Recommended Clitoral Stimulators



WeVibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

A great way to stimulate the clit on your own or in positions that don´t work for you is to use the WeVibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator. This insertable massager hits the G-spot and the glans simultaneously and has more than ten vibration modes. Like other We-Vibe products, it can be used with the We-Connect app to connect partners who are across the room or separated by continents.
Shop JOUJOU - Womanizer Premium - Intense Clitoral Orgasm

Womanizer Premium - Intense Clitoral Orgasm

The Womanizer Premium - Intense Clitoral Orgasm claims the title of the world´s most advanced clitoris stimulator, and after a few test drives, we believe it! Recalling that sometimes women can be too sensitive, this device is touchless and using a sucking sensation, providing multiple orgasms with eight different impulses.
Shop JOUJOU - WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator

WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator

The WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator delivers intense orgasms in a little package, and is unique in that it´s adjustable - it can be held or slid to change up sensations and is especially fun in the bath, where swirling water action can create climaxes without ever touching the device to your skin.

Experiment with your partner with a few of your favourite clitoral stimulators and some good old-fashioned body exploration in the bedroom to demystify the most pleasurable part of the body. With little effort, every nerve ending can be set afire and create some of the best sex of your life!
Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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