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      13 products

      13 products

      Life-Like Dolls

      Feel the absolute rush of tight penetration with a highly realistic life-like doll! These pleasure products have been made to give you an uncanny real-feel, and actually, could be considered even better than the real thing! 

      Spice up your masturbation routine, or even partnered play, with a life-like doll that will make you feel like an absolute king.

      What is a Life-Like Doll?

      A life-like doll is a sex toy made predominantly for men, coming in different shapes, sizes, sensations, and colours. 

      And while the main objective of using a life-like doll is to feel absolute sexual bliss, it’s also a way in which to mimic the experience of being close and intimate with a woman. For that reason, there are tons of life-like dolls that have actually been molded to look just like actual porn stars.  

      If you’re not keen on a full-size doll however, you can also find various body parts too. Take a ride with a pussy or ass masturbator, a 2-in-1 pleasure product, a vibrating life-like doll, or ones that simply have their sweet spots plus torso. 

      How to Use a Life-Like Doll

      Each life-like doll has different kinds of sensations to enjoy, and there are various designs. For that reason, how to use your life-like doll will depend on the kind of toy you’ve spoiled yourself with.

      For the majority of life-like dolls, you’ll be treated to a pleasure product made from materials that feel like the real thing, such as cyberskin and body-safe silicone. This gives them a really smooth and appealing touch, like feeling up your very best lover. 

      Then, depending on your life-like doll, you’ll be able to insert yourself into your chosen hole, which will oftentimes be lined with ridges and grooves for that extra bit of stimulation. You could use it as if you were receiving oral sex or having penetrative sex, depending on your toy and preference. Just remember to use lube for a sweet glide, and to clean your life-like doll thoroughly before and after use.

      The Pros to Using a Life-Like Doll

      Having a life-like doll is not like what you’ve seen in the movies 10 plus years ago. Today, there are life-like dolls that are big, small, thin, curvy, busty, tall, and short, sure, but one thing that they all have in common is that they’re actually quite luxurious looking. Smaller life-like dolls are easy to hide, making them the perfect secret.

      Another pro to using a life-like doll is that it gives one a sense of intimacy when craved. It’s true that some individuals actively seek human touch, and it’s not always easy to find. With a life-like doll, you can feel the supple skin and feel some sense of intimacy in a real way.

      Then of course, a life-like doll will take you to new heights of sexual bliss. It may even be true that using a life-like doll feels even better than the real thing! You can use it whenever you want, and you don’t even have to take it out on a date!

      How to Clean Your Life-Like Doll

      Depending on the material of your life-like doll, the instructions on how to clean it will differ. Silicone, for example, is a great material, as it is non-porous and you can simply use some warm water and mild antibacterial soap to clean your pleasure product. 

      If your life-like doll is made from TPE or another porous material, you’re going to want to spend a lot more time giving it a thorough clean. This is because porous materials have the ability to retain bacteria, and could possibly form mould if not cleaned or stored correctly. 

      Regardless of your material, be sure to clean your life-like doll inside and out, getting into every nook and cranny. This is because a life-like doll could have more than one entrance, and it gives you the possibility to ejaculate inside of it, making it a toy that’s super pleasurable but also worthy of an incredible clean.

      Life-Like Dolls You’ll Love

      PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Twerking Butt

      What is arguably the best of the best, the PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Twerking Butt has two motors, twerks, shakes, and gyrates, and is made with their signature ultra-realistic Fanta Flesh. Allow this life-like ass to vibrate, rotate, and seduce you until you’re at the height of your climatic bliss.

      Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite

      If you’re a lover of petite, soft, and tight ladies, the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite life-like doll has been scaled down to mimic the world’s best-selling FMS Mega Masturbator, which means that it’s guarenteed to make you climax, hard! The best part? She feels super soft, and wants you to take advantage of both of her tight holes.

      Pipedream Extreme Vibrating Ass

      A curvy goddess waiting for you to fill her up, the Pipedream Extreme Vibrating Ass life-like doll is everything you’ve ever dreamed of… and more. She’s got a nice big, round butt, and a tight hole perfect for your shaft to enjoy. And because she’s made of super-soft Fanta Flesh, you’re in for such a treat with this sexy pleasure product.