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49 products

Fun Factory Sex Toys

Exceptional Adult toys for her and him; in fresh colours, exciting shapes and with lots of erotic energy. Discover the colourful diversity of FUN FACTORY sex toys - your desires deserve it. No matter what and how you like it. Here you'll find your perfect match.

Fun Factory Collection

Fun Factory entered the sex toy scene in 1996 and really turned heads with their first ever body-safe, non-phallic, harness-compatible dildo, the Paddy Pingiun!

This was huge for the industry, as Fun Factory managed to turn somewhat-boring sex shops filled with phallic-shaped sex toys into a vibrant and versatile place where individuals could really start experimenting.

Fun Factory is a sex toy company is based in Germany, and they’ve been creating fun, innovative and sexy sex toys ever since the 90’s!

What Fun Factory Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Fun Factory have come a long way since the inception of the Paddy Pingiun sex toy, and you can find tons of amazing sex toys from this fun sex toy company.

Fancy a g-spot vibrator? A rabbit vibrator? Something for some prostate pleasure? And what about a bit of anal adventure, or a male masturbator? There’s something for everyone at Fun Factory!

Fun Factory Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

The clitoris is one of the richest areas in terms of nerve endings, which means that it’s super sensitive. The good news is that Fun Factory have a few sleek clitoral stimulation sex toys made for those who want to reach even bigger orgasms via the clitoris .

The Volta sex toy by Fun Factory has a tip that flutters gently against the clitoris, allowing you to feel the sweet vibrations in whichever vibration style you like best. Choose from the Volta in pink , or the Volta in black .

And if the Volta has gotten your attention, you may also like the Volita clit stimulation sex toy , which is designed similarly to the Volta, but is used by being placed on either side of the clitoris to bring about surrounding stimulation.

For a different kind of clitoral stimulation, have a gander at the Laya II which is a sex toy that is used externally.

Fun Factory G-Spot Sex Toys

The G-spot is an area inside the vagina that’s just waiting to be stimulated for bigger orgasms! And Fun Factory have perfected the art of creating sleek and beautiful-looking G-spot sex toys so that it’s also a treat for the eyes…

The Big Boss G5 Deluxe is a real winner when it comes to G-spot stimulation! It comes in three different colours—pink, black , and beige, and is big, strong, and flexible for precision .

You might also like the Stronic Real in candy rose, dark violet, or cream—a near-silent vibrator with seven speeds and three rhythms, or the Stronic G by Fun Factory —a sex toy with a curved tip that thrusts all by itself making it hands-free!

And don’t forget the Abby G G-spot vibrator, the Patchy Paul , the Patchy Paul G5 , or the Stronic Surf that’s erotically ribbed for pleasure.

Fun Factory Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

If you simply won’t settle for anything other than gold, we recommend Fun Factory for their impressive rabbit style sex toys! Enjoy the sweet sensation of clitoral stimulation and G-spot pleasure at the same time, whilst having all of the fun!

The Bi Stronic Fusion is a favourite because of its thrusting ability and its powerful vibrations . It also has 64 possible combinations that unlock various kinds of erotica.

You might also fancy Miss Bi for dual stimulation , or the Lady Bi which actually stimulates the A-spot , which is just above the G-spot and against the vaginal wall, and the clitoris, making these toys twice as nice.

Fun Factory also has a mini version of the Miss Bi aka a BiMini called Pearly , perfect for traveling!

Fun Factory Dildos

Looking for a dildo for beginners ? The Fun Factory Amore is the perfect dildo for first timers, sitting at 13.5 cm long with a curved tip that’s great for reaching the G-spot or the prostate .

And if you’re looking for something a little more advanced or should we say “bouncy”, check out the Fun Factory Bouncer , a dildo that reacts to your movements !

Fun Factory also have some other cheeky dildos you’ll love, like The Boss Stub , the Magnum Dildo , the Limba Flex in small or medium , all of which can be used vaginally or analy.

Fun Factory Male Masturbators

Change your routine by adding in a male masturbator to your solo sessions! Fun Factory have two unique pleasure products for him that’ll inspire many an orgasm, and some seriously smiley faces.

The Cobre Libre 2 is a male massager that is used on the head of the penis . It massages and stimulates with two motors and some seriously sexy vibrations.

Then, the Manta male massager is a sensual stroker that has powerful vibrations, a loop, and ridges to enhance your experience.

Fun Factory Anal Sex Toys

Whether you’re an anal play beginner or an advanced player, there’s definitely an anal sex toy at Fun Factory for you.

The Bootie sex toy comes in either small , medium , or large , so you can pick your poison! Or you could decide on the Bootie Set , which is all three… perfect for anal training !

Another Fun Factory win? There’s also something called a Bootie Ring for those with a penis. Simply use the bootie analy, and insert the penis into the ring, at the same time!

For a different kind of anal stimulation, you could check out the sultry anal beads by Fun Factory, Bendy Beads , or their line of B Balls, which is a butt plug that works similarily to anal beads.

The B Ball Uno contains one ball, while the B Balls have two. We love this anal sex toy, as it reacts to your movements , increasing the sensation when you fancy it.

Fun Factory Prostate Massagers

Keeping your prostate healthy has never been sexier with Fun Factory’s line of prostate massagers.

The Duke Prostate Massager delightfully stimulates the prostate and the perineum using rumbling vibrations. It has three programs to choose from, is rechargeable, and made of 100 percent silicone.

Fun Factory Couples Sex Toys

While Fun Factory predominantly focuses on solo pleasure products, they do have a few sweet treats for couples.

The Fun Factory Wave is a double-ended dildo that’s flexible enough to create your perfect session of partner play. And don’t forget about the Fun Factory harness , the first to ever be made out of soft denim.

Then there’s also the Share collection from Fun Factory…

The Share couples sex toy can be inserted vaginally or anally, and by doing so, the wearer and partner are both able to receive pleasure during sex. The Share Vibe is similar to the Share, but the Share Vibe has a five-speed vibration capability.

Finally, there’s the 8ight sex toy for couples which is a penis ring worn by him to create harder and longer erections . Not only that, but it’s designed in such a way that it stimulation her clitoris during heterosexual missionary-style sex at the same time. An absolute win for both partners.

Fun Factory Pelvic Floor Smartballs

Make a lasting impression with Fun Factory and their pelvic floor Smartballs. You can choose from either the Smartball Uno , which is one ball, or the Smartballs Duo , which is two balls.

Both products are inserted vaginally and work by training the inner muscles which in turn help the wearer to experience stronger orgasms .