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      ZALO is an intimate product brand created for love and beauty, who displays the reverent love to life and great feminist spirit, continuously initiates product value and brand height, and creates incomparably luxury taste with aesthetic artistic conception, profound technology, perfect materials and excellent user experience.

      ZALO is a luxury brand created for those with discerning taste and a love of quality and beauty. ZALO products are discreetly packaged each with their own French Boudoir influenced gift box to store your favourite keepsakes and your most intimate toy. Incomparable luxury with beautifully artistic conception, profound technology and materials of the highest standard combine to create this exciting new range.


      “Is it just us, or have you noticed that sex toys aren’t very… pretty?” says ZALO , a pleasure brand that’s focused on creating beautiful sex toys for women. Well, they’ve got a point! 

      There are thousands of sex toys out there that are quite intimidating and even off-putting. Which is why we love ZALO and all of their pretty sex toys.

      What’s even more enticing is the fact that ZALO not only focuses on the aesthetic of their sex toys, but also their power and capabilities. Their sex toys are luxurious and each come with different high end details like real Swarovski crystals and gold plating.

      Basically, if you feel like a queen, you need one or more ZALO sex toys in your life.

      What ZALO Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Are you looking for a classic sex toy? ZALO offers bullet vibes, magic wands, G-spot vibrators, rabbit vibrators, and clitoral massagers, to name a few. They also have some new concepts such as a vibrating thruster and their signature pulseWave G-spot vibrator. 

      Whatever your pleasure, treasure, you’ll find it in the range of ZALO sex toys for women.

      ZALO Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

      In sheer luxury, the ZALO Rosalie 24k Rabbit Vibrator is simply sensational. It has a 24 karat gold chain, and a gold plated tip, making it fit for an absolute Goddess. 

      It also has two motors that work effortlessly to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, and works with Bluetooth to spruce up your sessions using the ZALO app.

      ZALO G-Spot Sex Toys

      We can’t get enough of the G-spot vibrator sex toys from ZALO. They’re gorgeously-designed pleasure products that were made for pure enjoyment. 

      The ZALO Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibrator works by adding pressure on your special spot. It also uses PulseWave technology to create a wave-like action, has the ability to churn out 75 pulsations per second, and has a rapid heating function for even more pleasure. 

      Another pro of this sex toy is that you can purchase the ZALO Queen Sleeve and turn this G-spot vibrator into a clitoral stimulator !

      The ZALO Courage G-Spot Vibrator is yet another powerful and lavish toy that has a 360-degree rotating function as well as a rapid heating function. It also has a touch of extra class with a Swarovski crystal.

      ZALO Clitoral Sex Toys

      Treat your happy button with the ZALO Hero Clitoral Massager . You’ll not only be drawn in by its magnificent aesthetic, but also its ability to create waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. 

      It is simply that good!

      This clitoral sex toy uses PulseWave technology to move up to 30 mm at a speed of 75 times per second! How’s that for some delicious stimulation?

      ZALO G-Spot & Clitoral Sex Toys

      Pamper yourself with double pleasure! The ZALO Queen Set G-spot PulseWave Vibrator with Suction Sleeve is for those who want to experience G-spot stimulation on one occasion and perhaps clitoral stimulation on another. A versatile concept from ZALO.

      It consists of ZALO’s famous Queen G-spot vibrator and an attachment sleeve. This sleeve has the capability to turn your toy into a haven of different kinds of pleasure, and is perfect for those who love G-spot and clitoral stimulation . Simply add some lube, place the sleeve over the head of the vibrator, and voila!

      Another winner is the ZALO Amour Stimulating Egg Vibrator . This discrete sex toy sits beautifully in a pretty pink carry case, and has two wings that vibrate to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot. It can be app-controlled for fun solo time or partnered play by simply downloading the ZALO app: ZALO REMOTE.

      ZALO Thrusting Bullet Sex Toys

      Do you want to experience blissful release as conspicuously as possible? The ZALO Temptation Bullet Thruster comes in a fairytale-looking case which is totally discrete, and uses thrusting motions that will take you to new heights. 

      It also has a rapid heating function , which makes it more comfortable to use, and a Swarovski crystal embellishment to give it an extra luxurious feel. 

      ZALO Wand Massager Sex Toys

      Add some magic to your sex toy collection with the ZALO Confidence Wand Massager . It has a 360-degree rotating function , and is capable of rapid heating for your pleasure. 

      It’s whisper-quiet , designed with food-level silicone and coated in ZALO’s exclusive Softek material, giving it an extra touch of softness. 

      And, of course, it comes with a Swarovski crystal embellishment, ZALO’s signature deluxe style.

      ZALO Thrusting Vibrator Sex Toys

      Get the best bang for your buck with ZALO’s thrusting vibrators. The ZALO King PowerThrust Vibrating Thruster is truly a masterpiece in design and function. 

      It uses PowerThrust technology , which is a set of high-performing motor systems, to jolt into action. In fact, it has the capacity to thrust up to 40 times per second ! Impressive! 

      You can also use this toy with your smartphone by downloading the ZALO app and activating a Bluetooth connection.

      Another sweet treat thrusting sex toy is the Desire Thrust Massager by ZALO . A sleek pleasure product that’s an auto-thruster ... aka it does all the hard work for you! Love it hard and fast? Take advantage of its turbo mode , sit back and experience many a blissful orgasm.

      This massager has a rapid heating function that goes up to human temperature, making it a pleasure to hold and use, and is decorated with a Swarovski crystal.