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36 products

Imagine a world where one need not have a (sexual) partner or companion in order to indulge in the beautiful bliss that is oral sex! Oh wait, dreams actually do come true!

Today, there are a slew of innovative, gorgeous pleasure products that simulate the act of receiving oral sex.. and not just for her! There are more than a handful of oral sex stimulators available for both his and her pleasure.

And if you haven’t taken one out for a spin, then you just don’t know what you’re missing!

Let’s start with the basics...

What is an Oral Sex Stimulation Sex Toy?

An oral sex stimulation sex toy is a pleasure product that actually mimics the feeling of receiving oral.

For a woman, it would be like gentle pulses, waves and or vibrations that feel like a lover’s tongue on your sweet spot. And for men, an oral sex stimulation sex toy would feel as though someone is erotically sucking or jerking your shaft for you.

These kinds of sex toys allow the user to experience all the benefits of euphoric oral sex, anytime, with or without a partner!

There are various types of oral sex stimulation sex toys, so you have the pleasurable task of finding one that matches your very best oral sex experience.

How to Use an Oral Sex Stimulation Sex Toy

Depending on the oral stimulation sex toy you choose, and for which part of the body you’re hoping to stimulate, each toy will work differently.

The most popular oral sex stimulation sex toy for women is one that uses a kind of air wave technology to suckle on the clitoris. So instead of experiencing the usual rumbling vibrations, it’ll actually feel as though someone is wondrously licking and sucking your sweet spot to perfection.

The most popular oral sex stimulation sex toy for men is that one that looks like a sleeve or cup. It’ll be designed with all kinds of different technologies to stimulate the shaft in a real-feel kind of way. It’s also usually decorated with all kinds of various internal bumps, grooves, and other pleasurable shapes to give you what is arguably an even better sexual experience than the real deal.

Should You Buy an Oral Sex Stimulation Sex Toy?

Is foreplay one of your favourite parts of sex? Do you wish you could receieve the most mind blowing oral sex experience on the regular, without having to tell someone else what to do? Well then, an oral sex stimulation sex toy is definitely something you’ll love to have in your nightstand.

We also recommend this sensual pleasure product for those who are proud owners of a classic vibrator or sex toy or two, yet crave a bit of a sexual shake up in their self-care routine. The sensation of an oral sex stimulation sex toy is definitely a unique and magical experience.

Top 3 Oral Sex Stimulation Sex Toys for Women

1. Fun Factory Volta Flickering Oral Stimulator

Like a fluttering butterfly spreading its wings and taking on the world at large, the Volta Flickering Oral Stimulator from Fun Factory is just as elegant and charming. In fact it has such a graceful appearance, so innocent-looking, one may never imagine that it could cause such intense bliss. This oral sex stimulation sex toy has been designed to flutter against the clitoris in such a way that stimulates blood flow, thus increasing sexual arousal. It has several different settings, so you could start off slow and enjoy the quivering sensation, or put things into high gear and go full speed ahead towards massive orgasms.

2. Zumio X Clitoral Stimulator  

Another petite yet powerfully cheeky oral sex stimulation sex toy, the Zumio X was designed by women and is a slim toy with a bulbous tip that allows for pinpointed pleasure on the clitoris. It uses something called SpiroTipTM technology which allows the tip to oscillate (whirl around in tiny circles) longer and faster than any other clitoral massager, which means that you’re in for a massive treat when it comes to you and your most explosive orgasms. Using this sexy pleasure product feels like a lover’s tongue massaging and kneading on your sweet spot, giving you a profound feeling of bliss. Secret? You could even use this oral sex stimulation sex toy during penetration!

3. LELO Ora 3 Oral Stimulator

Behold! The most majestic and luxurious-looking oral sex stimulator on the market today! This circular ring-like pleasure product looks and feels like a million bucks, and is actually an award-winning sex toy! How does it work? It has a rotating nub inside the toy that can be controlled just how you like it! Using different vibrational patterns and speeds, it will twirl and dance beautifully on the clitoris, mimicking that of a lover’s tongue. The twist? It actually moves 25 percent faster than a lover’s tongue ever could! Another pro is that it uses IntelliSense Technology, which is the ability for the vibrations to get even stronger when you apply more pressure. Magnificence encapsulated!

Top 3 Oral Sex Stimulation Sex Toys for Men

1. Tenga Flip 0 (Zero)  

Sleek and sexy, this oral sex stimulation sex toy for him doesn’t really look like a sex toy (or any other pleasure product for men), as it has an inconspicuous design that screams luxury. Unlike many toys that can be quite intimidating or crude, the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) is sincerely elegant-looking, and works like a charm too. It’s been designed with extra sexy internal details for heightened stimulation, has the ability to squeeze and suck, and is made of durable long-lasting material. Basically, it’s any man’s best wet dream come true.

2. Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 II Vibrating Male Masturbator

Slip into something a little more erotic with Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre II 2! It’s a vibrating male masturbator that copies the sensual feeling of oral sex but to the exact speed and rhythm that you like it best! It gently or intensely, depending on your preference, focuses on the head of the shaft, hugging and massaging it for a super arousing session, is easy to use with one hand, and doesn’t require you to do the standard ‘up and down’ movement. It also has two motors for extra stimulation, resulting in your best climax yet.

3. Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator

Not a vibrator, a guybrator… you know, like a vibrator but for a guy. Genius! The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator is one of the most tantalising ways to copy (and enhance) the feeling of oral sex with its sexy settings. And actually, it is the world’s first guybrator that uses PulsePlate technology—the ability to intensify your bliss whenever you crave it. What’s even better is that it can be used hands-free, whether you’re erect or flaccid, during your masturbation session, and it can also be used during foreplay, allowing for a combination of human touch and technological excellence to really hit the spot.