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61 products

Ben Wa

Enhance your sexual pleasure with one simple activity: kegel exercises! And what’s the easiest way to practice it? With Ben Wa Balls! These magnificent balls are sometimes called “ orgasm balls ” and rightly so. Using them will transcend your orgasm experience , making them stronger and more powerful… something all women truly deserve.

Benefits of Using Ben Wa Balls

For those who may not know, Ben Wa Balls are a sexual wellness product used to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles . These luxurious balls come in different weights and sizes , and allow women to insert them , teaching them how to contract and release different muscles with ease. What’s the point? And what benefits are there to using Ben Wa Balls? Well, for one it makes sex feel a heck of a lot better ! This is because, contracting the vaginal muscles during penetrative sex, can increase all those delicious sensuations for both him and her. It also creates a tightening outcome , allowing women to experience that gasping effect when being penetrated.

Another benefit of these magical balls is that, simply wearing them can provide the user with heightened awareness , arousal , and erotic sensations , whether they’re left inside or moved gently. Ben Wa Balls are not the same as anal beads however, as anal beads are inserted slowly then removed from the anal cavity for immediate arousal. Ben Wa Balls, on the other hand, are to be kept inside the vagina for a period of time, usually around five minutes, resulting in long-term benefits .

Ben Wa Balls are also great for incontinence . And while this usually only happens much later on in life, it is still a reality for women both young and old. When you use Ben Wa Balls, you’re training your muscles which then reduces the chances of leaking urine. 

When to Use Ben Wa Balls

If you’re a vulva-owner you can use Ben Wa Balls anytime you please… literally. They’re small in size , easy to insert and remove , and a pleasure to hold inside of you whilst getting on with your daily life. You could wear them at work, whilst grocery shopping, watching a film at the cinema, or relaxing at home . The choice is yours.

And while we encourage all vulva owners to use Ben Wa Balls, there are some women who could gain more out of these incredible pleasure products. If you’ve given birth, for example, and you’re wanting to regain tone after childbirth , Ben Wa Balls support toning and tightening . These orgasm balls are also great for those who may seem to lack arousal, as it promotes blood flow to the pelvic area , creating that throbbing and sexually excited feeling.

We also suggest that those with incontinence give them a whirl. Stronger pelvic floor muscles means less mishaps, reducing feelings of shame or embarrassment for those who are living with this condition. There’s really nothing to lose as using Ben Wa Balls takes a mere five minutes per day, and can induce all kinds of sexy and life-changing benefits. 

Top 5 Best Selling Ben Wa Balls

Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker

Take full control over your sexercise routine with the Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker. This elegant, award-winning tracker is, simply put, the future in terms of how women view their pelvic floor muscles. It’s the world’s smallest kegel exercise tracker , durable , waterproof , and made with medical-grade silicone . Reap all of the benefits by using it for five minutes per day whilst following the guide on the app. It’s like exercise in real-time, keeping you toned, happy, and healthy.

She-Ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set

A gorgeous pack of six weighted kegel balls , the She-Ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set allows you to customise your pelvic floor exercises . Each ball varies in weight , giving you the freedom to work your way up to heavier balls, as and when you feel comfortable. These kegel balls are also safe to mix and match , providing you with a single or double ball holder. They’re made of premium silicone , are body-safe , unscented , phthalate-free , and were made to train and tone your feminine muscles for intense sexual stimulation and satisfaction .

Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Love Egg Vibrator

A sexual wellness product that’s taken the world by storm, the Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Love Egg Vibrator doubles up as your very best app-controlled sex toy slash kegel exerciser. When inserted, you’ll have a firm tail that not only ensures that it stays in place, but is also there to grab onto for easy removal. Whilst inside, you’ll experience intense G-spot stimulation with rumbling vibrations , either from your own doing or with the help of a partner taking over the app ( on smartphone or Apple Watch )! What’s also nifty is that you can sync this vibrator with your favourite playlist or allow it to activate to the sounds around you. Another perk? You can customise it however you like in order to pick up where you left off! It’s made of body-safe silicone , is discrete , wearable , waterproof , and has a gorgeous pink design you’ll absolutely adore.

Luna Beads Noir Luxury Ben Wa Balls by LELO

Simple, elegant, and luxurious, take a peek at the Luna Beads Noir Luxury Ben Wa Balls by LELO. These smart balls actually respond to your movements with subtle vibrations , creating a slow yet sensual buildup of sensation . They’re at a comfortable size , making them perfect for everyone , and can be worn either singularly or two-at-a-time using the included soft silicone harness . These Ben Wa Balls are made of FDA-approved silicone , and feel their most sensual with a dollop of LELO’s Personal Moisturiser .

Nalone Miu Miu Vibrating Kegel Balls

Take full control over your pelvic floor and your sexual satisfaction with the Nalone Miu Miu Vibrating Kegel Balls. This glorious sexual wellness product comes with a remote , making it easy to use or an aid for a bit of cheeky partnered play . It’s designed slightly differently to other kegel balls in that they’re two balls stacked on top of each other . Each ball is of a different size , allowing you to ease your way into your most comfortable fit. It has seven modes of vibration , a rounded tip for easy insertion, a three-inch retrieval cord , is whisper-quiet , and 100 percent waterproof .