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58 products

Introducing Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Pleasure Collection. JOUJOU is proud to have selected such a great inspired collection of bondage, sex toys and accessories.


In February of 2015, the world trembled ever so slightly in a powerful yet erotic sense. This is because the film, Fifty Shades of Grey was released.

This erotic romance slash drama movie saw a huge raise in awareness, interest, and discussion in the realm of BDSM, and people worldwide began dabbling in some seriously kinky activities afterhours.

And so, the line of sex toys, Fifty Shades of Grey , was born.

Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys are mostly BDSM-inspired, delicious, and super luxurious. We dare you to take a peek!

What Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

While there are a few mainstream goodies from Fifty Shades of Grey , you’ll mostly find a collection of BDSM-inspired treats.

From their Fetish Fantasy line, fantasy kits, bondage gear, and impact play toys, to nipple stimulation props, butt plugs, vibrators, pleasure balls, and more, you’ll surely find your poison in the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy line.

Fifty Shades of Grey Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

You can’t go wrong with the classic rabbit-style sex toy. And at Fifty Shades of Grey , you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice.

Check out the Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit Vibrator and the Fifty Shades Freed Come to Bed Slimline Rabbit for a pleasure product with two powerful motors , and their Fifty Shades Freed Lavish Attention vibrator that’s got a comfortable handle and simple controls.

You can also take a look at the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting rabbit vibe for a sex toy that’ll give you unforgettable orgasms, and the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Slimline rabbit that’s perfect for beginners .

Fifty Shades of Grey Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrators and Bullet Vibrator Sex Toys

Go for absolute gold with a variety of Fifty Shades of Grey vibrators and dildos. Do you fancy some G-spot action ? Then you’ll adore the Steel G-spot dildo , the Desire Explodes G-spot vibrator , and the Exquisite G-spot vibrator .

If it’s clitoral stimulation you’re after, the Delicious Tingles clitoral vibrator is sleek and elegant, the Sweet Release clitoral suction stimulator is simply heavenly, and the Desire Blooms clitoral vibe is, quite frankly, out of this world.

As for bullet vibrators , the Fifty Shades Freed Crazy For You bullet vibe is compact yet sexy, designed with a flirty heart-shaped tip, and the Greedy Girl rabbit-style bullet vibrator is pettie, discrete but oh so tantalising.

You may also love the Fifty Shades Freed I’ve Got You Love Egg , which is remote-controlled for some naughty couples play , or the Fifty Shades Freed My Body Blooms vibrating panty vibrator which too is remote-controlled.

Fifty Shades of Grey Butt Plug Sex Toys

There are so many butt plug sex toys from Fifty Shades of Grey to get excited about! What are you lusting after?

The Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug by Fifty Shades of Grey comes with a T-shaped base, and has been created to fit effortlessly with the curves of your body. This, plus its 3 speeds of vibrations and 7 patterns, ensures maximum anal stimulation and beautiful orgasmic bliss.

And if you’re looking for a new kind of sensation, the Something Darker Glass Butt Plug from Fifty Shades Darker is the perfect treat for anal-enthusiasts. It’s also great for those who want to enjoy a little temperature play.

Then, we also love the Beyond Erotic Steel Butt Plug that’s elegant-looking, and works beautifully to create impressionable climaxes. This butt plug too is perfect for those who love or want to try temperature play.

Then there’s also the Fifty Shades Freed It’s Divine Glass Beaded Dildo , the Carnal Promise vibrating anal beads , and the 4-piece kit perfect for anal beginners : Take it Slow .

Fifty Shades of Grey Cock Ring Sex Toys

A cock ring isn’t just for his pleasure! It actually benefits both partners, as it allows for longer sessions of lovemaking and sex. And if you opt for a vibrating cock ring, both partners will experience enhanced stimulation too.

The Gold Vibrating Cockring is a sleek and elegant-looking sex enhancer, and the Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Love Ring is easier than ever to use with remote capabilities, and vibrates sensually along his shaft and on her clitoris .

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Balls & Kegel Exercise Sex Toys

Increase the power of your orgasms with the range of Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure balls and kegel exercise sex toys.

The Fetish Fantasy Series offers ben wall balls and glass ben wa balls in a medium size , while the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Kegel Toner Balls were made specifically for beginners .

Fifty Shades of Grey Strap-On and Pegging Sex Toys

Have you always wanted to feel the sensation of getting intimate from a different perspective?

The Ribbed Double Trouble Double Penetration Strap-On is thee sex toy for you if you want to experience double penetration but not sure with whom to enjoy it with. Indeed, you can enjoy DP during your solo sessions with this nifty and erotic strap-on.

And for those who want to take it a little slower, the Fetish Fantasy The Pegger is a slim dildo, perfect for beginners.

Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM Sex Toys & Accessories

Do you want to turn it up a notch in the bedroom (or “ red room ”)? Well, the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy brand thrives in all things BDSM. They’ve curated an extensive list of mouthwatering treats for BDSM beginners and advanced BDSM players .

Needless to say, there’s something for everyone in this list of stylishly erotic BDSM sex toys from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades of Grey Handcuffs

Get caught up in lust with Fifty Shades of Grey and their slew of sexy handcuffs for any kinky occasion. What’s your pleasure?

The Cumfy Cuffs and the Luv Cuffs are lined with seductive faux fur, making them comfortable and enticing, while the Couture Cuffs feel super soft on the skin, made from neoprene.

And for a more seductive yet playful look, we’re sure you’ll love the Gold Deluxe Furry Cuffs .

Fifty Shades of Grey Bondage Gear

If it’s a bit of bondage play you’re after, you can’t go wrong with Fifty Shades of Grey. Their range of bondage sex toys and gear is versatile, sensual, yet titillatingly wild.

If you’re a bondage beginner or simply looking to stock up, you may want to check out their Want to Play 10M Silk Rope , Bondage Rope , or their Bondage Tape . And if you’re keen on the hogtie technique , take a look at the Cumfy Hogtie which takes the guesswork out of ropework, as it’s all set up for you.

And for more advanced treats, you may fall in love with the Fantasy Strap which is eight feet long, and installed into the ceiling turning your bedroom into an erotic chamber. Or the Spreader Bar which gives one uninterrupted access to the wearer’s most intimate of spaces.

Fifty Shades of Grey Impact Play Gear

Impact play is essentially the desire to either strike or be striked. And with Fifty Shades of Grey, you have the world at your feet when it comes to different floggers, cat o’ nine tails, and crops.

Are you looking for a flogger ? The Sincerely Midnight Bling Flogger or the Sex and Mischief Sparkle Flogger might just be right up your alley.

Are you craving a cat o’ nine tails ? Check out the Deluxe Cat o’ Nine or the Cat o’ Nine Tails , two impact play props that’re made to play hard. Then there’s also the Gold Cat O’ Nine Black , which is even more luxurious.

Lastly, are you new to impact play? You’ll love the Fifty Shades of Grey Beginner’s Crop or the Riding Crop , as both are perfect for impact play beginners .

Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps and Stimulation

The nipples are an extremely sensitive part of the body, especially for women. And when stimulated, signals are sent to the part of the brain called the genital sensory cortex, which in turn increases arousal. In fact, some women can orgasm just by having their nipples touched.

Why not experience nipple bliss with the Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Beaded Nipple Clamps ? They’re easily adjustable for comfort, and have a sturdy chain which can be pulled for that extra bit of stimulation.

Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy Collection Kits

Come one, come all, with the Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy Collection Kits. There’s a handful of tantalising treats in whichever kit you choose, so you’ll be left writhing in whatever pleasure you fancy whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

The Overload 10 Days of Pleasure Kit is like an advent calendar for those who have been naughty. A compilation of 10 different BDSM-inspired toys made for him, her, and couples.

The First Time Fantasy Kit is, as you guessed, the perfect delicacy for those who are new to the BDSM scene . It comes with five different sensual gifts that’ll slowly transcend you into new waves of pleasure.

The First Time Lovers Fantasy Kit is also an excellent kit for beginners , and comes with three sexy BDSM props to tease and please.

The Ultimate Bondage Kit is the cream of the crop when it comes to BDSM play. It’s the perfect variety of props and gear for those regular bondage players , and contains 11 different erotic toys .

For couples , you’ll love the Kinky Fuckery Couples Kit which is made up of six different treats, or for more experienced players, the Advanced Couples Kit which contains five pleasure products. And last but not least, another winner for couples is the Principles of Lust Romance Couples Kit which is all about sensuality and heightening your senses as well as levels of arousal.