10 Exciting Positions to Try With Your Spreader Bar

10 Exciting Positions to Try With Your Spreader Bar

You’re living the BDSM lifestyle, are you? Or maybe you’re just curious about spreader bars and the thrill of it all. Either way, we can confidently say that using a spreader bar is an exhilarating experience. 

It’s a great way to bring couples together (if they’re both on the same page, of course), and to spice up your bedroom routine

So, if you’re new here and a total beginner to spreader bars, we welcome you. It’s a big, big world out there, and sexual experimentation is what makes life even more interesting, arousing, and pleasurable.

Explore These 10 Thrilling Spreader Bar Positions for a Sensational Experience

Today, we’re not just going to be talking about spreader bars. We’re also going to give you actionable steps on how to incorporate it into your intimate life

Plus, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best spreader bar sex positions for beginners and advanced players, and how you can keep safe while doing so.

Then, of course, we’ll give our professional opinion on the best spreader bars for you to try. 

Let’s dive into the world of spreader bars, shall we?

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Want to Try a Spreader Bar? Here’s What They Are

A spreader bar is a type of bondage equipment used to spread and hold a person’s legs or arms apart. 

In this way, a spreader bar in the BDSM community would fall under the category of bondageBondage is essentially a form of sexual play that involves consensually tying or restraining a partner in a sex position to give or receive pleasure.

What’s the allure of bondage play and more specifically, spreader bars? Well, it falls under the umbrella of power play. And when you experiment with a spreader bar, one partner will be more dominant than the other. In other words, the one who is restrained will be submissive and the one who is not restrained will be the dominant. Power play can be sexually arousing for some as they may enjoy giving, taking, and exchanging power.

But it’s not just the element of power play that can intrigue people. There’s also the fact that it can alter one’s state of consciousness for the submissive, called ‘subspace’. This is when the person who is restrained feels a floaty, high-like state during and after play. The submissive may also feel a sense of peace and relaxation during the experience, kind of like mindfulness. 

And for dominants, bondage acts can give them a safe place to assert themselves in a world that generally does not like dominant and demanding people. Additionally, one may feel and act more submissive in general life, perhaps making them feel like a pushover. When they’re engaging in bondage, they can fully embrace a more dominant side.

And then, some enjoy using spreader bars and other bondage items because it may produce a feeling of sensory deprivation. When this happens, other senses may become stronger and more stimulated, resulting in heightened pleasure.

Last but certainly not least, engaging in BDSM acts such as bondage and using spreader bar is a very freeing experience for both partners. It can be a great outlet to let go of stressful situations happening in life, let go of control or take control, feel empowered, and become closer to a partner. 

It’s true that engaging in these kinds of BDSM acts requires a lot of trust and communication. In doing so, these skills can be transferred to everyday life when it comes to your relationship, making it stronger.

10 Best Spreader Bar Sex Positions

Now let’s get into the thick of it—aka, spreader bar positions

This list is a mixture of beginner positions and advanced positions. We recommend giving them all a read and finding one or more that not only tickle your fancy, but that feel comfortable to try. 

Take note that these spread bar positions have been written in such a way that you (the reader) are submissive.

Position 1: The Basic Y Position

This beginner positions is equally as fun for more advanced players. It’s one of the most popular ways to practice this kind of sex play, and perfect for your BDSM adventures

For beginners, it’s a way in which to really see what wearing a spreader bar feels like. And for advanced players, you could even enjoy this position during a bout of self-bondage.

To practice the Basic Y spreader bar position, simply sit or lie down, or stand up, and have your partner put the spreader bar and cuffs onto your ankles. Voila! 

Position 2: The Standing Up Bar Position

Just as easy to practice as the Y position, this one involves standing up. 

To practice this spreader bar position, simply stand up and allow your partner to use the spreader bar to bound your ankles. They could choose to use an adjustable spreader bar which will allow them to spread their legs as wide as the length of the bar (if that’s comfortable for both of you). 

Position 3: Behind the Back Position 

Spreader bars are versatile, which makes them even more fun to play with. You may believe that this bondage item is only used for the ankles, but this isn’t the case. They can also be used on the wrists using wrist cuffs. And this spreader bar position is all about the wrists! 

To practice it, you’ll want to put your wrists next to your shoulders while your partner places the spreader bar behind your back. Then, they will attach the cuffs to your wrist. In this spreader bar position, you’ll be unable to put your hands down. This puts you in a vulnerable position, especially if you have breasts.

One thing about this position is that it shouldn’t be practised for too long. This is because you may experience pins and needles. When you get that sensation, it’s time to call that position quits.

Position 4: Four Points One Bar Position

This is one of the more advanced spreader bar positions and encompasses one spreader bar with four bondage points. In other words, this position allows one’s ankles and wrists to be bound at the same time.

To practice the One Bar position, you’ll want to get on your stomach. Your dominant partner will then clip on both of the ankle cuffs onto the spreader bar. Then, you’ll put your arms behind you, in a straight fashion, to which two of the wrist cuffs will be used to bind your wrists. After this, you will spread your legs and then lift them up. Your dominant will then restrain your ankles too, using the leg spreader bar portion. 

Take note that this position is a tricky one, and it requires a lot of flexibility, trust, and open communication. If you’re struggling, you could remove either one or both restraints.


Position 5: Leapfrog Four Points Position

As far as spreader bar positions go, this is one for the more advanced players. It is similar to the Four Points One Bar position, so this alone tells you that it’s for the more experienced and more flexible individuals.

If you fancy trying this position, you’ll get on your knees and have your partner cuff your ankles. Then you’re going to want to spread your arms between your spread legs, which will place your wrists next to the spreader bar. In this way, your partner can bind you with wrist cuffs.

This is a great spreader bar positions as it leaves all of your intimate parts on display for your partner, giving them easy access. On the other hand, it can be tricky for some. If you do give it a go, we recommend using pillows to rest on, as most of your weight will be on your face and sternum. 

Position 6: Standing Four Points One Bar Position

Another one of our advanced positions using a spreader bar is the Standing Four Points One Bar. In fact, it is most likely the most advanced position to try. We definitely recommend trying this one only if you’re absolutely confident and comfortable doing so. We also recommend using an adjustable spreader if that aids in your comfort.

It entails standing up with your ankles spread apart after which your partner will restrain your ankles using the spreader bar. After this, you will bend down to touch your ankles. In this way, your ankles and arms can be bound to one spreader bar, leaving you leaning forward.

This position is a highly vulnerable one that will require flexibility. It’ll also prompt you to focus on your balance. But in this position, your partner will have all control, leaving you to be at their mercy. 

Position 7: The Advanced X

This is one of those spreader bar positions that require two spreader bars. It’s a great and simple position to try, making it perfect for beginners.

To practice it, you’ll get in the Y position (mentioned in position number 1). Then your partner will attach one spreader bar to your wrists and another to your ankles. And that’s it! In this position, you could be in a seated position or lying down on your back.

Position 8: The Inverted X Position

This spreader bar positions is similar to the Advanced X Position (mentioned in number 7), but it has one difference; you'll be flipped so that you’re on your hands and knees. This is a fun one to try as it allows your partner full access to your butt and other sexy spots between your thighs.

To make this position more comfortable, you could add some pillows for your hands and knees. You could also use an adjustable spreader bar which can reduce some strain.

Position 9: Stand and Deliver

Another goodie for beginners, this position is easy and definitely a lot of fun. 

To practice it, your partner will use a leg spreader bar to keep your legs apart. Then you can bend over a piece of furniture or another surface for support. In this way, you’re not just comfortable but your partner has the chance to stimulate or penetrate you from behind.

Position 10: The Throne of O

Beginner positions don’t get easier and more comfortable than this. So if you’re getting started in the world of spreader bars, we highly recommend giving this position a go.

It involves you sitting on a chair or sofa with your legs spread. Then your partner will keep those legs open by using a spreader bar attached to your ankles. This will offer them the uninterrupted opportunity to give you oral sex.

How to Be Safe With Your New Spreader Bar?

Moving on to the topic of safety, there are some things that are super important when using your brand-new sex toy

And while these safety guidelines are written specifically for spreader bars, they can be adapted for any kind of play within the realm of BDSM sex play.

  • Communicate: As we mentioned above, communication is imperative if you’re engaging in any kind of bondage with a partner. This is to make sure you’re both on the same page, and that you’ve established your limits, wants, and desires. 
  • Trust: Experimenting with a spreader bar can be a very intimate and vulnerable activity to practise with someone. Trusting them 100 percent will allow you to immerse yourself in them without worry or doubt. 
  • Boundaries: By boundaries, we mean discussing the things you will and won’t do together. Each person will have the chance to talk about their boundaries and both partners should respect them.
  • Safe words: A safe word is something that will ensure that you’re always having a fun and safe time. You could choose three safe words if you like, such as green, orange, or red. Green could mean that you’re having a good time/want more, orange is a soft way of saying you’re not very comfortable, and red means that you want everything to stop immediately.
  • Have a plan: While discussing your boundaries and other things, you could come up with a plan with your partner. This could entail every aspect of what will take place so that everyone knows what will happen. Additionally, if you need things such as scissors or other accessories to let a submissive out of their bound state, have those on hand.
  • Safe, sane, consensual: In the BDSM world, the three big words are safe; sane, and consensual. Safe indicates that you are aware of the risks and have come up with a plan to minimise them as much as possible. Sane means that both partners are not under the influence of any mind-altering substances so that they can both have a sense of self-control and agreed-upon boundaries so that none will be crossed without the knowledge of all involved. Consensual is when both partners fully consent to the actions that will take place while knowing and understanding exactly what said actions entail. This involves knowing the risks and consequences.
  • Know your spreader bar: Before you start playing, take some time to read more about your specific spreader bar, and practise using it on inanimate objects.
  • Warm up: Warm-up can consist of all kinds of things, such as foreplay acts. This will be a way to create a relaxing atmosphere and comfort for everyone. 
  • Start small: instead of diving right into playing with your spreader bar, take it slow and ease your way into it. You may also want to avoid going straight into the more difficult spreader bar positions (especially if you’re a beginner).
  • Stay within your skill level: for beginners, go for the easy spreader bar positions. And for advanced players, you may feel you have the capacity to try more intense positions. Know your skills and play accordingly to avoid any discomfort.
  • Listen to your body: your body is entirely intuitive and if you pay close attention to it, it will tell you if you’re feeling ok or if you feel you need to stop. In that case, make sure to use your safe word accordingly.
  • Check in regularly: before, during, and after, make sure to keep the communication flowing so that both partners are feeling comfortable. This will also aid in more trust between you and your partner.
  • Never leave a submissive unattended: when you’re engaging in things such as bondage it is absolutely imperative that a submissive is never alone. This can be very dangerous. 
  • Aftercare: aftercare is when partners have finished a scene, such as using a spreader bar, and they spend some time together. This is to ensure that both partners feel safe and not abandoned afterwards. Aftercare can look different for everyone. It may involve cuddling, talking, taking a shower together, or getting your partner a glass of water.

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Recommended Spreader Bar Products 

And now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about this enticing sex toy accessory for bondage play, why not take a peek at our favourites?

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Scandal Bondage Bar Soft Spreader

This soft Scandal Bondage Bar Soft Spreader is made of high-quality designer fabric and has a sensual red and black appearance. Using it means that a partner can have their ankles and their wrists bound at the same time, allowing for all kinds of sexy spreader bar positions. Not just that, but the interior is soft and plushy, aiding in more comfort. Go on, dare to experiment. 

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Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar and Cuff Set  

This kinky metal Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar and Cuff Set comes with attachable and adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs, so the wearer really can “spread em”. Better yet, they’re swivel-mounted cuffs allowing for a bit more movement. Another bonus? The connecting nylon supporting strap can be removed, giving you the freedom to try different positions. Will this be the bondage sex toy that gets your pulse racing?

And then, if you fancy a different kind of sex toy that also keeps your legs spread… 
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Scandal Over the Bed Cross

For a session of sex play that’s delicious and kinky, the Scandal Over the Bed Cross is a true winner. It’s shaped in an “X” and comes with totally adjustable and detachable universal wrist and ankle cuffs that are soft to wear and desirable in aesthetic. Wrap it around your bed and turn your bedroom into a lustful bondage scene.

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Scandal Over the Door Cross

All you need to enjoy this Scandal Over the Door Cross is a door! It can be a regular-sized door or even an oversized one—both work with this Over the Door Cross. How does it work? It has sturdy straps and bar hooks that securely stay in place over a door. It comes with adjustable and detachable universal clasps and D-rings with a swivel design. Once attached to the door, stand tall with your legs open and your wrists bound for uninterrupted sexy access. 

And there you have it—the ins and outs of spreader bars and a few cheeky recommendations to give them a go! What will you try first?

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