Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys

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The wonderful world of sex toys is often nothing short of complexity and diversity. If you're a novice but looking to get more experience, you may need a little (or a lot) of guidance. A novice can be anyone from a beginner to someone that knows a bit but is looking to expand more. Be sure to check out JOUJOU's other articles on cleaning your toys. Not to worry though, because there are tons of great toys for novices that you aren't likely to ever outgrow!

A vibrator is an essential for your toy box, but between all the sizes, functions, and forms it's hard to find your perfect match immediately - but not impossible! The Realistic Rabbit is a fun colored silicone vibrator, meant for G-Spot stimulation through its bulbous tip, and external stimulation with a rabbit piece. When you hear the word “realistic” you may imagine something veiny and skin colored, but if that's something that makes you uncomfortable there's no worries with this toy; it only has a “tip” for extra stimulation, but that's where it ends. It's excellent to get for a newcomer comfortable with toys, and for someone who's comfortable but wants something a little more extreme without going over the top. The two pieces can be individually controlled, with six types of stimulation offered through either piece.

Now, not all novices are women, and there's nothing wrong with that! The Cobra Libre Male Massager is the perfect toy for men looking to expand their world of sex toys. This massager is designed to focus on the head of the penis and massage with two motors. The inside is made of a soft silicone to provide comfort and pleasure, without causing any sort of irritation. It's super easy to control and doesn't require any effort on your end - the toy does all of the work! It's also incredibly easy to clean, so you won't be spending an hour after use trying to clean up. The Cobra Libre is fun for solo use or with a partner!

Now, even male toys can be a bit of fun for everyone involved! The WeVibe Pivot Couples Ring is worn around the man but provides pleasure for both by controlled rumbly vibrations. All you need to do is download the WeVibe app, and you can even design your own custom patterns for the ring to follow. It's smooth and stretchy for the best comfort, all while allowing a variety of positions without losing the toys stability. As a small bonus that will help you avoid a total mood killer, you'll get a low battery alert when a recharge is needed - just plug it into the provided USB cord, and it'll be ready for use again in no time.

Lubricant is not often seen as a toy; it's usually just there to make things a bit easier, is it not? While that's a fair point, it's limited too. Lubricants can be designed to increase sensitivity, or add in other forms of stimulations such as heat. Some lubricants are edible and flavored for your own enjoyment, so don't be afraid to take a look at those too. The Discover G-Spot Gel is not quite a lubricant, but a gel that enhances your sensitivity while encouraging the natural process. Simply rub a dab of it on, and you'll find yourself in a whole new world of sensory levels. It's excellent for use with a partner or a toy.

Don't be worried if you're feeling overwhelmed with all the new world of sex toys. Reading all the articles on JOUJOU regarding kinks and safety will also be a huge resource if you're still learning. Getting comfortable with yourself and toys is an essential.


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