17 Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life in 2023 (Egg Vibrators Might Help!)

17 Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life in 2023 (Egg Vibrators Might Help!)

It’s 2023! So, instead of consulting outdated guides and tips on how to spice up your sex life, we’ve done the research that’s brand spanking new.

Sure, there are some oldies yet goodies. You know, the timeless things that are a gem to try with your partner no matter what. But because times are changing—new toys, positions, ideas, and tips are being created as we speak. 

This is because we’re in a time where sex and sexuality is being embraced as opposed to shunned or shamed. And we can’t wait to share some of our professional sex tips in 2023 with you!

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Spice Up Your Sexual Routine in 2023 with These 17 Tips - Including the Use of Egg Vibrators!

As the title suggests, we do have an agenda. We’re all about egg vibrators this year, as they’re so versatile and delicious. 

These gender neutral sex toys are fantastic to use solo and with a partner, and there are so many different types of egg vibrators that there will surely be one that’ll tickle your fancy.

But don’t worry, we won’t just focus on egg vibrators to spice up your sex life in 2023. We’ll also look at other toys and tips that are innovative, fun, flirty, and sexy!

Here’s to a healthy sex life and better sex to come… 

Firstly, why would you want to spice up your sex life?

There are dozens of reasons why you may want to spice up your sex life. And just because you’re interested in something to tantalize and tease in a new and different way does not always mean that your sex life is boring by any means. 

For one, there may be some sexual fantasies that you’d like to explore. And this is completely normal. Sometimes however it’s difficult to talk to a partner about certain fantasies, and this could be holding you back. We suggest finding a quiet moment where you could initiate an open and honest conversation, easing your way into talking about both of your sexual fantasies.

And then, you may feel as though you’re having the same kinds of sexual experiences, which may seem less enticing. You may crave that sexual tension you once had, which doesn’t come around as often as it used to.

Another reason why you may want to spice up your sex life is because something has caught your attention. Perhaps you watched a film or TV show, had a dream, spoke to a friend, or were made aware of something sexually different to what you’re used to. For example, a certain kind of kink, foreplay ideas, or even acts such as public sex or tantric sex

Perhaps it’s a sexual fantasy that you did not know you had, or maybe it’s something completely new that’s piqued your interest. Now, you’re intrigued to give it a go with your partner. And why not? Sexual expression and pleasure is a basic need and something made to be explored. There’s no shame in wanting to spice up your sex life

Whatever it is you’re wanting to try though, make sure that you discuss it with your partner in such a way that it does not make them feel bad or less than. In other words, they may believe that they’re not satisfying you in the way that you’d like. 

The key is to make it evident that it’s not about a lack of sexual satisfaction, but rather a way in which to enhance your sexual relationship to make it even better. It’s a way for both of you to transcend and go above and beyond your already-amazing sex life.

And, take note: spicing up your sex life is not just an activity for married couples. It’s something fun for short-term or long-term couples too. But why would those in long-term relationships want to spice up their sex life? Let’s explore… 

Why is this common in long-term relationships?

Without sounding too depressing or negative, it’s true that some couples in a long-term relationships experience somewhat of a decline in their sex life over time. 

This could be for a number of reasons; stress, hormones, or the fact that the honeymoon phase is over. You may believe that everything you’ve wanted to try with your partner has already been done and the novelty of your sex life has expired. 

But did you know that there’s actually a phenomenon that explains this? It’s called the “Coolidge Effect”.

The Coolidge Effect is a biological concept that says that the thought or action of being with someone new in a sexual manner increases our dopamine levels (the feel-good hormone). This then makes one feel even more excitement.

Is the Coolidge Effect backed up by studies? Indeed it is, for both penis and vulva owners. In two separate studies, penis and vulva owners were observed respectively. They were given erotic material to view whilst their arousal levels were studied by researchers. 

At first, they were given the same erotic material to view over and over again. Then later, they were given different kinds of erotic material. The study showed that both penis and vulva owners showed more arousal when they had a variety of different erotic materials. 

In other words, variety is the spice of life.

The good news is, these studies don’t suggest that finding new partners is the answer to having better sex. It merely shows us that changing things up a bit can increase levels of dopamine and help bring those in long-term relationships even closer.

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Our 17 tips to spice up your sex life in 2023

So, are you ready to take a journey into new sexual experiences? To perhaps dip your toe into sexual fantasies, try new sex toys and sex positions, or simply have better sex overall? 

Here are 17 tips to spice up your sex life in 2023:

1. Sex with Your Clothes On!

Sex isn’t just p-in-v penetration. And actually, there is a lot of fun to be had when you enjoy play time with your clothes on. This is called outercourse, and can be enjoyed by dry humping, touching, tickling, massaging, or even licking someone over their clothes/underwear. This can be entirely sensual and increase sexual tension, especially when someone is wearing underwear that feels sensual on their intimate parts. Essentially, you can really ramp up the heat when you decide to play with your clothes on!

2. Do It Somewhere New

This can be as gentle or as extreme as you fancy. Public sex, for example, is more on the daring side, but it can be a lot of fun! In the car, in a public bathroom, in front of a hotel window—you name it. It can be a thrilling experience, and could aid in excitement as there’s a possibility you could get caught or seen. On the other hand, having sex in a new location alone is enticing. You could opt for a staycation and rent out a hotel room, or you could choose a different place in the house to get frisky. 

3. (Mutual) Masturbation

Masturbation in general is great for your sex life. When you masturbation, you have the chance to get in touch with your own body and to figure out what you like. This could then be relayed to your partner for spicier adventures. Additionally, you may want to consider mutual masturbation, which can definitely be arousing. This is when partners masturbate themselves or each other at the same time. When practising mutual masturbation, you can tap into the voyeur/exhibitionist fantasy, and you can learn new ways to get your partner’s blood pumping. 

4. Sex Toys

The world is your oyster when it comes to sex toys! From clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, cock rings, prostate massagers, and couples toys, it’s possible for your imagination to run wild. What do we suggest? Egg vibrators! Egg vibrators are a bullet-shaped sex toy used for external stimulation. And that’s why it’s an excellent genderless toy to use with a partner. Turn it on, and buzz across all your external erogenous zones—nipples, perineum, balls, shaft, vulva and clitoris. Better yet, why not experiment with Bluetooth sex toys? Some of our favourites include… 

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Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Love Egg Vibrator

Lovense has made an excellent name for itself when it comes to long distance fun! And the Lovense Lush 3 is a powerful, discreet, and versatile sex toy that’s inserted into her for intense pleasure. The best part? It can be controlled by a partner either in-person or anywhere else in the world. Simply use its Bluetooth capabilities/app controls and allow the wearer to bask in your every command. 

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We-Vibe Jive Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

Looking for a little adventure? We-Vibe is a brand that many couples look to to add a bit of spice in the bedroom. And the We-Vibe Jive Wearable G-Spot Vibrator is an egg vibrator that never disappoints. This toy is inserted into her and controlled via the We-Connect app. Use it out and about in public or behind closed doors—both will definitely hit the spot.

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OhMiBod Esca2 Wearable G-Spot Vibrator for Kiiroo

A Bluetooth-enabled egg vibrator that’s loaded with orgasmic potential! This sex toy for her is similar to the above toys, but it does have a few extra perks. For example, it has three different Bluetooth settings: one that is full-motor and full LED light-enabled, another that is half-motor and full LED light-enabled (perfect for webcam models), and another that is perfect for the regular user with full-motor strength and no LED lights. In other words, it’s a fun egg vibrator for solo or partnered play!

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LELO Lyla 2 SenseMotion Bullet Vibrator 

Small, petite, but will knock your socks off! LELO is a winner in the sex toy game, so you’re definitely in good hands if you choose to play with the Lelo Lyla 2. It is a bullet vibrator that is inserted into her, and controlled via a remote that has SenseMotion technology. That means that a simple flick of the wrist will adjust the vibrations for the wearer. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

Have an interactive experience with your lover, near or far. This egg vibrator from Svakom has three main functions: it offers long-distance control, it can connect to 2D interactive videos, and it has webcam interactive features. This makes it a treat for solo sessions, in-person fun, long-distance play, or webcam excitement.

5. Talk About Your Fantasies

As we mentioned above, finding the right time to talk to your partner about your fantasies is key. Not just that, but it should be a warm, inviting and judgement-free space in which to talk openly and honestly. During this time, you could ease your way into talking about some of your fantasies. You don’t have to dive in deep if it’s daunting. Test the waters, and allow your partner to indulge too. Who knows, you may just have the same kinds of fantasies or both are keen to engage in some kinky sex that’s new and exciting.

6. Role Playing

If role playing with all the bells and whistles seems intimidating, you can’t choose a more subtle way to play. For example, you could take on a simple role such as a student/teacher or nurse/doctor/patient. Then again, if you are keen for something more spicy, you could take on a whole new persona and turn your date night into an affair that includes meeting a dashing “stranger” at a bar and having a steamy one night stand. It’s all about using your creativity and choosing roles that inspire arousal. 

7. New Forms of Foreplay

A lot of people view foreplay as acts such as oral sex, and fun with their hands and mouth. But actually, there are so many different types of foreplay to enjoy that can make a huge impact on your sex life. For example, sexting is a fun and flirty way to get all warmed up—even before meeting. Say, your partner is at work or out at the store. Suddenly, out of the blue, they receive a suggestive text or photo from you. The back and forth, the anticipation, and the sexual tension rises, and when you meet in person, well… you may just have some very spicy sex. Another form of foreplay is to play with Bluetooth sex toys. Imagine feeling all the surprising bouts of pleasure when you use a wearable vibrator that your partner can control via Bluetooth? It’s a sensual guessing game that can induce all kinds of lust. 

8. Heighten Your Senses

When it comes to your sex life, heightening one or more senses can make a big difference. For example, you could use a flavoured lube that fills your tastebuds with passion. Or you could use a massage oil that feels soft to the touch. And what about playing a sexy movie whilst you enjoy your partner? On the other hand, you could always remove one sense to heighten the others. Using things such as blindfolds, removing the sense of sight, can make you feel things even more powerfully. 

9. Incorporate a Mirror into Play Time

Like your own adult film in real-time, using a mirror is a great way to watch you and your partner in the throes of ecstasy. Watch as your bodies intertwine, see your and your partner’s face as you build your way up to climax, and see how sexy you two look together. This is an easy way to take your first step into a more spicy sex life.

10. New Sex Positions

Sure, every blog, every article, and every sex guide will tell you to try a new sex position. But quite honestly, doing so can make a huge difference to how you experience pleasure. For example, if you choose doggy style sex, it allows for deeper penetration. That means more stimulation for penis owners and G-spot stimulation for vulva owners. Another fun sex position to try? The Butterfly! That is when the receiving partner lays down on a slightly elevated surface, like a bed or table top, then tilting their hips upwards (their legs will go on their partner’s shoulders). In this way, deep penetration is on the table, as well as the possibility to enjoy some clitoral stimulation at the same time.

11. Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is different in the way that it isn’t really about sexual pleasure. It’s more about celebrating your body and feeling heightened sensuality. It’s a spiritual experience that involves going slow to build a connection with your partner. You can achieve this by doing breathwork, yoga, and meditation. Touching each other intentionally, all over the body. Tantric sex need not involve penetration, and if one orgasms, it is merely an added bonus. 

12. Sex Games

Sex games are fun in that they take your mind off of things such as climaxing. For some, it can be difficult to enjoy pleasure when there is anxiety or pressure to orgasm. Instead, change the way you look at sex. Play a game such as Truth or Dare, strip poker, or even Never Have I Ever. Or, you could try more creative games. For example, if you have Jenga, you could write sultry foreplay ideas on the blocks and whichever one is pulled, it can be performed. 

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13. Anal Stimulation

It’s not for everyone, and we’re not suggesting that you go all out and have anal sex. But, there is a lot of pleasure to be had with different types of anal stimulation. Did you know that the prostate can be found in the anus of penis owners? Prostate orgasms have been proven to be much more powerful than penile orgasm. And for vulva owners, it’s possible to stimulate the G-spot and the A-spot from anal penetration. Penetration aside, you could simply stimulate the external area using a vibrator, your fingers, or even your mouth. Analinguis can be very erotic and enjoyable for all.

14. Play with Power Roles

While both partners deserve equal amounts of sexual bliss during play time, it can be entirely satisfying to take on different power roles. For example, one partner could be more dominant than the other. You could take turns to be dominant and submissive, or—if you both find one role that you like, you could stick to that. For those who fancy a bit more spice, you could include some props, such as handcuffs, blindfolds, spreader bars, paddles, or even ball gags. This could be a whole new adventure into the world of BDSM.

15. Dress Up for Sex

When one feels sexy and confident in their own skin, it can work wonders in the bedroom. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why some don’t want to engage in play time with their partner is because they feel self-conscious or have low self-esteem. So, why not get some lingerie, sexy accessories, or other items that make you feel like a million bucks? This will not only make you feel sensual, but will be a treat for your partner too.

16. Temperature Play

In life, things aren’t so great when they run hot and cold. But when it comes to the bedroom, changing the temperature can be a game changer. Temperature play is when you use items that stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors, giving off a sensual effect. Some things that can be used? Ice, candle wax, warming or cooling lubricants, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and more. When you engage in temperature play, it can increase one’s heart rate and blood flow, which creates even more arousal. A simple and fun way for married couples, those in long-term relationships, and new partners to enjoy better sex.

17. Sex Education!

When you take the time to learn more about your body, its pleasure zones, and how you can experience sexual bliss, you’ll be well on your way to having better sex… solo or with a partner. Not just that, but if you continue to educate yourself about different positions, toys, and techniques, you can use that information during your next tryst. The sky's the limit when it comes to your sex life!

The big question: what will you try first?

And now that we’ve discussed several ways for you to spice up your sex life, what will you try first? Fancy trying more kinky sex acts? Using Bluetooth sex toys? Experimenting with egg vibrators

Whatever it is you’re after; remember that new forms of pleasure are possible when partners are open-minded and engage in open and honest communication. So, at the end of the day, that is the most important thing when it comes to better sex.

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