Top Tips and Positions to Enjoy Amazing Anal Sex

Top Tips and Positions to Enjoy Amazing Anal Sex

So perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of anal sex before and it really wasn’t something to write home about. It’s a new sensation that, quite frankly, feels weird and sometimes uncomfortable.

And sure, there are many who are completely turned off by the idea, that’s understandable! But for those who are totally against anal sex, here are a few ways you can actually start to enjoy this practice, as well as the benefits of engaging in some back-door action.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be able to have amazing anal sex with your partner, adding a touch of spice to your bedroom fun.

The Anatomy of Anal Sex

First off, a short anatomy lesson: did you know that there are a ton of nerve endings surrounding and inside the anus? This is also true of the lips, which is why we enjoying making out so much. So what does that tell you? Nerve endings have the capability to give you immense pleasure, and – the more, the merrier, so to speak. 

Health Benefits of Anal Sex

Then, engaging in anal sex has some impressive health benefits, such as aiding in bowel functioning and blood flow. Think about all the benefits your favourite yoghurt promises you about “staying regular”? Anal sex can do that for you too… and it’s a lot more fun! 

Hit the (G) Spot!

Sexually speaking, we are big advocates of anal sex because that’s where the G-Spot is best stimulated (in case you didn’t know, the G-spot is the area on the anterior wall of the vagina).

By receiving anal sex, your partner can push against the vaginal wall, leading to perhaps one of the best electric waves of pleasure you may have ever experienced. Incorporate clitoral stimulation during, and you’re quite possibly looking at a mind-blowing orgasm.

No Unplanned Surprises

Next, we’d like to touch on the added benefit of anal sex – that is, the fact that there is no fear of getting pregnant. For those who are sexually adventurous and who are not looking to settle down just yet, engaging in anal sex is an attractive option when it comes to keeping play time – play time.

Mental Health Benefits of Anal Sex

You may be surprised to learn that, when semen enters the body, it produces a number of benefits. It can reduce anxiety naturally, and help alleviate feelings of depression. It can improve your quality of sleep, and improve mental alertness. And, it is a natural pain reliever.

(This tip is, of course, for trusting and committed partners! We are big advocates of safe sex.)

One additional tip: always remember to have an adequate amount of lube! This is really important, as without it – an exciting activity can turn into a painful and disappointing one very quickly. 

Other Random Perks of Having Anal Sex

  • Forget sweat pants and baggy T’s during that time of the month – anal sex is great for women who don’t enjoy period sex.
  • Anal sex is a new way in which to keep the sexual relationship interesting and adventurous.
  • It has the ability to bring partners closer together and to feel more intimate, as the act of anal sex takes a significant amount of trust.

And, to end off, here are the
top 3 positions for amazing anal sex

Start Off Slow with a Toy: Anal sex has got to start off (and possibly even stay) slow. And one way to get your partner feeling more comfortable, is to use a toy. It could be any of the below beginner friendly toys, but the trick is to go slow and to listen to your partner. 



Missionary for Intimacy: Missionary anal sex allows you to lock eyes or create a more intimate experience with your partner. And to do this, the receiver should hold onto their partner’s chest while being entered slowly.

Standing Up Doggy Style: Keep your bodies close to one another while standing up straight, both facing forward. The giver will be able to thrust their partner, while having the ability to wrap his arms around their body for added stimulation. Sound exciting, huh?

So, are you read to start loving anal sex?




Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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