The Bedroom Is Your Playground

The Bedroom Is Your Playground


Ever wistfully passed the playground and wished you could swing one more time? Being an adult doesn't mean all the fun has to fact, you've matured and now you know it isn't all about slides and hopscotch. Creating an adult playground may be one of the most creative and fun things you could do for your sex life.

The most obvious thing your grown-up playground needs is a swing! Everyone loves a sex swing, and you might be surprised at how common they are (ask a toy store about their bestsellers; ask a housekeeper how many they’ve found installed in plain sight). There are a variety of types, simplistic or requiring various mid-air yoga positions. Fetish Fantasy produces a wide range that can be found here on JouJou if you are looking for something a little different; our favourite is The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing, a great intermediate that allows stiff beginners or flexible advanced users to excel. You will find yourself experimenting with many new positions and find that the swing adds an exciting dynamic due to being raised off a platform - no more missionary here. This swing also rotates a full three hundred and sixty degrees unlike most others, making sure the fun doesn't halt.

Like to play kickball? This toy is a unique take on the dildo, containing an inflated bouncy ball below for a more realistic ride (and a better workout). The King Cock Mini Sex Ball features a six inch realistic dildo and is an amazing addition to any adult playground, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. The dildo has vibration speeds and patterns to allow the fun to be adjusted to the user’s wishes, and is done with just a click of a remote. This sex toy is a ton of fun and makes a huge change to self pleasure, with all the movement adding a new element to watching someone use the toy. On top of that, it's a super great workout sure to tone up the butt and leg muscles while increasing stamina!

Dress up is always a fun game, and creates a whole new edge to any situation. With the variety of personalities that can come out with costumes the possibilities are endless. This Varsity Vixen outfit is perfect for your playground, including a sheer body piece with a plaid skirt and a plaid tie. The breast area has been cut out to showcase them and create extra tease. There are a ton of costumes to try out, and keeping a box of a few would be a great idea for your playground.

Male toys can be difficult to find, and while men tend to be easier to please that doesn't mean technology should be ignored in their toys! The good news is that TENGA has created a male masturbator that's a snap to clean up and will put a whole new spin on male self pleasure. There are three different strengths to try out. If this toy ever comes out of the playground it has a super discreet look so no one will know! AIR-TECH creates a vacuum-like suction with an adjustable grip. The interior is a removable sleeve so the toy can be cleaned easily and without hassle. It's fun look is great for the playground.

Your playground can be a huge collection, but we suggest these to get started! The adult playground makes a doorway for creativity, and will be a hit for all your partners. You won't be left wondering how to spice things up with this setup!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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