Top 5 Clitoral Stimulation Sex Positions

Takeaway - Still find orgasms to be a mythical phenomenon? Hopefully not always, but more often than you´d like? Here are five sex positions to maximise clitoral stimulation, with a sex toy to compliment each! With these, you'll never have another sexual encounter without ecstasy.

Our last post explored just why the clitoris is such a mysterious but important and adored part of the female anatomy, but readers were left wanting to know more. Just how can you stimulate the clitoris and achieve maximum orgasm potential? This week we´re going to explore sex positions to best enhance the experience and the sex toys you can use with each position to take the rush even further.

Good old missionary

Good Old Missionary

Many people frown upon this standard position because it´s the go-to position and the same old same old gets boring. This is understandable, but there´s no position better for the friction needed for clitoral stimulation, especially for the woman whose clitoris is located further from the vaginal opening than others. One of the reasons Missionary Sex Position gets monotonous is because men start to focus on the sensation of thrusting when they´re ready to climax. Grab his rear to pull him closer to you and deeper into you, or ask him to move in circles. The circular movement in the Missionary Sex Position can produce orgasms that leave a woman with eyes rolled in the back of her head and a moan that is so deep she can´t even find her voice. If he moves up a little further horizontally as well, he won´t just be thrusting - he'll be moving down and then thrusting, which further stimulate the clit.

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The sleek and ergonomic shape of Zalo Bayek Vibrating Couples Penis Ring allows it to fit seamlessly between bodies, enhancing penetration and stimulating both the G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. The extending arm, featuring a deep internal massage, adds a layer of intimacy and pleasure for both partners. The dual rings around the shaft and base contribute to maintaining a strong erection, ensuring a satisfying experience. Additionally, Zalo Bayek's versatility allows for wearing it around the fingers, providing enhanced manual play stimulation during the Missionary Sex Position. With its thoughtfully crafted features, Zalo Bayek creates an ideal synergy with the intimate nuances of the Missionary Sex Position, elevating pleasure and connection for couples.


The seashell

The Seashell

This is a position that is a variant of the Missionary Sex Position but with one very sexy twist - the woman lifts one of her legs and supports it against her partner. This opens up the vulva, causing a lot of direct labial and clitoral stimulation. Like with the Missionary Sex Position, moving further up and moving in a circular position will enhance the orgasm. This position can also open you and your partner up so that one or both can slip into your hands to play with one another and provide a nice visual of him thrusting into you. Visual arousal is important too!
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Je Joue Mimi Soft Massager

The Je Joue Mimi Soft Massager is a perfect choice for the Seashell Sex Position, adding a layer of velvety softness to the external stimulation experience. With five vibration and pulsation patterns, this discreet and waterproof massager caters to both beginners and experienced. Engineered with Je Joue's signature low rumbling vibrations, it offers a range from a gentle purr to a deep rumble. Its quiet operation, body-safe design, and versatile functionality make it an excellent companion for intimate moments. The soft and flexible silicone adapts seamlessly to the body, providing pinpoint or broader stimulation for enhanced pleasure during the Seashell Sex Position.


The Om

Your partner sits with his legs crossed and you straddle him. In one way it is an erect version of the woman-on-top position, but it combines with the Missionary Sex Position so that the woman feels more control while her partner also maintains some by clasping her to him, and the friction produced is similar. To get maximum sensation, rub yourself up and down on his shaft and against his pelvis. He can also pull you closer or you can wrap your legs tightly around his back.
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Fun Factory NOS Vibrating Penis Ring

The Fun Factory NOS Vibrating Penis Ring is a thrilling addition that turns the Om Sex position into an electrifying pleasure. This vibrating cock ring, designed for both partners, boasts targeted clitoral stimulation with dual motors in protruding nubs. The stretchy, non-slip ring not only enhances erections but also guarantees comfort during play. With an easy-switch design offering 4 speeds and a flirtatious rhythm mode, Fun Factory NOS ensures an hour of customisable fun. Waterproof, rechargeable, and visually stunning in Black or Deep Sea Blue, NOS transforms the OM position into an unforgettable experience for couples.




The Valedictorian

Sort of like the seashell, this involves both legs in the air and in a V-for-victory shape. Some women scoff at this as a position for the clitoris but I´ve discovered the secret - again with other woman-on-the-bottom face-to-face positions, have him ride high and have him press down. Bring your arms behind him and hug him to you. He´ll get deeper in this position than in any other, and deep penetration with clitoral stimulation provides an intense orgasm. This sounds like it can be a challenge for some women but it rarely is with a little foreplay to relax beforehand. Hard to add additional clitoral stimulation here, but remember that the clitoris actually extends into all other parts of the erogenous zone.

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Femme Funn Vibrating Anal Beads

High up your Valedictorian Sex Position experience with Femme Funn Vibrating Anal Beads – your pathway to unparallelled pleasure. These beads, crafted from 100% silicone, bring 20 powerful vibration modes to the table, enhanced by a convenient memory function. Small, lightweight, and compact, the design ensures flexibility, allowing discreet and quiet indulgence. With just one button, this waterproof marvel promises a sensory journey that caters to all your cravings. Discover the epitome of satisfaction with Femme Funn Vibrating Anal Beads, tailored for an unforgettable Valedictorian Sex Position.



The Pretzel

Here´s a position we've all probably tried but may not have done right, and it´s hard to explain. The woman is slightly on her side, with her male partner straddling the lower leg and the upper leg crossed over to his other side. Like the Valedictorian Sex Position, it can be challenging if you aren´t flexible, but a relaxed and aroused woman can achieve surprising positions! 

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Dame Fin Finger Vibrator

The versatile vibrator of Dame Fin Finger Vibrator is the secret ingredient for turning the Pretzel Sex Position into a passionate escapade. Worn between the fingers, Dame Fin effortlessly integrates into the intimate choreography, allowing partners to maintain a close connection without intrusion. Its compact size ensures a seamless fit, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer subtlety during sex. Whether used with or without the tether, the pointy side for precision or the squishy side for a broader touch, Dame Fin adapts gracefully to the unique dynamics of the Pretzel Sex Position. With 3 speeds, a silky texture, and rechargeable features. Dame Fin amplifies the sensations, adding an extra layer of intimacy to this enthralling position.

Any Position

Whether you find yourself in the cosy intimacy of spooning, the wild abandon of doggy style, or the face-to-face connection of Missionary Sex Position, there are various ways to ensure clitoral stimulation that suits your desires. Experimenting with manual touch, strategic positioning, or incorporating external sex toys can elevate sensations in any sex position. With creativity and curiosity, every position becomes an opportunity for a unique and satisfying experience. 

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Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex Clitoral Balm

Experience heightened pleasure with Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex Clitoral Balm. This fast-absorbing balm, enriched with Thermolat® for a warming effect, enhances blood flow to the clitoris, increasing sensitivity. Apply with your fingers for an immediate and lasting effect, intensified by ginseng and arginine. Compatible with condoms and toys, this vegan balm offers a delightful coconut aroma in a travel-friendly size. Elevate your experience with Slow Sex Clitoral Balm, designed for pleasure in any position.

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WeVibe Sync O Couple's Vibrator

Experience heightened intimacy with the WeVibe Sync O Couple's Vibrator, a sleek couple's vibrator designed for effortless wear during any position. Its innovative O-shaped design ensures a secure fit, delivering personalised vibrations for both partners. With 10 intensity levels, waterproof features, and app compatibility, this versatile vibrator promises unforgettable pleasure. Ignite passion and enhance your connection with the compact and powerful WeVibe Sync O.


These are far from the only positions to stimulate the clitoris. A woman with a clitoris closer to her vagina can enjoy doggy-style and similar positions with the same results. These positions though will be enjoyed by all sexually active women with attentive partners. The clitoris is the most powerfully sensitive part in either the female body, so ladies, count those blessings once you start to lose count of orgasms!


Article by Sara at JOUJOU



Image Source: EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER at Women's Health Magazine

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