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16 products

JE JOUE Sophisticated, elegantly naughty and a sensual treat

Je Joue sex toys are the ultimate in quality. With beautifully crafted designs guided by expert insight and extensive research, our collection has been created to empower people to explore a new world of intimate – and infinite – possibilities.

Je Joue is… Dedicated to your pleasure. We believe that enhancing sexual pleasure is a right for everyone, so have designed a range of luxurious products for those wishing to deepen and enrich their sexual experience - whether together or solo. Luxury, discreet, stimulating and sensual, our range of toys enables personalised next-level pleasure.


Je Joue is a sex-positive sex toy company that believes in quality over quantity. They too believe in empowering people in the realm of intimacy and infinite sexual possibilities.

Je Joue is also the embodiment of luxury when it comes to sex toys. Their delightful pleasure products are sophisticated and elegant, yet at the same time, naughty and delicious. In fact, their name directly translates from French to “I Play” .

They’ve been going strong for 15 plus years, and in that time, they’ve encouraged thousands of individuals to explore and get in-touch with their bodies in a more sensual and affirming way. For that reason, Je Joue hasn’t only helped diminish the taboo surrounding sex toys, but also given individuals a feeling of body positivity whilst experiencing sheer luxury.

We love Je Joue because of their openness surrounding sexuality, and their ability to create high quality pleasure products for those who seek a fusion of elegance and satisfaction.

What Je Joue Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Je Joue has a range of sleek and extremely luxurious-looking sex toys for the modern man or woman.

From bullet vibes, G-spot vibrators, kegel sets, and rabbit-style vibrators, to cock rings, butt plugs, couples toys, and app-controlled duo sex toys, Je Joue knows your pleasure.

Je Joue Rabbit-Style Sex Toys

While the Je Joue Fifi doesn’t look like your typical rabbit vibrator, it’s arguably even more upgrade, shall we say?

This beautiful pleasure product stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot in unison, making you yearn for more. It’s got 5 vibration settings, and 7 pulsation patterns, allowing you to curate your own kind of bliss.

Je Joue G-Spot and Clitoral Sex Toys

Getting down to business, the G-spot is thee spot when it comes to intense climaxing. And the Je Joue G-Kii G-spot Vibrator knows how to get you there every single time.

It’s a wearable vibrator, and can be curved easily into the best possible shape for your body. It stimulates both the clit and the G-spot simultaneously, if that’s what you’re after.

Then there’s the Je Joue Dua V2 . A revolutionary G-spot and clitoral stimulation vibrator that works with the Je Joue app for even more sensuality with or without a partner. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and fits effortlessly and comfortably because of its flexible design.

Je Joue External Sex Toys

Mimi by Je Joue is an award-winning vibrator that’s versatile and stylish. It feels simply orgasmic when placed on the clitoris, nipples, or any other erogenous zone, and sits comfortable in the palm of your hand.

It’s carefully-designed tip allows for pin-pointed pleasure on your most intimate spot, while the rest of the toy can be used as a relaxing treat on other parts of the body.

And if you’ve already fallen in love with Mimi, then you’ll find yourself even more in lust with Mimi Soft by Je Joue . It has all of the features of Mimi, but with an extra layer of softness and more flexibility.

Je Joue Internal & External 2-in-1 Sex Toys

Meet Uma , a sex toy from Je Joue that doubles up as either a clitoral stimulation toy or a G-spot toy.

This award-winning pleasure product can be used internally to caress your beautiful pleasure zone or externally, to get you to a heavenly clit orgasm.

It’s quiet, has 5 speeds and 7 patterns, and is 100 percent waterproof for some bathtime bliss.

Je Joue Bullet Sex Toys

If a bullet vibrator is your vibe, you’ll love the range of bullets from Je Joue. Check out the Je Joue Rumbly Rabbit that has some sexy vibrating and flexible ears, allowing it to hug your clitoris until you peak.

Or, perhaps the Je Joue Rumbly G-spot Bullet Vibrator is more your speed? This toy can be used as a clitoral stimulation pleasure product or a G-spot treat, depending on your mood. It’s waterproof, has 3 easy-to-use buttons, and a soft and tasteful finish for pure luxury.

But if you’re more of a classical kind, the Je Joue Rumbly Classic Bullet Vibrator was made for you. It’s small, impactful, and provides deep sensations whether it’s on your clitoris or used internally. It also comes with a free finger sleeve, which means you can enjoy some hands-free fun whenever you fancy it.

Je Joue Kegel Exercise Sex Toys

Tighten up your pelvic floor in a stylish and effective way with Je Joue’s kegel exercise toys. Why is it important to do kegel exercises? It paves the way for stronger orgasms, and it helps with incontinence later on in life!

The Je Joue Ami is a 3-piece set of kegel weights. It ranges in weight and size, allowing you to work your way up to heavier balls. It’s also waterproof, so you can exercise whilst in the bathtub!

Je Joue Anal Sex Toys

Buzz yourself into bliss with the Je Joue Nuo Dual Motors Butt Plug . This sleek pleasure product was made for those who know exactly what kind of pleasure they seek, and won’t settle for anything less.

It’s got gentle curves and a bulbous body, making it easy to insert and remove, and two independent motors for ultimate control. Stimulate the prostate and or the perineum, and go from zero to hero effortlessly.

Je Joue Cock Ring Sex Toys

A sex toy that’s made for him, but enjoyed by all, the Je Joue Mio is a cock ring that’s built for ultimate stamina yet flexible for extra stimulation.

Worn during sex, watch both partners melt away into happiness. It’s even waterproof for some couples shower fun!

Je Joue Couples Collection Sex Toys

Pleasure is better when shared. So why not indulge in The Couples Collection by Je Joue ?

It’s a gift set made up of Je Joue’s G-Spot Bullet Vibe and the Je Joue Mio Cock Ring —an excellent way to increase your levels of passion and arousal in a new and exciting way, together.

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, or simply a way to treat your partner, this collection is simply sensational and tons of teasing pleasure.