What’s Up with Cuckolding?

What’s Up with Cuckolding?


When you fall in love or lust with a woman who completely ignites your fire, why on earth would you want to see them thrown into the arms of another gentleman? It may sound bizarre, but it’s a real thing... and it’s called cuckolding. Ever heard of it?

Cuckolding is a fetish whereby a man gets his rocks off by watching his wife or girlfriend being intimate with someone else. The term comes from the word, ‘cuckoo’ oddly enough, as a cuckoo bird lays its egg in another bird’s nest, tricking the new bird into raising its chicks.

And while some may think that cuckolding couldn’t possibly end well for those involved, there are some who seriously love the whole idea. In fact, in 2016, Google searches for the fetish hit an all-time peak. And in a study, 58 percent of men agreed that they had, at one time or another, fantasised about cuckolding.

Why? Well, it’s one of those sex acts that are considered a taboo, and thus are more appealing. You know, like the whole notion of ‘you want what you can’t or shouldn’t have’? That, and the fact that adultery is deemed a sin, is a big motivation for some. It’s also a way to actively defy the normalised practice of monogamy.

Additionally, the act in itself contains the aspect of voyeurism (and exhibitionism), which is pleasure gained from watching others engaging in sexual acts. Then there’s the link between cuckolding and sexual humiliation – as it is often unheard of for one man to have sexual encounters with another man’s wife.

Adversely, there’s actually something known as ‘hotwife’, which is essentially the opposite of sexual humiliation. This practice is basically when a man has a ‘hot wife’ and gives her away to other men as a gift, thus bringing the boyfriend or husband a form of pride. Trophy wife much?

And while men are more prone to this kind of fetish, some women find it oddly erotic, with some admitting that it’s like “winning the lottery,” as they get to be intimate with more than one person. The act, as well as the verbal description after ‘the deed’ between partners, is something that can be a huge turn on for both men and women.

On the flipside, the fantasy itself has actually proven to be more enticing than the act, for some. This is because experiencing this kind of fetish involves more than just the physical, and can stir up an array of emotions – such as anger, jealousy, shame, and humiliation – emotions that some may not have anticipated or desired.

For others however, tapping into this kind of play has actually been proven to be a positive experience, especially for those who are in a strong relationship that involves healthy communication.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the dynamic that you share with your partner, and the willingness or eagerness that you both have to experience this kind of activity. 

So, if you’ve gotten this far and feel that this kind of sexual practice isn’t for you, there are a few other kinks, fetishes, and sexual experiences that may float your boat… 

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Whatever your preference in or outside of the bedroom, we’re 100 percent judgement-free, and encourage you to experiment safely because, well, you only live once!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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