Sexual Fetishes: Science Behind Them

Sexual Fetishes: Science Behind Them

Science behind fetishes
Have you ever heard about a fetish and thought...WHY?!?! Or maybe you thought “Sign me up!” Most of us have at least one fetish, whether it ranges from mild to perverse or simply an interest versus an obsession will vary from person to person. With the rise of the internet comes a rise in access to information and people realising “Oh, I'm not so weird!” so fetishes are becoming more common too. They're hard to define, but basically if an idea of a sexual act arouses you when it wouldn't have the same effect on most others, you've found your fetish.

One example is the feet -  most of us are probably grossed out by doing anything sexual to them or at the very least just would prefer not to, but we’ve all heard of foot fetishes and know a guy or two into it. Fetishes can be tied to a person's history or seem completely random, related to their other kinks or entirely separate. Fetishes also have a correlation to history, often focusing on whatever parts are forbidden to see but not so risque - like ankles, or knees, back in the day. That’s right, your great great great grandfather probably had a hard-on for an exposed ankle, and that would have been fairly normal and socially disgraceful.

The most common fetishes focus on body parts or items related to them - someone with a foot fetish may also really be into stockings. One of the beauties of the internet is that people are able to find communities of others like them, and can (sometimes) freely discuss whatever it is that they all face, from across the world. This includes fetishes and a lot of sex toys, and is exactly why if you have need to google search an image that doesn’t usually get many hits, you may stumble upon a lot of fetish art. Or you might google something innocent and be surprised by the results. How do fetishes happen though? Believe it or not there's a science to this!

In the 1970s, scientists used Pavlovian theory to see if they could create sexual desire using just objects - and they succeeded. Men who were shown photos of naked women in boots began experiencing arousal at just the sight of the boots with no photographs of women. During sexual arousal we are more adventurous - if you have a fear of water but your partner has a fetish for it, you're more likely to overcome your fear and try it if you're already aroused when they ask. With time you may develop sexual association with that fear, snowballing into your own fetish and a toy chest full of adult toys.

Other theories include basic everyday chemical reactions in your brain, or simple biology. For example, the section of your brain that works with your genitalia is next to the one for your feet, possibly being the cause of popularity for foot fetishes. Sexual pleasure also relates to pain in the body’s chemicals, and can be the cause of BDSM type fetishes.

Feeling curious, want to try a few fetishes out?

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The Double Delight Strapon is a two ended strap on with harness for security. Aside from the usual lesbian sex with dildos, this would be a great toy for any couple that is into prostate stimulation but finding it tough to pleasure both partners at once.

All right exhibitionists and voyeurs, here is the perfect toy for you. The Siime Eye Vibrator is a well built toy with powerful vibrations and six different modes to play with. It also has a built in wireless camera in the top, able to record all the details from the inside out thanks to its LED light next to the camera. You can then upload the video, and show the world that beauty really does come from the inside.

What did you learn today in school, kids? Biology is pretty cool, from mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, to the possible reason as to why foot fetishes are so popular. Get your freak on! What else can we learn?

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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