Eight ways to spice up your sex life

8 Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

Takeaway: Do you ever find yourself bored by the same old sex routine time and time again? It happens to all of us - but it shouldn’t! Time to change it up!

  1. Start off small by buying different condoms and lubrication. JOUJOU carries enough lube to use something different every time you have sex, but keeping at least a few favourites on hand is a good idea, from the Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel to the INTIMATE EARTH SALTED CARAMEL NATURAL FLAVOURS WATER-BASED FLAVOURED LUBRICANT. Massage oils, body paints, flavoured lubes, water-based or silicone-based, anal lubes, warming or cooling, performance enhancing - there’s something for everyone and every mood. The same can be said for condom options, available at your neighbourhood store or your favourite specialty shop. Patterned and glow-in-the-dark condoms lighten the mood and create lots of giggles, ribbed condoms accentuate both your pleasure, and flavoured condoms heighten the foreplay, just to name a few.
Female condoms have yet to take off in popularity - they are still hard to find, more expensive, and require a learning curve after acclimating to the ease of use with standard condoms - but many users prefer them, with realistic sensation, easier clean-up, far better STD protection and pregnancy prevention, and shared responsibility. While they can be inserted just prior to sex, before or as part of foreplay, they can also be inserted up to eight hours in advance, meaning sex can be well-planned and prepared for or spontaneous.

  1. Switch up your foreplay. Foreplay is a universally loved precursor to sex, but it can get boring when you do the same thing over and over. Liven it up, enjoying the arousal and anticipation of your partner. Invigorate your kisses with a mentholated lip gloss and feel them tingle all the way to your toes. Women are often more vocal during sex but they report wanting to hear from their partners too - men, relax enough to tell her exactly how much you like it. Sighs, moans, and groans encourage women just as much as they do men - your partner will love the positive response but you’ll reap the rewards as well.
Add in your favourite sex toys or invest in new Sex Toys for even more delicious fun! It doesn’t have to be anything intense, (we’ll talk about that in a minute!) light-hearted fun is a great way to spice up a monotonous routine. One of the few toys that has withstood the test of time in my marriage is a simple pair of die.They’re glow in the dark for ease of use with or without the lights on (in my opinion, more fun in the dark when we have to search for one another!), and one has actions stamped on each side - lick, suck, tickle, etc. with the other featuring body parts - nipples, toes, ears, lips, and so on.

  1. Scheduled sex. You may think this does the opposite of making a boring sex life more interesting, but bear with me. Life gets in the way sometimes and a life that is too routine and monotonous loses its sexiness. A great way to combat this is to dedicate perhaps two nights of the week to your partner. Make one night a weeknight and the other the weekend. Scheduling it can have you fantasising about sex with your partner all week and when the day finally comes you will both explode with passion!
  1. Sex up your daily life! Make day to day activities sexy! Anything you normally do alone in your home - do it with no clothes. Surprise your partner by cooking wearing only an apron. Answer the door at the end of the work day naked. Watch TV in the buff and if you’re comfortable maybe even try mutual masturbation. (Just be careful about cleaning chemicals when naked!) Shock them with costumes or new lingerie on your planned sex night. Come up with personalised ideas that will please your partner as well!
  1. Spontaneous sex can happen anywhere and anytime. It’s not just for the bedroom at night! Surprise your partner at work, treat them to lunch, and then have sex in the restaurant bathroom or play with one another under the table. You can have quick sex in your car, in a mall dressing room, or if you’re feeling super-adventurous, an elevator, stairwell, or alley. The more spontaneous the situation the more erotic it will be!
  1. Try new positions. The reason we use the same positions over and over is because we like them, but even our favourites can get stale if we never switch it up. Here are a few ideas out of many! If these don’t sound like your cup of tea, use your imagination! - Or a quick internet search, it will reveal countless others.
Position 1: Reverse cowgirl. This position is great for hitting the g-spot and gives the woman the control. The woman controls speed, depth, and movement, and can watch herself in a mirror for added eroticism. The male partner lies on his back with his penis angled downwards as he enters, getting a great view of her backside. Both partners will love the sensations this creates as she rocks back and forth.
Position 2: Sexy Spoons. If you both work long days and are tired at the end of it but still want to make love, sexy spooning is perfect. You both lay on one side with the male spooning from behind. Once he enters you, your cuddle time will be extra sexy and sensual.
Position 3: Kneeling Fox. This resembles the doggy-style position, with the woman on her hands and knees, but she leans forward so that her chest is closer to the surface and her bottom is in the air. He kneels behind, braces with her waist, and enters. The unique angle makes this much more exciting for many partners than the doggy position.

  1. Incorporate light kink. You don’t need to go out and buy something big to add spice back into your love life.You should ease yourself into it with handcuffs or a blindfold, or you can use your man’s tie in the same way to up the sexiness!
  1. Sex toys not for the faint hearted. You’ve become more comfortable with the softer side of kink and are now ready to move on to some heavier activities. There are several toys that you can experiment with to see if you enjoy them. A small riding crop is fun to start out with; nipple clamps, a whip, or paddle for the more daring. Sex swings are a lot of fun, more common than you would think, and there are models that you can easily install and then remove, putting them in a doorway or hanging them from your ceiling.
Now that you have ideas to add the adventure back into your bedroom, what are you waiting for? If you think you’re the only one, or that it can never happen to you, you couldn’t be more mistaken, but now you have the tools to bring back the excitement you’ve been missing!  

Article by Miranda at JOUJOU

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