What are Hands Free Male Masturbators and How Do You Use Them?

What are Hands Free Male Masturbators and How Do You Use Them?

It’s true that we know our bodies better than anyone else, and it’s a sheer pleasure to learn new ways of experiencing amazing orgasms. So, we don’t doubt that your masturbation game is strong. 

But with that, we’re always on the lookout for more powerful ways to get off. Self-love is incredible, and you deserve to go forth and experience all the good feels that come with masturbation and sexual satisfaction.

So today, we’re focusing on hands free male masturbators. With extensive knowledge, a good amount of years in the sex toy industry, and the means to experiment with and use all kinds of male masturbators, we can honestly say that these are a game changer. 

Hands Free Male Masturabators, How To Use Them?

Men, this article was made for you. Are you ready to learn more about hands free male masturbators? Want to enjoy the highest level of climax with minimum effort? Excited to go on a joyride to Pleasure Town? Yep, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

You can consider this your simple yet ultimate guide to hands free male masturbators. Intrigued? You should be!

 Let’s get acquainted…


What Are Hands Free Male Masturbators?

Before we dive into the technical definition, just know that a hands free male masturbator is a sex toy that allows you to customise your dream masturbation/oral sex/penetrative sex experience. 

Using one gives you the ability to sit back, relax, and throw yourself into the effortless orgasms that hands free male masturbators deliver. It really is as simple as that. 

No more creating tight circular contraptions that you can insert yourself into, no more searching for a partner who gets your pulse racing and your member hard. Hands free masturbators do all the nitty gritty for you.

But, by definition, what is a hands free male masturbator? It’s a sex toy for men that’s totally won over the male sex toy market. There are various kinds of hands free male masturbators but what they all have in common is that you don’t have to grip the device with your hand at all. 

These sex toys can be positioned in such a way that you can insert your member and pummel away without having to adjust it or hold it. In this way, you can consider it an automatic oral sex/masturbation sex toy or a tool in which to have sex without having a partner or friends with benefits. 

The feeling is incredible, mimicking the real deal, with some even admitting that it feels better than the real deal. 

For some, the only work on your part is to do all the thrusting (which is definitely a pro opposed to a con), but this isn’t always the case. There are automatic hands free male masturbators too, which is like pure bliss.


The best part is that there are several styles with several functions and price tags available. The fun part is choosing one that enhances your self-pleasure routine, bringing you to incredible orgasms whenever the mood strikes.

Are Hands Free Male Masturbators Automatic?

There are a slew of different hands free male masturbators. As we mentioned, some will require you to do the thrusting and some won’t. The former isn’t an automatic hands free male masturbator, but the latter is. 

Automatic male masturbators may come with added bits and pieces to enhance your experience, such as a suction cup for example. In that way, you can mount your hands free male masturbator and enjoy the suction technology that simulates the oral sex, or sex, experience. Others may contract up and down, use airwaves to simulate sensations, or allow you to customise your best pleasure.

Basically, the choice is yours as to whether you want to thrust into this majestic male sex toy to control your own speed and rhythm, or if you’d like go on a totally hands free adventure with a toy that does every single thing for you, aka an automatic hands free male masturbator. Isn’t that something?

How Do You Use Hands Free Male Masturbators?

By now, you may have realised that there are dozens of different hands free male masturbators available. And while you have the freedom of choice, it does make it difficult to explain how to use one, as each will have different instructions. 

However, we’ll break down the three main types of hands free male masturbators and give you a quick and handy (pardon the pun) guide.

Suction Cup Hands Free Male Masturbators

Suction cup hands free male masturabators come with a piece of soft rubber that sticks to a surface using the force of air pressure. Some hands free male masturbators will come with a suction cup or mount, others may require you to make an additional purchase. However you choose to buy one, having a suction cup means that you can attach your hands free male masturbator to the suction cup or mount, place it on a hard surface, and use your most pleasurable thrusting actions, hands free, to experience euphoric masturbation and/or simulated oral/penetrative sex. 

Automatic Hands Free Male Masturbators

As you may have gathered, automatic means that you need not do any of the work. An automatic hands free male masturbator can either do thrusting motions for you, or you could buy one that slips onto your member, using different kinds of vibrations, motions, speeds, and internal noodles to stimulate you. 

Manual Hands Free Male Masturbators

A manual hands free male masturbator is similar to that of the suction cup male masturbator, except the fact that it doesn’t offer the chance to use a suction cup or a mount. In other words, it can be used hands free, but only when you position it as such. For example, a Fleshlight bought without an accompanying mount can be positioned tightly inside a sofa couch, but requires you to do all of the thrusting to find your best pleasure. These are usually less costly, but aren’t the best for those who are looking for stamina training, as it’s hard for your body to naturally resist sensations that are intense.

The Pros of Using a Hands Free Male Masturbator

Multi Tasking

Using a hands free male masturabator, quite frankly, allows you to have empty hands and empty balls. Some of them even come with a remote control, app-capabilities, VR experiences, motion sensors and more. It really is like taking the day off from your mundane masturbation routine and stepping into a technological haven that allows for self-driven bliss. 

Increased Endurance & Stamina Training

When you say goodbye to manual masturbation and welcome a hands free male masturbator, especially those that are automatic, you have the ability to control every aspect of it. By using different settings to practice stamina, you can train yourself to last longer in the sheets with a partner. Not just that, but it eradicates the boringness of using your hand and allows you to get off effortlessly anytime you crave it whilst always knowing that it’s ready to work for you without malfunction.

Couples Play

Because there are so many female and male sex toys that now work with accompanying apps, long distance play time has become exceedingly more exciting. Whether you’re with someone near or far, or you’re engaging in camming fun, depending on the type of male masturbator you have, you can allow someone else to take the reins. This alone brings in an element of kink and eroticism to your sexual experiences. 

How to Take Care of Your Male Masturbator?

The way in which you clean and take care of your male masturbator depends on the kind of male sex toy you have and the material that it’s made of. 

For example, if your male masturabator is made of non-porous material, like TPE or TPR, it’ll take a bit more effort to keep clean. You’ll have to clean each orifice carefully to remove the chance of bacterial build up. You can use a mild antibacterial soap and water and then allow it to air dry. When moisture stays inside of a non-porous male masturbator, that is when bacteria is likely to spread, so make sure it’s thoroughly dry before putting it away.  

Having a porous male masturbator will make your life a lot easier. Materials such as silicone are excellent, and can be washed in a similar manner to that of non-porous (mild antibacterial soap and warm water) or by using a damp soapy cloth. Then, you could dry it with a clean cloth or allow it to air dry before putting it away.

Our Recommendations

In our expert opinion, we’ve rounded up the best male masturbators so that you can find the right sex toy for all of your personal, intimate, and sexual needs. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll surely find it here…

1. Autoblow AI+ Stroking Blowjob Machine

The Autoblow AI+ Stroking Blowjob Machine is, simply put, mind blowing. It was brought to life by using artificial intelligence to analyse over 1000 hours of blowjob videos to understand precise movements and sensations so that you can experience the real deal. It comes with 10 speeds, an “edge” button that allows you to prolong your satisfaction (stamina training and to help you last longer), and one silicone mouth sleeve. If you fancy any other thrills and frills, you can purchase the vagina and/or ass sleeves separately.

Autoblow AI+

2. Fleshlight Go Surge & Fleshlight Shower Mount

The Fleshlight brand is arguably the best in male masturbators. And the Fleshlight Go Surge is a simple, discreet, and compact male sex toy that gets you from zero to hero in no time. Inside this magnificent toy you’ll find an assortment of grooves, bumps, noodles, and other patterns, creating intense sensation. It’s travel-friendly, has an intense suction that you can control by tightening and loosening the special end-cap, and can be used hands free if positioned/wedged in-place or if you purchase the Fleshlight Shower Mount. The Fleshlight Shower Mount has a suction base that’s adjustable, so you can secure it onto your shower’s surface for hands free fireworks.

3. ZOLO Tornado Male Masturbator

A rechargeable hands free male masturbator that uses tornado technology, the ZOLO Tornado surrounds your member and, depending on your chosen settings, squeezes and gyrates in a mode that suits you. Inside, it’s lined with satisfying textures, and it even comes with a built-in sound system that lets out erotic noises for added stimulation. It also comes with an adjustable suction cup base for hands free fun, and the toy itself has a transparent window so you can see yourself in action.

4. Pulse Solo Lux Guybrator by Hot Octopuss

The Gybrator from Hot Octopuss is a multi-award winning luxury sex toy for men, so owning any one of these guybrators is sure to send you over the edge in sexual satisfaction. We personally love the Pulse Solo Lux because of its power, clever wrist strap remote, and its turbo button for even more erotic sensations. It’s a hands free male masturbator that gets to work with high amplitude oscillations using their PulsePlate technology. It’s waterproof and works like a charm however you choose to play.
PULSE SOLO Lux Guybrator by Hot Octopuss

5. Kiiroo Keon Combo Set with Stroker & Kiiroo Keon Accessory Phone Holder

Interactive, powerful, automatic, and hands free, the Kiiroo Keon Combo Set with Vibrating Stroker is small in design, compact, ergonomically-shaped, and has an intuitive grip for ultimate control. Using it is to experience a tight sensation, allowing you to take advantage of its real-time information regarding connection mode, speed, and battery life. It also has the ability to unlock dozens of adult sites with VR goggles for a real-time syncing bout of pleasure (VR goggles purchased separately). This vibrating stroker also has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can play with a partner and use its interactive video integration for a more visual climax. If you choose to purchase the Kiiroo Keon Accessory Phone Holder (works with iPhone 6 onwards, Samsung Galaxy Series, Google Pixel Series, Huawei, OnePlus, OPPO, and Xiaomi) your self-love masturbation routine will be even more effortless, giving you the hands free experience for ultimate bliss.
Kiiroo Keon Combo Set Includes Stroker

6. PDX Elite Moto Bator X Thrusting Stroker

Sit back and feel the powerful piston-action thrusting for the ultimate stroker experience. The PDX Elite Moto Bator X Thrusting Stroker is customisable so you can find your best pleasure in your own time whilst enjoying the ride. When you insert yourself, you’ll be treated to rows and rows of soft pleasure nubs that warm to your body’s temperature, and a strong motor that gets going with five deep thrusting modes. It’s elegant yet discreet looking, but don’t let its innocent design fool you, this piece of magic will definitely take you to places you’ve never seen.
PDX Elite Moto Bator X Thrusting Stroker

7. Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega-Bator Pussy

No more pumping, stroking, or squeezing, the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega-Bator Pussy simply requires you to push a button, sit back, and enjoy your best session of masturbation. It’s waterproof, has a super-strong motor, and moves both up and down and spins around. The design itself is of a realistic pussy with lips that spread open, and inside you’ll be treated to rows or tiny spiral flaps that tease and please. It also comes with a mobile device clamp that’s adjustable to fit most mobile phones, and an air-lock activator that’ll lock down your Mega-Bator to virtually any flat, hard surface. In other words, you can press play on your favourite masturbation material and go to town, hands free!
Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega-Bator Pussy

8. Lovense Gush Vibrating Penis Massager

Lovense has made an excellent name for itself with its line of sex toys that are app-controlled. And the Lovense Gush Vibrating Penis Massager is no different. This erotic toy is flexible, hands free, and ideal for any size. It gives the wearer a slew of different sensations by either stroking at a preferred speed, or using the optional band that increases intensity and tightness, and provides targeted stimulation. It’s soft, compact, and luxurious-looking, and feels like a million bucks in your hand and on your shaft.
Lovense Gush Vibrating Penis Massager

So, after all that, we’re sure you’re ready to hop onto the hands free male masturbator train. Simply put, it’s like taking your best bout of self masturbation and times it by a zillion. It really is that good, powerful, sensational, and orgasm-worthy.

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